7 Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials (Smart Shopping Tips To Only Buy Clothing You Need)

7 Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Should Know [0:00:00]
In today’s video, we’re talking about the seven items that should be in every man’s
closet, your wardrobe minimalist essentials. [Music]
So, let’s start things off with footwear. I think every man in his minimalist wardrobe
needs to have at least one pair of casual shoes, one pair of dress shoes, and one pair
of boots. So, when it comes to casual shoes, you got
a lot of options out there. Maybe start off with a white sneaker. This, what’s great about this it’s going
to work with a wide variety of outfits, the only downside is it’s going to get dirty
pretty quick. But, let’s say you want to keep it clean,
you don’t really want to deal with any stains, then go with a solid black especially right
here in the sole. This right here is going to hide any scuff
marks. But, let’s say you want something that’s
going to stand out from the crowd, so you bring in something like this. It’s going to have the navy blue a bit of
suede, going to have that dark brown. Again, look great with jeans, going to stand
out from the crowd. But, you want to bring in something even a
step up, then what you want to focus in on is the sole. You want to go with a more basically more
delicate a smaller thinner sole. This is going to be a step up. The green suede in here though is going to
make this a little bit harder to match. But let’s say you want to even dress it
up a bit, then you could go with something that has a classic dress shoe design, but
maybe has a suede has a perforated leather something like this. This is going to be dressier and this is now
taking us into the dress shoes. So, a great option especially if you don’t
dress up much is to go with a casual loafer, this right here a great place to start. But, let’s say you do wear suits, then in
that case you want to get a dress shoe that’s going to work with your suits right here in
a medium brown. Now, if you want to bring in a bit more style,
maybe bring in a double monk. What I like about this right here is it’s
going to stand out from a lot of the other dress shoes out there. Now, if you’re just starting off buying
your first pair of shoes, you need something that’s a bit more formal because you wear
suits often, then this is going to be the shoe you want to start with. It’s the black Balmoral oxford. This is going to be for the guy that needs
to wear a suit often. Now, let’s talk boots, like shoes, tons
of options out there. So, you wear suits a lot, you dress up, you’re
in New York City, maybe consider a Chelsea, a great boot. But, let’s say you want something a bit
more casual, then maybe look for a pair of Chukkas. What’s nice about this, you can wear them
with jeans, they’re going to be overall more casual design. Now, going with the Chukka that has a little
bit more attention drawing power to it, right here we’ve got the blue suede. If you want something that’s a little bit
more build, then go with something that’s got a combat boot design. This is something that’s going to look great
with jeans, maybe dress it up with a sports jacket, give it a nice shine. The point is boots give you tons of options,
they should be in your minimalist wardrobe. Now, I know what some of you guys are thinking,
Antonio, you said you’d cover three pairs of shoes, you ended up covering ten. I want to go buy them all, plus, I know you’re
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free, download it and use this tool. The next item in your minimalist wardrobe,
pants a.ka. trousers. So, there’s a wide variety here, let’s
break out the exact details. Two pairs of dark-colored denim, you can dress
it up, you can dress it down. In the United States and most of the world,
this is going to be an incredibly versatile pair of trousers, make sure that these fit
you, very important. And, you want to go for a style that compliments
your body build. Now, what types of denim works for each body
build? Guys, I’ve got an infographic right here
which by the way I will also link to it down in the description. Next up, we’ve got slacks and you should
have at least two pairs. Now, which ones are you going to go with? You got a wide variety of options. Gray flannel, I’ve talked about this. I think it’s a great option especially if
you’re in an area that gets a bit cool. Gray in general is a good color for trousers
for pants. It’s going to match pretty much any shirt
any jacket any pair of shoes in your wardrobe. Now, what about commuter pants? I’ve seen these out there. I think that actually they made a lot of strides. I actually really like them. The key with commuter pants is make sure that
they’re not made in too casual of a style. Now, what about khakis? Khakis are fine as long as they fit you well. Now, chinos. Chinos are going to be more casual, again,
going to be made in a lighter tan color. You can go with red, you can go with blues. The tan is just a place to start. [0:05:07]
Next up, one pair of shorts. Now, if you live in a really hot environment
and you love wearing shorts, you understand they’re casual, you got great looking legs,
they make you look good, then go for it. Pick up a few more pairs. But, I don’t think most men understand just
