A Day in the Life of DAVIS Sales

Mark: My name is Mark Agostinelli. I’m the
Sales Director at the Davis Companies. As a team, our interactions I would certainly
say we’re a competitive group that likes to have a good time. We have a philosophy that
you got to spend more time with these people than you do your family so you might as well
love who you work with, and they got to be the kind of people that inspire you to get
up and get going. Male 1: One of the biggest benefits to selling
staffing solutions as opposed to selling software is that that relationship can continue over
time and you can continue to sell to them, which is great. So if you create the right
relationships with the right people as they move onto other companies and as their companies
grow, your book of business can only grow. Male 2: On a day to day basis, you’re going
to be splitting your time between maintaining your current relationships with clients and
companies and making sure that everything’s squared away and expectations are met. On
top of that, trying to break into new clients and really just trying to help them out in
their hiring process. Female 1: I’m on the phone a whole bunch and
then, ideally, I try to get out of the office a couple of times a week just to go meet face
to face, whether it’s for lunch, or for a facility tour, a networking event so more
involved in the industry than I can be just sitting at my desk. Male 3: My favorite part about being with
Davis Companies as a whole is it’s very rare that at the end of the week, you’re just 5:30
hang up the phone and going home to do what you do. I came in here not knowing anybody
and, by the end of the first week, I was already connecting with people and doing stuff with
them after work hours. Mark: The opportunities here, both leadership
and earning potential and just personal growth are huge and then the environment in which
we work at. I think it’s a fun, collaborative environment. There are certainly long days.
This is not a 9:00 to 5:00 job. It’s more of a lifestyle job. But if you’ve got a passion
for making your career something special, it’s a great place and opportunity to do it.
Drive, curiosity and willingness to learn those are really the core of the ingredients
that we look for when we’re bringing talent on.

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