8 Sneaky Tricks To Look More YOUTHFUL!

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  1. Teeth whitening is also extremely important. Shea, I’m surprised you didn’t mention this!

  2. I have LOTS of "peach fuzz" on my face…. I'm pretty fuzzy all over really! Not dark hair just very fine, white hair. If you derma plane would it grow back prickly? Like after you shave your legs? I don't want a prickly face!

  3. I'm so tired of this world that is obsessed with looking a few years younger while it may not have the luxury of growing old.

  4. AWESOME VIDEO!!! Posture and moisturizer twice a day with drinking water being #1. I think shimmer eye shadows are fine only on the working lid of the eye. DO MORE OF THESE Shea, PLEASE!!!!🙏🏾💕

  5. Pretty, pretty blouse. I'm very intrigued by the NYX palette and would love to see you demonstrate how you color correct on yourself.

  6. I’ve used that trick with the Cupid’s bow for years now. Also, I just cut bangs and I’ve gotten so many compliments. It’s really a youthful look.

  7. Microblading my eye brows is by far the best thing I've ever done for my face.

  8. Um…you have talking nostrils 😬, maybe next time film at a different angle, you’re welcome. 😉

  9. I apply jojoba oil on my face morning and night and at 57, I’ve been lucky enough to have wrinkle free skin. Also, stay out of the sun, use sun screen and don’t smoke.

  10. Love your channel first off, I look forward to your video's. And I have found so many loves on Amazon because of you like the Amazon essential v-neck shirts, and the charcoal toothpaste! I recently late last year started using the facial exfoliating razors (from Amazon of course) and I love the results! Not too shabby for a soon to be 44 year old. Thank you for always sharing your tips, tricks, hacks and more. I am definitely a fan.

  11. Love the shirt you’re wearing however I don’t believe it’s the same one linked in your description box. Different collar.

  12. FROWNIES WORK!!!!! They really, really work! If you don’t wanna go the Botox route, use frownies! I have tried them before! And what’s even better is that since you wear them at night, you are left during the day with the sensation that you’re still wearing them, so that really psychs you into being truly intentional about not frowning, I mean, they correct the habit, and you start seeing results in days!!!! I love them and can really vouch for them! Of course, if you stop using them, you’ll see the frown lines come back, especially if you start the frowning habit again, but the good thing is that you can always start again!!!! GIVE THEM A TRY!!!!!

  13. I’ve started Serena planning (??) and I’m obsessed Idk if I see a huge change but I like it

  14. Shea – go see Susan Yara on Mixed Makeup for a full review of brow enhancing she had done. The whole process was filmed and will give you an idea if you really want to try it.

  15. Is there any way to do dermaplaning if you have nickel and cobalt allergies? Stainless steel has small amounts because it is hard and cheap. Even medical needles are 8-12% nickel.

  16. Hi Shea! We perform brow lamination at our spa in New Castle, pa and it’s awesome! Love your channel

  17. Not all shimmers do that. That advice I disagree with. A little shimmer can brighten mature eyes. It's more about choosing the right formula with shimmers and highlighters than staying away from it.

  18. What I'm dying to know is what lip gloss are you wearing? It looks gorgeous!

  19. I really like the shirt you’re wearing. However, the link you added appears to be a different shirt. Is that really it?

  20. Hey, this might be trivial, but I have a question about Function of Beauty. Did you get an option between the pump lid and the screw on lid?

  21. I’m a esthetician and I’m learning brow lamination now I plan to make a video on it! And if I like it I want to start offering it as a service!

  22. My BFF said lip injections were the most painful thing she's ever done even after 3 kids!!!

  23. Lip wrinkles……I use a lip plumper lip balm from Avon……you put it under your lips and wow, massive difference.
    Put it on first then do your face etc. By time your doing your lippy they're all smooth and lovely.
    Shame Avon pulled out of Nz so can't get anymore but highly recommend if you can get it. Lasts for ages and great price for budget.

  24. Girls, let’s just all try to look as good as we can for our age!!! Acceptance…it’s key!!👍👍

  25. Thank you! You inspire me to wear more stuff wich is not only a white shirt with a black jeans. I love your videos and they give me some confidence to wear more fashionable stuff and I looove it! Dont need to hide anymore 😊

  26. Maybe I’m the only one, but I hated function of beauty. My hair started falling out and felt stiff and rough. It was awful! Went back to my hero s/c dphue.

