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What about them so today I’m taking over the log and giving a back-to-school shopping haul so let’s go shopping We just got to Monterey. So let’s go inside. Hmm. See what I got for my shopping home. Let’s go It’s you’re cute, but you are looking for school supplies are not worth school clothes Accessories, yeah But you guys comment down below which room should I get the bunnies These animals or the fruit Hmm, let’s go that jacket looks super cozy girl I’m gonna go with the bunny We’re shopping for sissy. But Jayden found something that he likes. Let me see your hat baby. Ooh Iron Man and Captain America And who else Black Panther? the Hulk It’s time for the hall so we went to hmm Ross and marshes we wished that we can go to Children’s Place But it was closed. So let’s just move on with this hall. So I Love this shirt It’s a shirt I kind of like how let’s say one as this it’s like a blue and pink one and the same thing But this one’s a different one and it looks tire iron. Yep. It’s tie. So I Got these two scrunchies, so I have a black one or like some regular outfits and like little pink One so these two Men I got these justice pants and I got at Ross How cute they have like little cutouts of like mermaid, it’s Co Sequence sequence changes colors, which is pretty awesome awesome And then we have this adorable, you know, oh So cute and of course, it has a little pocket but like some little things in there, so That’s this Over here and then next I’m p.m. I got put this out It’s beautiful And I love it And then of course we got this Minnie Mouse sugar. I Know you’re looking why Minnie Mouse? Well at first I didn’t want this one My dad begged me to get it but I was like why and he said open? Oh Let’s just on bottom and go out how cute sorry I just have to get it And Then of course my favorite one you got oh Those are cute. Skinny jeans pink Are you sure you’re gonna like those girl? Yeah, this girl is so picky with her jeans They have to be super soft just like leggings in order for her to wear them. So hopefully she wears these Yep, and of course me and my dad picked this out, but I mostly picked it out Can I loved it and my dad said yes. Oh, yeah, because um, my mom and Gina, we’re in the car. So now we have your bag Comes with a backpack of course, and then it comes with the lunch pill Mm-hmm And then it comes with like a big pencil pouch So big ooh nice And then we got a little pencil pouch and what’s like the pattern on it Oh But it has like a little moon Beautiful and it comes with the water bottle and then of course this where you hang on right here You can scare you like your lunch pill all this Good Super cute girl. We got this at H&M with my mom and dad. It’s a really cozy jacket And it’s has a unicorn So cute so we got that Now, let’s look at the H&M bag Okay, let’s do it first I got I Got a lot of dresses here. I feel like this year for back-to-school shopping. We got tons of dresses. So If you know, I’m a big question ISTA. I love wearing dresses. I love wearing leggings I love wearing like fancy clothes jeans like cute jeans or anything that’s faster than me stuff you’ll find here because that’s the only thing that I mostly love and Also, I have my own Instagram aliyah-din Axl. If you want to go follow me, I’ll be in the description down below. So Yeah, and that’s a Instagram for fashion So mostly I’m a fast to me stuff, but all that I wear is the mostly dresses so I’m going to show you all the dresses that I got to enter now because all of them are dresses and some under things for my dresses So first we have this dress. It’s so cute. I like it really pretty I’m just gonna put these right here and Then of course we got little bottoms Those go under your dresses girl. Make sure you put those on cuz I catch you When you go to school you try to hide them in your backpack Cotter oh My gosh, don’t do that you don’t people to see your twenties that’s not nothing good Let you spank yourself Yeah, yeah, we got to Maura yes team are you guys What else My favorite one that I picked out which is super duper cute, I love it Mmm fancy and These guys are super cheap at H&M. They’re like $4.99 It’s like a incredible deal and they are really good material so they don’t like cold And it’s like really high. You just want to get out of it. You can wear these dresses because they’re super duper cold it won’t make you hot and Also, it’s a dress so wait Good Of course and this is the other one that I picked out It’s really fashionable, but it’s too much flower isn’t in my eyes Mmm, there’s like flowers everywhere That’s a cool print Yep, SuperDuper pretty of course SuperDuper cool filling if you do not like hot like me I Write them in Because I don’t really sleep in my warm blanket I sleep with the sheet Ashy Cuz it’s so hot at night cuz it’s summer I sleep with the sheet. Yes So I don’t use my blanket So like that’s why my bed’s always made and then I just throw my seat in the corner of my bed I’m the only bed that’s made first because I don’t I don’t mess up it So much We also got this at H&M cue Pretty so we got Some roses and they’re like some butterflies really natural. I can’t say but really dark It’s kind of like the bluish black is right now. Mm-hmm Like I maybe it looks like like a dark dark navy Cuz it’s like darker than mostly Also comment down below what challenges do we do? – that one’s pretty butterflies butterflies in like little flowers and then I got these Cute little hair ties what they look like stretching. Yeah Mmm, let’s look good for like buns or something If it’s school supplies, I might put in my back Those are cute Mikey slides, thank you. So I stupid house guys cuz this girl never wear shoes and the house Yeah, because you’re not allowed Upstairs And so these are really Cute slides while they’re not only kinda like fashionista, but I still like them cause like in right here It doesn’t give you that much pressure on your feet. Okay? Is like really soft Like a bed Of course I got more rompers Or jumpsuit orange dress what is that? You guys let’s reveal it. Yeah. It’s a dress The whole thing, I thought that was our hopper so this cute little dress So I’m gonna put everything by my side that’s in bad Oh What is Jaden get Oh Jaden also got something to tell me show you guys Blanking running out to give it to him. So we’ll put that over here for Jaden little mister And then of course We got this top Well, it can’t meet the mapping bottom but we took off it and of course everything from just this Well, well, we got them at Marshall’s but the Justice brand cuz like you see Hassan just From just this is a size 8 You ready what cute like a tie-dye I Have no idea what this is. So let’s Ready are you ready guys nor? Hmm These will mount with these jeans leather boots the earth bird Yes, my mom picked this out and I picked these out and I told mom. Oh And they do Haha, shoot. Yeah So that’s all of it. Thank you for watching. Make sure to LIKE subscribe and share and click the bell I make today of that you will see you all next time. But before we do that, we’re having a giveaway once we reach 1,000 subscribers, so make sure you click done so you get per noted Message alive subscribe and share and good bad and Make sure to have a wonderful day and a happy day every day Because we know we appreciate you and we love you so much. But before we end this video make sure to make sure we’re having a giveaway once we reach 1,000 subscribers, so if you want to be entering a giveaway Just call it done, and you’ll be entered in the giveaway with you all next time. Bye

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  1. Aliyah is a fashionista😊 you go girl! Love her sooo much!😘Too much flower for my eyes😂 She’s the best!!! Good Video😊👍

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