Hi everyone and welcome back to my
channel. So, I think I can fairly say I am a professional hustler. I have hustled
over ninety four thousand dollars since starting the $1,000 project.
That is seriously impressive and I’m proud of myself. So, for this video I’m
actually sharing with you 25 really different, really fun, really creative and
really easy things that you can do to hustle up some extra cash in your life.
and these ideas even involve not getting off the sofa. Not all of them but some of
them. I also have a really good giveaway. For whoever wins this competition, I’ll
be sharing the details of how to enter at the end of this video. The person who
comes first will win a free Skype consultation with me which goes for 40
to 60 minutes and is worth two hundred and forty dollars and then the two runners
up will receive a signed copy of my book The $1,000 dollar Project, along with a
handwritten note and you will also receive Effie Zahos’s guide to money.
The Real Girl’s Guide To Money which takes you through all the different
stages of your life and shows you what to do with your money
so that you are completely in charge and making great financial decisions. Alright,
let’s waste no time at all. You need to hear these 25 different ideas immediately. Idea
number one and that is to register with an agency and become an extra you could
be on commercials you could be on TV shows you could even be in a movie.
You may even meet some amazing celebrities along the way and you get
paid while doing it. Idea number two is to open up a store
online through websites like Etsy. If you are really creative from making candles
to kids costumes to clothing to jewellery, it’s incredible what you can sell online
and Etsy is a fantastic platform to sell your arts and crafts and make some good
cash along the way and you never know who may not buying your products and
where you might end up seeing those products. Idea number three is to flip
items and sell them. Now I know so many people through following them on social
media who will go and find, buy, collect pieces of furniture, clothing, home wares, do them up, give them a new lease on life and then sell them
for an amazing profit, in particular, clothing. They will go to op shops,
markets, fine designer clothing and accessories. Do them up, get them back in
good condition, style them and then sell them on their own social media platforms
and they’re making a really nice fat profit along the way. Number four is to
become a home care hero. Did you know that you can actually get paid to go and
visit people in their home? They’re feeling lonely maybe not very well, maybe
housebound and actually just spend some time hanging out with them. Have a
conversation with them, maybe help them out around the house, make them a meal, a
cup of tea but just simply spend time with them, bonding with them, connecting
to them, listening to their stories and sharing experiences with them. You get
paid by the hour and it’s a fantastic way to get more out of life and be a
bigger part of your community. Idea number five is to look after people’s
pets. Look after their dogs, their birds, their fish, their cats, whilst they’re away and
this is something you can do in their home or even in your own home and if you
have a pet already sometimes it’s a really nice way of keeping your own
animals company. Idea number six is tutoring and this is one of these ideas
of ways you could make money without even getting off the sofa. You can
actually offer online tutoring through Skype and that can be from something
like reading and writing skills, to maths, to even something like another language. I have found for you an amazing website that specializes in teaching languages
through Skype. Where they will actually hook you up with students who are eager
and willing to learn so that you can start making some quick money fast
through your new side hustle. Idea number seven is to rent your home out to
location agents. Location agents are always looking for different and
interesting homes that they can use for ads, they can use for TV shows, for films
and movies and you can make between $800 up to $2,000
dollars a day. Now, your home doesn’t need to be particularly big or beautiful it
doesn’t really matter. They want a whole range of different homes for different
themes and different types of movies and videos so this could be a really great
idea to extra money but doesn’t actually involve
that much effort from you. Idea number eight is to sell your writing skills. If
you are someone who really enjoys sitting down at your laptop, typing away
writing short stories or writing blogs you can actually sell those. You can
become a copywriter where you will write blog posts, articles, ads, even emails and
you get paid to do it. Another great job that you can do from
the comfort of your own sofa. Idea number nine is to test products and services in
your own home. Websites such as Home Tester Club will actually send you a
whole pile of products, get you to test them up in your own home, give them the
feedback on what you thought of that product before it gets launched to the
market. Not only do you get free products but you also get paid at the same time
and this is another side hustle that you can earn some extra cash without even
having to walk out the front door. Idea number 10 is to earn commission off your
own online shopping, Now, I personally have joined Cashrewards who have
proudly sponsored and collaborated with me on this video but essentially you do
all your shopping as you normally would. You just go through the Cashrewards
website first. Now, when it came to upgrading my fridge doing my weekly
Woolworths shop, I’m picking up commission on my own shopping so I don’t
actually have to do anything extra to earn that money and the money is
deposited into my account. After a certain period of time to make sure
nothing is actually returned. Now, I’ve even set myself up a mini challenge
through Cashrewards where I’m going to see how long it takes for me to earn
over a $1,000 through using Cashrewards, collecting my own
commission on my own shopping and of course that money will go towards round
four of The $1,000 project. Again, another idea where you earn money
without even getting out of bed and in fact you can actually do your cash or
shopping through your phone. So, make sure you download the Cashrewards app and of
course definitely make sure your notification button is switched on
because they have amazing bonus offers where you get like double commission or
bigger and better discounts that’s the best time to really make the most of
this. Idea number eleven is to do virtual work.
