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5 Tips To Buy A Quality Watch
Watch Buying Guide For Men Purchase Watches Like A Pro [0:00:00] Hello! I’m Antonio. I’m the founder of Real
Men Real Style. Today, I’m going to give you five tips on
how to go out there and buy a quality watch without getting ripped off. Guys, really quick.
I’m going to start this off with a story. I was ripped off once, actually, on five watches.
I’m in Hong Kong almost a decade ago, there on business, exploring the city and I see
all these watches out there. I get pulled into a backroom. No, I didn’t get mugged but
I kind of did because I spent $500 on five watches which were fakes. To this day, I’ve
still got those watches. I’ve got a Breitling. I’ve got a couple of Rolexes. I have this
Louis Vuitton. And I never wear them because I violated a couple of my rules here. And really quick, those rules are, number
one, educate yourself. Number two, understand what true value is. Number three, make sure
that when you buy something it has buyer protection. Point number four is make sure you understand
the economics of pricing. And point number five, have fun with whatever you buy. And
if you look at all those rules, I violated them whenever I purchased those watches in
the back alley years ago. So let’s get into a little bit more detail.
But before I get started guys, I want to thank The Fifth Watches. They’re a really cool company
down in Australia and they are killing it on Instagram. I want you to go check out their
account. These guys, they reached out to me. They said, “Antonio, can you put together
some good videos on watches?” I said sure. In fact, they sent me some samples. They came
in a really nice case. Again, The Fifth Watches. When you open this up — What I like about
presentation like this is it makes a great gift. Look at that. Beautiful. In fact, they come in five different designs.
These five different designs are available on the fifth of the month for five days only.
Go get on their VIP wait list and they open up on the fifth of the month and they’re available
for five days. I know they make a limited number. Some of the styles are actually sold
out within hours, very cool company. I’m impressed with the quality. And I’ll use them as a little
bit of an example. But guys, if you go over and check out their website and you leave
me a comment down below, I’d love to hear which of the styles you really like and send
me an email. And what I’ll do is I get you a free copy of my PDF. I’ve got a PDF that goes into a lot more detail.
I know some of you guys are wondering, “Antonio, how can I be able to read this out? Can you
talk more about the movement? Can you talk more about the inside details of the watches
and how to spot quality?” And I’ll talk about that in the PDF. So let’s get back to the
points. Point number one. I talked about educating yourself. Guys, there’s no getting around
it. You’re going to have to go out there and you’re going to have to learn more about watches.
But it’s not that hard. And believe me, there’s a whole industry that is built around this
because we love it. I mean, there’s something about watches that makes them really cool.
It’s become collector’s items. You hear people, there are entire forums dedicated
to this stuff. And immediately I’m thinking websites to go check out, a blog to watch.
You’re going to want to go check out worn&wound, watchuseek is a pretty good forum. There’s
also brand specific watches. So if you look to purchase Rolex or Breitling or some of
these other ones, you can find very specific ones to that. I’ll talk about that at the
end why that’s important. TimeZone is another great website. But you can also go to tried
and true websites, which I’ve talked about in the past. So go over to Art of Manliness, go check out
Gentlemen’s Gazette, Primer Magazine. All these guys, you’re going to have an intro
to watches. But you want to get excited about watches. Because there’s a lot out there.
You can even go to your local watch store or maybe it’s going to be a department store
that sells watches. Speak with the guy working behind there. You may find yourself an expert,
someone that you can talk with and engage with. Also, there’s magazines out there. Some
of you, guys, like to just get a magazine once a month. I would recommend if you find
some good ones. And there’s even an app out there. It’s called
Watchville. They’ll bring in all the information out there. The point is, guys, I want you
to dive into this. Because when you are informed, when you have an understanding of what we’re
talking about, you’re going to be able to make a much better decision. Point number
two is value. And value isn’t — Why do I have this before pricing? Because I believe
that the true value of a watch is how often you wear it times how it makes you feel divided
by the price. So price isn’t the most important thing. I know some of you guys are on a budget.
