Advent Calendar 2019: The Great Winter Sale Begins

It’s time for holiday miracles! A whole month of enjoyable surprises awaits! On December 1,
you will receive a special mission. And on December 2, the World of Tanks
Advent Calendar opens its first door! Each day, there’ll be a new offer. Nobody knows what comes when —
it’s a surprise. See what offer is available today
and choose how to get it: most items can be purchased for gold! In addition, a new mission
will be waiting for you every day. Take it, complete it, receive a reward.
It’s simple. Advent Calendar:
another reason to love winter!

52 thoughts on “Advent Calendar 2019: The Great Winter Sale Begins

  1. So the whole thing is paying for the advent calendar or a special mission for the reward right?

  2. 0:20 unless someone tells whats inside and then you switch up content last minute^^ Like it totally never happened… ever :p

  3. Time for another advent calendar, which means time to give war gaming our money.

  4. WG calendar… The only ONE, where you have to spend money for getting something…😁

  5. OMG Wargaming just show you can either buy with gold or with money on that video…

    What happened to christmas missions to decorate tree, garage and etc???

  6. unluckily im runs out of gold already because i spend it last sept. black market by purchasing Skorpion G by means of gold at very low discount

  7. thanks wargaming for giving us a free premium tank that super hellcat..i hope not only those old player could recieved it but also those 2-4 years old account or still active..

  8. i wish the advent calender would come with some creates to or a bit of gold ! much better then a tank you might need to spend your money for at least 250 gold would be ok and like 5 crates also put the tank on sale then free gift and a tank

  9. the tank under the blanked was a t72 last time (when we had those "under blanked tanks" in our garage) and this time they showed a t72 or t62m in a snow bubble getting stolen by black market guy…

  10. I love the Christmas in wot. So many missions for the event

    Edit:I like to decorate my Christmas tree in wot

  11. Is it Advent calendar 2019 or 2020 because on polish Channel its 2020 and here 2019

  12. Why we can't get boosters, blueprints, gold, free xp, crew members or something like that? Why we need to pay if we want something?

  13. Ah, it's that time of the year, finally wallet warriors will be able to pay to win, but with snow effects. GJ wargaming

  14. I think some good people here FORGET that their free to play game is part of a business… people can spend or not spend on it.. but without them selling stuff, from premium to vehicles, the game would not exist at all.. so stop whining , freeloaders! 😛

  15. Kolejna próba sprzedania dziadostwo za kupę kasy. Jak byśmy mało już dokladali do gry i nic z tego nie mieli.

  16. Come on give us more free things i mean i am personally broke rn annd if this money trap still goes on eventually players will boycott it you guys better stop for a while

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