If you are at home looking after kids, you can sometimes work when they’re
having their afternoon naps or when they’re asleep at night. You can do
things like translations, you can do things like dictation, you can do
proofreading, you can do data entry. If you’ve got some bookkeeping skills you
might even have to do this and you can do that all off the laptop
sitting in bed or sitting on the sofa or working off the dining table and it can
pay quite well. Idea number twelve is to register with market research companies.
Now, I have done so much of this and you guys are always asking me where do I
pick up this work from. So, I’ve actually already done a list for you guys which
is on the SugarMamma Facebook page. I have linked it in the video description
box below, so all you need to do is click on it and I have listed all the favorite
companies that I really like but I’m registered with where I get paid great
market research work. I get to do really good jobs and they either pay me cash on
the spot or they deposit it into my bank account within the next couple of
days. I actually did some market research the other day for The $1,000
Project and I got paid $250 cash and it was actually
so much fun. Idea number 13 is to create your own eCourse. Now, I found a brilliant
website again, which will be linked in the video description box below that
shows you how to create an eCourse but more importantly, how to market and how
to sell it. Now, if you have a particular knowledge or skill and you think you can
turn it into an eCourse or be a value to other people you should
definitely get it out there. I actually personally know quite a few people who
have these amazing range of Ecourses that they sell and it has been so
successful that’s actually become their full-time job and they are seriously
printing money it’s unbelievable because if you think about it an Ecourse can
be done anywhere in the world so it’s really scalable and there isn’t that
much work involved once you’ve actually built the course. Idea number 14 is to
allow people to pick your brain. If you’re a little bit of a know it all. Say for
example you specialise in a certain field such as like a particular area in
veterinary science or mechanics or IT or say for example family law or criminal law,
you can actually register your services with websites such as JustAnswer, ]
where people will pay to just ask you simple questions, pick your brain and get
your opinion or get your professional ideas about that particular subject. So,
it’s a really great way to earn some extra money again from the privacy and
comfort of your own home and also if the hours suit you. Idea number 15 is
again more about sharing your opinions and your thoughts. So, there’s a website
called Slice The Pie and this is where you get to listen to upcoming artists
and musicians and give your feedback as to what you think about their material
and what they’ve created and these brands are really interested in hearing
what you think about them and they then decide whether they’re going to proceed
with giving them record deals or launching them but it’s a really great
way to actually get paid for your opinions. Idea number 16 is very much
created and connected to the music and artistic industry websites such as Music
X-ray, Blue Mountain Artwork, Oatmeal Studios are always looking for people
who are great singers, songwriters, poets, people who are great at writing jingles
and themes and then being able to match them up with brands that are desperately
looking for people and services that can create content for them and again you
get paid if you actually get commissioned for the work. Idea number 17 is to sell your expert IT knowledge. If you’re someone who’s really good at
fixing IT problems with appliances and gadgets there are people out there like
myself, who are willing to pay people to help them quickly efficiently and easily
fix their stuff from mobile phones, from televisions, to modems, to laptops, to
desktops you name it people sometimes need help and need help urgently and
they’re willing to pay it so by listing your services a little bit like Air
Tasker, you can help people around the world remotely through things like Skype
and phone calls and FaceTime and get paid at the same time. Again, another job
or side hustle that you can create for yourself around your own flexible working hours and from the privacy of your own home. Idea number 18 and that is to become a social media ambassador. There are brands
who are willing to pay people, authentic, genuine people to help create more brand
awareness of their products and services. Now, you don’t necessarily need to have a
celebrity status following but you do need to have a good engagement and of
course you always need to disclose something sponsored or an ad but if you
have a great following and you can really see your passions and your
interest and there’s a brand that aligns with you there could be some fantastic
money earning opportunities. Now, again I have linked in the video description box
below to fantastic web sites that are worth checking out and registering with.
