54 thoughts on “42 Clever & Easy Organizing Ideas – All Time Best


  2. Thank you! awesome ideas! takes time to do but worth it in long run 🙂

  3. Glass jars glued into a pyramid!!!!! LOVE this idea – thanks!!!!

  4. I think I will eliminate all other idea organization videos (waste of time) from now on Jansen's DIY only. Always quality ore. Thanks for weeding out the nonsense for me.

  5. Thanks! ♥ Idea about letter organizers to store lids is actually great! 🙂

  6. hi , how to contact you ?we have some products want to to test .

  7. Great Tips and well and not to fast in your delivery!!Greatly appreciated! Thank You 😊

  8. THANK YOU for including links to the products you feature! Newly subscribed and loving your tips!

  9. careful with your eyeshadow palettes. fall-out could migrate to the next shade. I feel it's an attractive idea, but better to keep them laying flat.

  10. I love the paper 📝 holder idea 💡! We have a small home . I love the wine / towel idea ! Baskets good idea under sink . File idea 💡!! I ❤️ Love !

  11. Be realistic. We all have too much make up, too many office supplies, baking sheets and organizers. Get rid of most of it! Don’t store stuff you never use for”someday” it never comes. Limit your junk drawer to a few pens and pencils and some items you reach for over and over like scissors, matches, a universal screw driver. Use a very critical eye when you go through your stuff and use the drawers you already have smartly before buying new storage containers. Limit plastic and you will bring less into the home and add less to landfills and all the pollution associated with it, though I do like the bins in the refrigerator.

  12. To keep all my hair appliance cords from being everywhere & tangle I use toilet paper tubes

  13. That folding t-shirts shit is toooo much. Its not a dress shirt so just HANG IT UP🙄 like everything else good job!

  14. Bravo! finally a video that actually helps me get organized. Thank you so much for creating this video I'm going to use like seven of your ideas.

  15. A lot of these are cute and helpful, but I don’t have a use for them. If I make a use for them, that just takes up more space.

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE your video. Your ideas are affordable and useful. However Marie Kondo is a nut job.

  17. Really enjoyed it . I’m disabled have a few things wrong main one try to do everything on a good day . This way I can split it up . Thanks 😎🤗

  18. I put my allergimedicin in a red box. If I need a pill, everything is there. This is the ONLY red box in my house.

  19. I will never spent that much time folding t-shirts… it's ridiculous.

  20. Forget the expensive metal shoe racks that rust if you live in a humid climate. Hit the Dollar Store and pick up plastic $1.00 crates.

  21. I use tp rolls for all my cords in kitchen & bath. Keeps them neat& works better then a wire tie or hairtie

  22. 10:54 – Bottom left hand corner. She's been getting e-mails which deal with "whore journalism"? What an interesting life some people do lead.

  23. This is going to be helpful to me. I am going home and do some of these.

  24. Stores will not accept photos of receipts as an adequate proof of purchase for refunds etc.
    At least not in Australia anyway.

  25. "decant your dishwasher tablets" is not a phrase I thought I'd ever hear.

  26. Hay that's the lady from alux.com voice! Hay girl hay! Anyone else noticed that? … No???….. Its cool.

  27. If I had the patience to watch this, I wouldn’t need it. So boring. Who cares.

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