  27. That cupids bow trick won't work for everyone. I have a pretty thick lip line, so if I do that it just looks like I've put colour on my face lol I look a bit like a clown. I'm sure it works well on some. Just not everyone.

  28. Good posture und standing straight is a important thing, too, in my opinion 🙂

  29. I’m 33 too , yes, now my forth head look like an old lady lol. The rest of my face is fine tho ha ha. I need to cut my bangs again. Thanks Shea for the tips.

  30. Hi Shea, I'm in my twenties and I never really had a facecare routine but maybe it is time to start one now. What did your facecare routine contain of in your twenties? You are beautiful by the way and I love the humor you use in your videos!

  31. Eating some food every now and then would make you also look younger. 😘

  32. Hmmm… I turned 48 in November and that 'bangs trick', has got me thinking 🤔 Thank You for all of the great tips!! You're looking gorgeous as always. 💛😘

  33. Loved this video ❤️ it would be cool to incorporate others tips from the comments Ana other social media platforms in another video

  34. Loved this! So wish you would do a video on your eye makeup application. It always looks so great!!’

  35. Please do a video on how you do your eye makeup! Absolutely love your eye makeup in this video!

  36. I liked your videos for a while but your style is too…American for me…I can't stand hearing omg,amazing,etc all the time and this upbeat tone is a little too much.

  37. I emailed you about essential oils. Would appreciate a response, pls.

  38. The brows are so important! I thank my mom everyday for never letting me tweeze my brows to smithereens when I was younger.

  39. Besides retinol, the best anti-aging tips are related to prevention:
    Sunscreen (a physical sunscreen or a Korean sunscreen)
    A Korean skincare routine or a routine from the Ordinary
    Chemical exfoliation (never never never use physical exfoliation)

  40. Function of Beauty has been a LIFE SAVER for my hair. I use their purpling shampoo and it has tamed my gray/silver hair by not only helped get rid of the 'blah' washed-out color, but helped the texture of the gray/silver. I'll never use another shampoo again. (I just fully cut out all the color processed hair on my head and am now 100% grombre!)

  41. I think the more older I become the less I am likely to wear makeup. And the more I change my wardrobe. I used to love low rise jeans and all kinds of fancy clothes but now I am just looking for the right ones that make me feel good and looks great on me. We really can't change how we look but we do have to take good care of ourselves.

  42. I’ve been getting brow lamination for a few months now and LOVE it. I have sparse and light colored brows. I add henna to my brow lamination and it truly has transformed my whole look. My brows appear fuller, natural, and it truly cuts down my time getting ready in the morning.

  43. I notice it too that younger people have way fuller brows than I do!!!! I always try to do my eye brows even if I don’t have time for anything else!

    And so intrigued by the shampoo!!! Totally trying it! Thank you!

  44. Awesome video! Do you have one about what to wear when you're attending a graduation?

  45. So excited to try that Shampoo and Conditioner, until I saw the ridiculous big price of

  46. Watch how you sleep, too. 😴 Squishing your face into your pillow can cause lines and sagging skin when you're older. Also, change your pillow case every few days, especially if you're prone to break-out's.

  47. Here I am trying to contour and look older (30 year old mama who is tired of getting ID’d for a lottery ticket 😂) . Also, not a fan personally of the brow lamination trend…I find it looks too messy, I prefer clean crisp brows but to each their own! 👌

  48. Thank you!! Have the dermaplabe thing but not entirely sure in the best way to use it for best results. Love your videos

  49. Please don’t get lip fillers, almost everyone that I see that gets them done look like ducks, they look like they don’t even have control of there mouth when they talk, you look beautiful the way you are 👄😘

  50. Love your tips Shea, although I’m old enough to be your Mum Lol 😂 @60 we have very similar style in clothes, age is just a number, and the only rule I have is that my dress or skirt length isn’t shorter than my fingers when I put them down beside me, I wear mostly short dresses or skirts because the ones that come just between my ankle and knees look ridiculous on me because I’m not that tall and only petite, they have to be just above the knee…. I don’t even own a maxi dress but I do have a couple of maxi skirts that I can style for all seasons…I Love your style..Much Love from Queensland Australia 🇦🇺🥰🥰🥰

  51. What a condescending, uninformed video. There are many videos on youtube for women older than 30, who will not tell you to "not use anything shining on your eyelids, you are too old". And it being said by someone who says "I am not as old yet" sounds doubly insulting.

