7 Days Out with KARL LAGERFELD | CHANEL | Paris Fashion Week [Documentary]

It’s one of the most important
fashion shows in the world. Some people would do anything
to see this haute couture show. Oh wow the stress… Check everything, okay? Three times. Oh, no, my skirt! Okay, are we ready? Are we ready? The creation of a haute couture dress for me is really like a work of art. It’s going to be splendid. It was really a dream
to work for this house. And I think that even
in my wildest dreams, I never imagined
I’d be an atelier head at Chanel. The theme of the collection
this season is gardens. You’ll see a lot of embroidery
with flowers. pink powdery colors, old roses, gray… frosted lemons, as Karl says… beiges. It’s very soft, it’s very fluid. It’s very light, very feminine. Frickey is my little mascot. Or we can say that he is the mascot
of Chanel. He’s followed me for a while now, and he knows the whole
construction process by heart. For each show, we have a new set, new constraints and a new world to create. Our work must reflect what Chanel does. Here, we are on
a haute couture fashion show, the set must be perfect. We were inspired by actual gardens so our main task was to go to the gardens and try to forget about the catwalk to go in another direction,
where the set also tells a story. The most important thing
for the Chanel shows in the Grand Palais is that we have very little time, and we have no backup. I think that Jean-Louis has most
of the work. The landscaper, yes. For the exteriors, he’s okay. It’s the interiors, where he thinks
he will need a lot of time. Ah! The gang! Oh, that’s cute. It’s funny. Today, the models are arriving. We’re doing fittings. Virginie does that. She is in charge of choosing the outfits
for the models. Let’s try number 56. That suits her well. It suits her well. It’s the best dress for her,
it’s going to be perfect. Each girl wears one dress.
One trip down the runway. We then have to adapt
and adjust it on the right girl, on the right model. And it’s true to say
that it makes us dream because we can do anything
in haute couture. We can do anything. It’s true
that it’s a bit of a stressful moment. You really have to make
the model look finished. But here, the dress,
the bottom is going to be cut? Yes, it’ll be cut. I think it’s missing some flowers. Those are what I call snapdragons. I prefer it in small bouquets. Let’s go again!
Look, when she walks… Do you think the dress is coming up? And I think we’re missing some embroidery.
In the front… in the middle. Underneath that bouquet. No, there it’s fine, it doesn’t bother me, but underneath there.
-I can ask him for some flowers. And we’ll add them. Okay. So now we’re five days before the show, actually I should say four
because today is nearly over. We are still waiting
for some embroidered pieces. Yes, Hubert… Virginie would like to add more flowers. You have to make more
so that I can apply them myself. Okay, thank you. Pascual, be careful
because there’s a lot of dripping. The contrast between the greens
is fading a bit. It’s like a tuxedo on white Pique cotton, and Lemarié has done a lot of work on it
because it’s embroidered. We then receive their work
and build it on our model. Ah, that’s the wedding dress. Awesome! We have–
-Oh, yeah, we have pieces for the cape Okay, wait, I’m calling Cécile. I have parts of the wedding gown
that have arrived from Cristelle. Okay?
– This is awesome. Hey, Cécile! Hello!
-Hi. How are you?
-Well. And you? We have a first part. The cape. I put some flowers. And we added more rooster feathers. It’s very pretty. Okay. My grandmother was a dressmaker,
and my mother was, too. When I was little,
I’d watch my mother sew dresses. I was also passionate
about the world of show business. In fact, I wanted to be Cyd Charisse, but I failed. So I learned to sew. What is it?
-Cape. I said it would be nice
if we could have the cape. Wow, it’s beautiful. What I see, in the fashion shows, is that same preparation
for a spectacle that I loved. Now we wait for the skirt
that goes on top. And it’s pure happiness, the collection.
It’s pure happiness. I have the same emotions
just before the runway show. I blow on them so that
they don’t get stuck inside. So that I can pin it more easily. It’s meticulous. You need a lot of patience and practice. It’s when I helped my mother
make a dress in her basement, I said, ”This is it. I love this job.” Everything okay? Jean-Louis? Is there going to be a sorting area behind there?
-Yes. But it’s the same meshes!
-Yes. You see, the problem is the transparence. We will need to go to the bottom
for the photocall. Yes. Visually, it’s less important
at the sides. What’s a little complicated
about this set is that it’s completely open. It is a trellis. So, everything can be seen. There are no hidden zones.
The public will see everything, even the Grand Palais,
through the decoration. I am a pretty calm person, and I don’t like to communicate my stress
to my team. But definitely by three days out, we’re all more or less stressed out. Girls, I just need to tell you about
the final fittings, which I have changed a little. For number 41, the girl is in a hurry because
she’s got a fashion show right after. There are lots of fashion shows
at the moment. It’s fashion week, so the models are very busy. What time is Dior? Does that mean that
I won’t have any girls before 4:00 p.m.? Yes, hello. 8:30 p.m. So, Sunday. Oh, Monday? 8:30 p.m. is too late,
the day before the fashion show. Who has nothing to do? Why are you laughing? Carole is working on the wedding cape. Fanny is working
on the little bolero, the top. We also have Angile,
who is doing the pants. And we’re waiting for the big skirt. We build and build and build, but we’re always at the mercy of a… …a little hiccup, you could say. Last minute! No one wants to talk to me. Okay, never mind. Hi, it’s Cécile. Do you have
the wedding skirt for me? You got nothing. Okay, I will go to the studio then.
