30 Things to Store Day 25: Clothing for the Top Half

Hello, and welcome back to, “30 Things to
Store.” I am Seana and each day this month we are
giving you tips for how to store the things that most people have around their home. So we are on Day 25 already, hard to believe
we are into our last full week. If you were here yesterday, we talked about
how to store the things you wear on the bottom half of your body, and now we are going to
talk about how to store the things you wear on the top half of your body. So, let’s first talk about what should be
hung. Things that should be hung include men’s dress
shirts, blouses, silky things and jackets… men’s jackets, suit jackets, blazers, those
kinds of things. Those are all a “for sure hang,” that’s our
best choice. Now again, I mentioned before that there are
lots of different kinds of hangers, and people have strong opinions. But I will say, when you are hanging something
silky, it can be helpful to have a hanger like this. And what this hanger has is sort of a velvety
surface on the top. That makes things almost stick and grab to
it a little bit, and that will keep them from falling off. Another thing to remember when you are
hanging a blouse is that sometimes, under the arms, there will be these loops, that
almost look like tiny ribbons. What those are for is for when you put your
blouse on the hanger, you take the loops and put them over the middle, on the alternate
side, and that also will help to keep your blouse from sliding off. I’ll put a link for a velvet type of hanger
back on the website. For men’s dress shirts, that is the one time
that it’s okay to use that wire hanger, that dry cleaner hanger, and if you are having
your shirts dry cleaned, they’ll come on those hangers. And they are strong enough just for one shirt. However, for a man’s blazer or suit jacket,
you want a much sturdier hanger, and something perhaps along this line. Doesn’t have to be wood, but it should be
fairly sturdy, and if you look from the side you’ll see that it’s almost bowed a little
bit, and that is the best way to hang the jacket because the shoulders will fit nicely
over the hanger on this angle. Okay? Now those are things that for sure should
be hung. Now let’s talk about what should go on a shelf,
or in a drawer. That would include your regular casual tops,
whether they are long or short sleeved, and t-shirts, and sweatshirts and those kind of
things. Those can easily be folded and either set
on a shelf or tucked in a drawer. Again, there are lots of products around these
days to make that easier, uh, but you know, whatever works for you. If you wear a lot of t-shirts, and you would
like to pick your shirt based on the decal that is on the front, it is possible to fold
your t-shirts in such a way, that what, and file them this way so you can see that decal
sticking up at you, and that can be kind of an easy way to store t-shirts. If you don’t know how to do that, you could
just Google, “How to fold t-shirts” or, “How to file t-shirts” and you can see some videos
on how to do that. Now one question I get a lot is about sweaters. Right? Sweaters are big and they’re bulky, and generally
I recommend that you store those on a shelf or in a drawer. The reason that I feel that way is that, if
you try to hang a sweater, generally, because of the way they’re made, they stretch out
on the shoulders. And sometimes the hanger can even put a bump
into the shoulder that’s hard to get rid of. So, my first preference is to fold them. However, there is a way to hang a sweater
to avoid that problem. So if you have lots of hanging and very limited
shelf space, you might want to try this. You take the sweater, you fold it in half
long ways, so that you have the bulk of the sweater and the sleeves. And you see you get this little space down here
on the bottom. So you fold it that way, then you take your
hanger, any old hanger, this is even a plastic hanger, take the top – the loop- and you tuck
into that part under the arm. Then, you take the long piece – the bulk of
the sweater – and to make it extra secure, you tuck it behind the bar. And then you take the sleeves, and you tuck
them behind the bar as well. Now, the sweater is hung, it won’t stretch
out the shoulders. So those are just a few tips on how to store
your tops. Remember, if you have questions, you can always
email me and, uh, I’ll try to help you out. Hope to see you tomorrow on, “30 Things to

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