  52. Really liked your top in this video but the link you put isn't the correct one 😩

  53. I ended up getting microblading on my brows. Best thing ever. Mine were so thin due to age, surgeries, meds & medical issues.

  54. I absolutely love function of beauty! My daughter and my hair has changed so much since we started using it.

  55. The Cupid’s bow is one of the most beautiful features about lips. My young daughters have a Cupid’s bows. 11, 8 and 2&1/2…..they obviously don’t look aged….. you’re born with whatever lips you got…. yes they get thinner as you age, and lip conditioners and treatments will help. This duck mouth everyone wants or tries to fake is soooooo over done and looks artificial. Embrace your natural lips weather they have a Cupid’s bow or not. That is beauty.

  56. Also Lumify eye drops to whiten eyes and the lower water rim that gets redness

  57. I love wearing sparkly eye shadow even though my lids are not taut. It just makes me feel happy. 🤗

  58. I just spent the day in the ER after my dog and I were attacked by a lose dog, I watched your videos the whole time I was waiting. Thank you for the entertainment and distraction!!

  59. Your smile is so incredibly youthful. I think it’s the first thing to try.

  60. Your eyes look is so Natural🌟How do you make it? Thanks if answer this message🙂🤗🌈

  61. You might be looking at this, saying, “Oh my goodness! I’m going to look like a clown!” And to that, I say, “You just might….if you do this wrong.” 😃 😂 Too funny! 😂 🤣 😂

  62. Use powder to fill in your brows so they're soft looking… don't make giant scary brows that make you look old and pasty too! Stop with the lower lid eyeliner too. Less it better!

    And get a freakin hairstyle from after the new millennium ladies. If your hair looks like straw when you grow it long then cut it shorter. I feel like stylists who keep giving you your high school style from 25+ years ago should be horse whipped and lose their license! 🤣 I can't even deal seeing lovely ladies with their perms or feathered hairstyles. 😱 Just say no to the 80s/90s hair!

    I'm totally going to try the cupids bow trick! I have a very deep bow and my lips are thinning a bit now and it annoys me! 💋 #iusedtobehot

  63. Wow. You are just one year younger than me.😅 looking good! uhmm? Guess 2yrs I'm turning 35 this yr(aug)

  64. Oh Shea 33 is a baby! I can’t even remember when I was 33.😂

  65. I laughed out loud at 3:35 about the colour correcting, this is why we love Shea!

    Was sunscreen mentioned? I am 39 and African, I am seeing the positive effects of wearing sunscreen to keep the skin hydrated and protected, it makes my skin look more youthful.

  66. Its been proven covering up dark or light spots make you look older. Even out your skin tone and don’t worry about the wrinkles and you will look younger.

  67. How about not wearing ridiculous ruffly blouses that makes you look like a colonial woman?

  68. I love this video. It’s so helpful, these tips can also be used when you’re younger. Shea’s tips help you look healthy, which makes you look youthful. I’m young now, but I do have slight lines on my forehead. I’ve been considering bangs for a while and Shea just helped me make my final decision.

  69. Brow laminating is the BEST! Mind you, it’s a perming technique so the chemicals your brows will endure aren’t the best but it makes them appear superrrr full.

  70. Shea I adore your videos, style and camera personality!
    I relatively new to your Channel. Love it sooo much! Mi am so surprised you are only 33. You don’t look older by any means but I used to think you were 40 and always thought you look fabulous for your age. I think it’s just your humor and maturity. Totally a fan please don’t take this negatively
    I am wearing my red lipstick today connecting the Cupid bow- great tip!
    Thank you ☺️

  71. Great tips Shea! Thanks for sharing. Can you do a video on your fav perfumes🙏🏾

  72. If I don't wear make up I look much younger than my real age. Once someone thought I was 22. I'm 33 so I take it as a compliment

  73. Also consider the age of the YouTuber before trying that look. Heavy colorful make up doesn't look good with fine lines and wrinkles. What looks good at 22 doesn't always look good 10 years or more later.

  74. Oh Shea! You are adorable and your "tricks" are spot on! Thank you, once again, for delivering the goods!!! You da best!!! <3
    P.S. I'm going to try the Function of Beauty!!! Can't wait to see the results!

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