A Dress for Bismarck & Sinfonie Nr. 9 (Bismarck Fanfic : Episode 4) Azur Lane

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46 thoughts on “A Dress for Bismarck & Sinfonie Nr. 9 (Bismarck Fanfic : Episode 4) Azur Lane

  1. Welcome!

    Don't read this comment before seeing the chapter o_O!


    This chapter has been divided into two parts, because the conflict with Friedrich der Grosse, is a battle narrative and I thought that perhaps it would not remain with the atmosphere that generally took place in this story. The script (chapter 4.5) is almost finished, because it is something that I recently implemented, so this story may end in chapter 6.

    For that reason this chapter is a bit shorter, I hope you can excuse me about it.

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    Let me tell you thanks again, and I hope to see you in the next episode. n___n

    PD: Chapter 4.5 will be published without survey, so you will be prepared within a few days.

  2. PRINZ let me catch you with MY wallet IMA HAVE TO GIVE YOU THE HERECY STAMP
    And I dont care if your my first vow or not

  3. Just imagining the whole Bismarck being flustered and trying to smile is Just.
    Gigle so funny and adorable.

  4. This is going to sound soooooo cliche but can we get a harem ending? I couldn't stand to see either tirpitz's or bismarck's heart broken….

    But I digress you sir/ma'am are a storytelling wizard, well done

  5. Perhaps you can intertwine the fanfics together? (Enty and Bismarck, it would explain why apart from tirpitz they are both stand off-ish)

  6. This chapter was a little short but really good, Bismarck seiing really adorable thinking about marriage :'D, about Tirpitz, it's going to be dramatic if her fellings for the commander are going to be rejected, and Friedrich, i sense danger in this, what an end there hahaha, good chapter.

  7. Ryuuma, can you still read my fanfic? I'm just started making fanfics as a beginner so there's some mistakes. I really thank you for reading it. 😁

  8. Prinz Eugen is bae. A fanfic with her and Belfast would be nice, seeing that the two have history according to the anime.

  9. Very nice I didnt expect grosse to appear like that(althought she is not available yet in the english servers). But i want to she bismarck to smile in the anime too

  10. Friedrich Der…..She always present a…INTIMIDATING AURA……more of that than Roon

  11. the intro i am hearing – the katawa shoujo soundtrack
    my thoughts – "this is gonna be feels"

  12. Bismarck and Enty VS Friedrich der große…

    Sabaton intensifies


    Idk why but I seriously am Looking Forward for the next Episode I love every single on of them, Keep up the amazing good work :3
    Also Ima go buy Bismarck`s Dress for the time beeing aviable on EN servers…

  13. that ending with Friedrich, maan 😀 10/10. very good and scary. i'm looking froward to the next episode.

  14. guess this is what will happen after maxing out both Bismarck's and Tripitz's affection while completing Grobe's PR farming lol

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