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guess what I’m going to do guys I am
going on an Amazon haul to see if maxi dresses fit this Amazon I’m so excited
so what I have done is I’ve gone on Amazon and I have picked up five maxi
dresses now you know us girls with the height of the baby giraffe and all of
our you know finding clothing problems maxi dresses are one of those hotspots
where it’s like it’s not long enough to be a maxi dress and it’s not short
enough to be a tea-length dress which Jean lace dresses are cute but there’s
that awkward cutoff point where just does it look right for either extreme so
what I did is I went on Amazon and I randomly decided to select a few of them
that I liked picked him out I’m gonna try them on let’s see if they actually
fit for the reference points my height my inseam is a 34 inseam and I am 6 feet
tall so let’s see if this works and I will put all the links in the
descriptions below about where you can find this so let’s see if they’ll pass
the height test ready ok so pretty let’s open these up okay oh and fYI this video
is not sponsored okay this one is the high-low one and I’m taking a gamble on
the high-low one because you see high lows you can kind of get away with it
you can get away with it not being absolutely down to your ankles at the
lowest point because it tricks the eye because you see a high point on a low
point so you can kind of get away with it not being as long when it’s a high
level so as much as this dress is not a maxi for me even though it’s set it on
the red website on Amazon that it is a maxi dress it’s technically a midi dress
or a tea-length dress this dress still did not disappoint so much for head being a maxi dress no
it’s more like a midi dress and look see it’s I need to get a size bigger and
because it doesn’t fit I ordered a large and still not big enough but so much for
the maxi title again this is not down to my ankles but it’s still cute look it’s
like a mini evening dress but not a maxi at all I don’t know what they were
thinking I can already tell this one’s not gonna fit can’t be um maxi dress
that goes to my ankles look at this I did not think this was gonna fit I was
wrong look at this the material is a rayon polyester kind
of material so it’s not very thick but as far as it being long enough it fits
and also it comes in multiple colors as well okay so this is a matter of opinion
I like it it does basically go down to almost my ankles and look it has pockets
so convenient I love it don’t you love my runway capabilities oh and I love
this do you see how the sleeves do not go up when I raise my arms it actually
stays in place okay this one might be promising this
one might work and here we are the final address of the evening the aperture and
ISO on my camera can only take so much as I keep cranking it up but look at
this dress it comes with a bando so you can wear a regular bra with it but never
mind about the top it can be changed and you know you don’t wear different ways
on the top but look the whole point of buying this to show you this with look
it fits it’s down to my ankles again are doing a great runway model look at this
I’m thrilled this dress is actually long enough for me I am delighted thank you
so much for watching if there are other clothing hauls that you would like me to
do at different stores to see if it would actually fit the height of a baby
giraffe or actually spit in Amazon woman please let me know in the comments below
I will be doing more of these this is destiny with the baby giraffe please
like share and subscribe and I will see you in another video

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