how casual shorts are and how they don’t work for most body types. Instead, you should look at tropical weight
wool trousers. They’re going to be just as comfortable,
just as cool, and they’re going to look infinitely more stylish. Next up, we’ve got colored shirts. Two main families here; we’ve got dress
shirts and colored button-downs. Now, dress shirts, these are going to be the
most formal of the colored shirts. They are made to be worn as an under piece,
so you should have a jacket that’s going over them. Now, how do you identify a dress shirt? A dress shirt normally is going to have one
pocket on the side or no pockets and it’s not going to have epaulets, it’s not going
to have any stylistic design. It’s going to normally be a solid color,
but you will see them in stripes and you are going to see them in check patterns. Now, with casual button-downs, as the name
implies these shirts are going to be styled in a way that they’re much more casual. So, we’re going to see a wider variety of
styles and patterns. Maybe we’re going to see double pockets
with buttons on the chest. We’re also going to see maybe a tab over
here that allows you to roll up the sleeve and it basically hold it there. We’re also going to see epaulets, perhaps
on the shoulders. When we look at the colors, we could see a
button-down. When we look at the front placket, we may
actually see contrasting fabrics in on here. These are all casual button-down features. Now, I do think every man should have at least
seven button-down shirts. If you’re going to be wearing suits, sports
jackets, then probably five dress shirts to two casual button-downs, and if you’re on
the opposite side, you’re much more casual in your style, then you probably want to go
with five here and two when it comes to dress shirts. And, gents, if you’re trying to figure out
what colors work for your skin tone, check out this infographic right here. I created this, so it would be really easy
for you to find the right shirt color that works with your colors. So, the next items in our core wardrobe, gents,
non-colored shirts. So, I’m talking about t-shirts and I’m
talking about henleys. Now, it’s important to note that t-shirts
and henleys are niche, unlike the other shirts we just talked about, those can be adjusted,
but t-shirts and henleys, they are going to be worn as they are bought. So, it’s important when you buy these that
you buy a size that actually fits your body type. Now, t-shirts, you want to go with a solid
color; white, black, navy, maroon, dark green, tons of options out there. Maybe look at a V-neck. A V-neck I think on the right body type looks
great. You nailed that fit, you get that V-neck in
with a dark color. This is something actually you can wear with
nice trousers, even by itself if you’ve got the body to support it. And, let’s talk henleys. I like them because they’re not as common
as t-shirts. They’re going to help you stand out from
the crowd. Short sleeve, long sleeve, really depends
on you. I like the long sleeve because, again, you
can just roll it up a bit. Again, a great option, a great alternative
to the t-shirt. Next up, we’ve got the suit, sports jacket,
and blazer, and I think two in every man’s wardrobe. You can go with a mix if you’re a bit more
conservative you wear a suit everyday, of course, you’re going to want to have more
than just two. So, what’s the difference between a suit,
a sports jacket, and a blazer? A suit is going to have a jacket and a trouser
made from the same material. In general, we’re going to see suits in
darker colors. Sports jackets, they’re going to come in
a wide variety of colors, lighter color like this. This is a sports jacket. Now, with blazers, we’re going to oftentimes
see in a darker color, traditionally we’re going to see navy, they’re going to sometimes
have a nautical theme. So, we’re going to see a gold buttons, sometimes
with a little anchor on it. Now, let’s talk outer wear. Two pieces here. I want to see one that’s high style, I want
to see one that’s high function. So, the high function piece, this is going
to be something to protect you from the elements. If you’re in an extreme weather place, maybe
northern Minnesota, in that case, yes, you want to go with a parka and you’re going
to probably need a few other jackets. But, if you’re over in Seattle, if you’re
over in Southern California, a good functional jacket because you want to have something
like a shell, something that’s going to be in a classic conservative maybe gray, black,
maybe a tan color, something that’s going to work to cover your suits if you’ve got
to dress well if it’s raining outside. Now, let’s talk about that high fashion
piece, that piece of outer wear when you wear it, you feel like a million bucks. Maybe it’s a suede jacket, it’s a razor
leather jacket, it’s something when you put it on, people give you compliments. That’s what we’re looking for here, something
that when you wear it, you feel great. So now, let’s talk about accessories. We’re talking about hats, sunglasses, watches,
and more. Guys, go check out the accessories I recommend
this summer in this video right here. Five accessories that every man needs to own
this summer. Go check it out, this is for hot weather,
you’re going to absolutely love this video. [0:09:30] End of Audio

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