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hi, is it everything alright with you?? i do hope so=)) on today’s video i am going to show you, some items that i bought, on a new outlet shopping center, near my house it is located on BR-101 road it is in the halfway between here and florianopolis city, it is really cool, i liked=)) since so many girls were asking me, for a video like this showing my new clothes, i decided to do it this time, for you i hope you like it and that you can relax with it let’s get started…. the original price of this one was 199 BRL but i paid 159 BRL for it but i have a little secret to tell you… i bought this clothe in the kids part and it was made for a 10 years old kid i must confess… i am always in the kids part searching for clothes because it fits my body better i will try it so you can see, how does it fits me and it is the way it fits me in my opinion, it fits me so much better than the clothes made for girls of my age it fits me well actually i liked it let’s see the next one the original price of it was 99 BRL but i paid 79 BRL for it i loved it, let’s see how does it looks like on me… and it looks like this, a little short, the way i like it it is so cute=)) let’s grab another item now let’s show this shirt to you when i saw the price of it, that was like “OHHHH” it was really cheap the original price was 99 BRL and i paid only 34 BRL for it i can’t believe it it is really cute, i am going to try it so you can see i liked it a lot let’s try it this one has not the tag with the price on it but if i am not mistaken, the original price was like 99 BRL and i paid for it, 50 BRL the price was pretty good too let’s see… this is the last one it is a basic underwear the original price was 49 BRL and i paid for it, 39 BRL and that was the little things that i bought at the Calvin Klein store and i also bought a Lacoste Hat at the same shopping center i loved it in this color, i don’t have any hat in this color so, i loved it but i can’t remember how much i paid for it, let me see if it still has the tag showing the price on it i paid 129 BRL for it, on the same shopping center and it is so beautiful, in my opinion i will wear it a lot=)) and that was all that i bought at this shopping center now i am going to show you, what i bought at another shopping center they have a adidas store at this another shopping center and i went there, because i was crazy about a new jacket that they started to sell few days ago from the new collection so that was my intention to buy it but i bought another items too so i will show it all to you this is male pants i bought it because i loved the way it fits my body, i can wear it with a top so…i bought it=)) let me see if it has the price on it it was also with discount on the price the original price was 199 BRL and i paid for it, 179 BRL a little discount on the price=)) i will try it, at the end of this video, so you can see how does it looks on me i also bought this legging because it was really cheap and i loved it, so, i bought it i paid for it 71 BRL the price was pretty good this legging is a partnership of “adidas” and “farm” clothes brands and it has this floral stamps like these it looks really cute for me and now, the wonderful jacket that i was crazy for this is the traditional style jacket made by adidas but with a wonderful new detail they made it a little shorter than usual, like a cropped jacket and they made it the way we can make a lace at the bottom i will show it to you later, that is why i got crazy for it, since i saw it for the first time i paid for it 349 BRL i loved it so much and for the last… i bought two pairs sport shoes one of them i already wear and it is on my closet, actually, i already had one just like this but since it was too much old, i bought a new one and i also bought this pair, that i am in love with it, so much it is totally retro style wonderful the original price of these sport shoes was 499 BRL, but it was also with a discount so i paid for it, 229 BRL lucky me now, i am going to try, the clothes that i bought at adidas store, for you so this is it, i will take you now, for a walk at the shopping center let’s go… kisses for you and i wish you, a great night goodbye

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