Most of us are on a budget actually. The example I had here, these fakes. How many
times do you think I’ve worn this Rolex? Zero. How much did I pay for it? $100. The way it
makes me feel, number of wears, is basically zero divided by 100. This was a complete failure
as watch. Versus this one I got from The Fifth. I feel really good about it. It’s reasonably
priced. It’s reasonably priced, about $100. It’s a nice looking watch. I’ve already got
compliments on it. So the value of this watch is much higher than all these fakes I’ve gotten.
And that’s what I want you think about. [0:05:00] Because I don’t want you — I would rather
you have save up for the watch you want or when you out there and purchase one, buy one
that you’re going to get a lot of wears out of them. But make sure that you get value
out of the watch that you want. So let’s talk about point number three, which is buyer protection.
And this one is really important especially when you’re looking to buy a watch online.
You want to make sure that you buy from a reputable buyer. You want to make sure that
you buy from a reputable company. Those are two things which will have an effect.
When you buy from a reputable buyer, if it’s get damaged in shipping, if something happens
where you get a defective, you can actually work with them to resolve the situation. When
it comes to warrantees, that’s where having a manufacturer who stands behind what he builds
is very important. Because if it’s a year in and you spent $1000 or $500 on that watch,
then you want to make sure you’re getting the right item. Now, that brings us to point number four,
which is the price economics of watches. Now, understand some of these things are in their
own world. But in general, price, $250 under, that’s going to be consumer watches. These
are fashion watches, watches that you can purchase to go with an outfit to feel good
about. If they break after a few years, you’re not going to feel too bad. Maybe you will.
But these are not big investment watches for most people that talk about watches. Now, under $1000, we’re going to start to
see a lot of brands, higher end brands and that’s where you really want to be careful.
Because there are some great deals out there, there are some not great deals that are simply
resting on their laurels and selling it because of the brand. Beyond and under from $1000
to $10000, we start to get into luxury. And that’s where you’re going to start some very
well known names. You’re going to see Citizen, Breitling. This is where you want to make
sure you’re getting what you pay for. This is the world of luxury watches. And beyond
$10,000, ultra luxury watches. And guys, what drives these prices? Oftentimes
it’s going to be exclusivity. It’s going to be the material. Some of these watches have
diamonds in them or they’re made from gold. All of these things have an effect. Also the
name and the heritage of the watch is going to have an effect. Now, I haven’t really talked
about heirloom watches. And that’s for a whole another video. I will say, guys, my stance
on this is that watches are not an investment. Point number five. I think this one is probably
the most important one. Buy something that you’re going to enjoy and you’re actually
going to wear. So I’d been wearing this watch from The Fifth Watches for a while. And my
wife, I didn’t tell about it, she looked at it and she said, “Nice watch.” And she looked
at it and she complimented me on it and we talked a little bit about it and then she
was surprised to hear the price was only $100. But that is where you get great value. I don’t normally wear a watch. In fact, getting
into watches was something I wanted to do for a long time. So I’m enjoying it. I’m getting
compliments. I’m going to wear it tonight to take my kids to dance. Because it’s a conversation
starter. It’s something you can have fun with, you can enjoy. If you’re going to buy a higher
end watch like a Rolex or a Breitling, go look at those forums. Go join the Citizen
forum and have fun, enjoy it. Treat it like what it is. It’s something that it’s not just
a functional piece although that’s a key component. But it’s also a piece that you should enjoy
and you should build and add into your wardrobe. So that’s it, guys. Hopefully, you enjoy the
five tips. All of the videos and information I put out here at Real Men Real Style, I’m
going to link over to the article, which will go into more detail. And guys, if you go over
to the article, you can also download that PDF, which I mentioned. But I would love to
hear from you in the comments down below which of the styles over at The Fifth Watch do you
really like. And I’ve got one right here. This is the white on brown. I also showed
you guys the black on black. I guess, if you’re an all black rugby fan, this would be a great
watch for you. But guys, let me know down the comments and
make sure to go over to Real Men Real Style, send me an email. I want to make sure that
you get that free PDF, which I’m going to go into more detail, more about the intricacies
and the hand details, the materials, the band, all of that stuff, so that you can make an
informed purchasing decision. Take care, guys. See you in the next video. [0:09:17] End of Audio

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