Thank you. That’s not it. Damn… It’s all gonna go to shambles. Hello! Got it, okay. “Very Urgent” It’s the skirt.
-Good. It’s light, huh? Oh!
-It’ll be very beautiful. It’s Sunday, only two days left to work, and that means the most intense two days. But the most passionate, too! Today we begin
the final fittings with Karl. We’re finishing the dresses
that have to be shown today. It looks good on her. For the finale, she has the coat
on her arm, and she shows the dress. If he needs to change
or add something, we have to add it. During the fitting, Karl will tell me what’s working
and what’s not. We know there are still
some final touches to make. Olivia, the black lines are going to disappear?
-Yes. It’s good now with the waist less round. There’s always that little fear.
“What if he doesn’t like it?” I love the color. No, it’s divine.
I love the Frenchness of it. It’s French couture and nothing else. Very French. Even just like that, I love it. I love the detail of the quilted shoulder. Yeah, it better have something
at that price. No, otherwise it falls like an old turd. Yes. Jacqueline, the pins in the back
are a little too defined. What happened? We’ll iron it.
-You’ll iron it? Very good. Congratulations, Jacqueline
Bravo, Jacqueline. She is perfect. That’s a Choupette dress. Divine. And this pink! Is it Indian pink? It’s beautiful. The ribbon?
-Ribbon. The ribbon is a cardinal pink.
-A cardinal pink? Indian pink is lighter. It’s cardinal pink, but it doesn’t matter. One of the arches.
It should be high. It’s remained low. Okay. Any news from Jean-Louis
regarding the extra rosebushes? He is mounting them so we’re putting extra flowers
on the rose beds and we will… come tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. to install it. There should be five of them tomorrow,
arriving at 4:30 a.m. Coming at 4:30 a.m.
-Yes. You know that by 6:30 a.m.
everything needs to be done. All righty, we’ll see each other
at 5:00 a.m. Yes! Are you ready with dress number 30?
-Not at all. It’s 8:34 p.m.,
and we’ve finished 11 dresses. I have two dresses,
where things are a little more stressful. We have to really work urgently. We only have small ones
so we will do with what we have. Put a small one here,
and this one I’ll use for the middle of the back. We’re rushing to finish and fit them
as quickly as possible. Karl, we have just two fittings left. Yeah, well, I’m not on strike. Karl, do we mix feathers
and green sparkles? The skirt is too long.
Just cut the fringes that fall down. It’s gross. And it could use some more feathers. It shouldn’t tumble down. It looks like old snow. But here it looks like an old frying pan. No, but I will cut it straight. Puffier.
-Puffier. It looks like an old person’s armpit. What? I would even put
some pin ostrich feathers in the back. Okay. And get rid of the stuff that looks like
the hair on an old man’s ass. My heart is racing. We cross our fingers,
hoping that everything goes well. We are nervous for us, for the house. Yes, we need to iron it.
I think that she sweated a bit. We have the show tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.
There are still 13 hours before the show. It’s one of the most
important fashion shows in the world, people would do anything to see this show. There are three things
that you need to check: the invitation,
which should match their ID, which should, in turn, match your iPad. The set is sublime.
I saw the screens earlier. You can see it
from the top on the screens. Extraordinary! Let’s do a last check of the dresses.
Take a look, check them. You put this on first and then the cage,
from below, because she has makeup on. The morning of the show, when we arrive and I see all the garments next
to each other, it’s a lot of emotions. I can’t sit down.
I’m backstage, and I check each model. I’m in the show. For once, the sun doesn’t bother us,
because it shines through the trellis. Look how beautiful that is! Ah, it’s wonderful. Yeah… Oh, wow, the stress… I’m a bit stressed, but but it’ll be all right. It’s so nice. Okay. Let’s get to work. You’re okay? I think that it is okay. I’m a bit stressed. I don’t know why.
But I think that it’s normal. Yeah, it’s okay. Check everything, okay? Three times. Oh, no, my skirt! I’m sorry. Okay, are we ready? Are we ready? Time stops there. It’s really– time stops. Now, I have stage fright. Look at this piece over here. On the other side. It’s very beautiful. It’s beautiful on you. Teamwork. Good luck. Yeah! You know what it means, huh?
-She’s got it already. For this dress? She is absolutely gorgeous. It’s good, no? Very, very, very good. I’m already feeling a little bit
nostalgic. We’ve been working with Karl every day
for the last six weeks. And… I admit that now that it’s over,
I’m a little sad. Congrats, Jacqueline. Wonderful. Well, now we’re going to relax, right? It was magical. This is real, real, real, haute couture! Isn’t that so? Let me zone out, Jacqueline.
I’m still on cloud nine! It’s a very familial house. We are very much a team. We are all bound together for Karl and for the house. I think we’re the most beautiful house
in the universe. It’s a source of pride. I feel privileged. We’re all one team. It’s the whole team. It’s not one person. It’s everyone! Either way,
we work with the biggest genius.

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