Idea number 19 and this is great for people like myself who are a bit of a
minimalist and that is to help other people in your local community downsize,
minimise and declutter their stuff. You could get paid by the hour to actually
help them work out what they need to throw out, what they need to sell, what
they need to donate, how to just live a more simplistic, easygoing lifestyle
through minimalism and if you’re lucky and help them sell those items you might
even get a cut of those profits. Idea number 20 I didn’t actually believe
myself because it sounded too good to be true but it’s called credit card
protection and I found that Cole’s offer this as part of their credit card. Now, by
no means I made necessarily recommending Cole’s credit cards but I’m just letting
you know about this benefit so you can maybe find out what other credit card
providers offer this as well but essentially it protects you from when
things go on sale. So, say for example you buy a dress for say $200 and then a
couple of months later you discover that dress is now on sale and it’s now down
to a hundred and twenty dollars. Now, under this credit card protection you
would notify the Cole’s credit card people, send evidence of what you paid
for it and what it’s now reduced to and they will refund you the difference. It
gets credited back to your credit card and can add up over time. Idea 21 and
that is to rent your spaces out. You could rent your garage,
you could rent your storage, you could even rent your driveway. You could do it
per day, per week, per month but it’s a great way of pocketing some extra cash
and again something that doesn’t really involve that much effort. Idea number 22
came from another subscriber and unfortunately this isn’t actually
available in Australia yet but I’m hoping it will be soon and that is
called become a Job Spotter. So, what happens if you’re say walking down the
street and you see in the window of a shop that they’re looking for a new
sales assistant or a kitchens looking for a new waiter or chef. You simply take
a photograph of the ad and you upload it to the Job Spotter website and they will
pay you for that. It’s a great way of reducing unemployment and getting more
people in working jobs so that they can have their own side hustles and also do
The $1,000 Project. Idea number 23 is called DoorDash and again,
unfortunately this isn’t one that’s available in Australia yet. However, it’s
a really great idea. I don’t know why people haven’t thought about this sooner
but you get paid to run errands for people and you can obviously time it in
with your own lifestyle and where you’ve got to be that day. So, say for example
you’ve got to go up to your local supermarket you might log on to DoorDash and see that someone urgently needs something from
the same supermarket you’re going to or you know right next door to the
supermarket needs something collected or picked up. You could become almost your
own private Career Service and go and run those person’s errands for them. So,
if you’re out and about you know doing your own life admin this is a great way
of picking up some extra cash and being paid at the same time. Idea number 24 is
to become a mobile hair and makeup specialist using websites such as
glamazon, where you get paid to go to people’s homes and offices and do their
hair and makeup. You may also like to give them a spray tan and maybe do their
nails but you get paid to help make them ready for a fantastic day or night ahead.
So, great creative skill and a great way to meet new people and potentially pick
up a handful of regular clients that give you a new steady flow of site
hustle income. Idea number twenty five which is the very last idea and that is
to sell images that you’ve already captured or you’ve caught beautiful
amazing moments and perfected the image to websites such as Shutterstock and
Foap. Now, you never know when you do this. A brand may come across your incredible
photography skills and end up commissioning you for a whole pile of
other work but my point is you’ve got to be in it to win it. Now, this then leads me on to the details of how to win the competition. You get a
Skype consultation with me, where you get to pick my own financial brain and you
also go in the drawer to be one of the two runners-up who get a copy of those
two books both signed by myself and Effie. Now, what I would like you to do is let
me know what your side hustle is and what the financial goal that you are
working towards. I want you to put a comment in the comment box below but you must be subscribed to my channel. Now, remember this giveaway is really quite valuable. A session with me is worth $242 and you get to pick my brain for forty to sixty minutes. Plus, the two runners-up will be
walking away with $60 worth of books, each signed by myself and Effie. So, if
you want to enter this competition make sure you subscribe to my channel. Make
sure you share with me what your side hustle is for earning money and also
what your biggest financial goal is. Now, I really hope everyone has enjoyed this
video. If I have missed some side hustles please let me know and also know that in
my upcoming book, Mindful Money, I have even more side hustle tips and tricks to
share with you ever the list is even longer and better. So, don’t worry there
are more site hustle ideas and inspiration coming your way in my next
book. Alright everyone, ciao for now and good luck with the competition.

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  1. My finacial goal is to pay off my rental home by December 2019. I bought this small house (980 square feet) after my divorce. It was a fixer upper and I don't want to loose it. I want to pass it down to my daughter (she 15 now). I since remarried (5yrs now) and we have another house together. I'm not working, trying to start my own business and it has been challenging. I plan to get another FT job and put the entire $'s on the rental home. I also have a few (a lot) of side hustles. I do Ebay, resell old repairable furniture, Letgo, Offer Up, Mercari, Poshmark, Vinted and soon to add Etsy and Hair Braiding from my home basement. I just watched your video on 25 side hustles and plan to add a few more to the list. I know it seams like a lot but I have a big goal and I plan to meet it. I also do home improvements ( Low Voltage wiring like ceiling fans and light fixtures, I lay tile, wood floor and repair drywall. I'm looking to incorporate these in my schedule. I am so excited about your book (it makes me cry, in a good way)I'm inspired by your videos, and interviews. I've had finical issues, have paid off all my credit cards ( I only have one department store card with 0 balance, paid off my student loan two years ago and paid off my car last year. the only debt is the rental home. I need this monkey off my back. When it is paid off my husband and I will downsize and use the proceeds from the sale of our current home to remodel and do an addition and live mortgage FREE. Thank you again for sharing with the world and putting it out to the universe to manage our money, give and be debt FREE. FREE!!!!!

  2. I loved this .. thanks so much for all your tips Canna, My side hustle is being a part time party planner doing baby showers/gender reveals and hen dos … My financial goal is to have passive income, be debt free and most importantly have savings 😀 xx

  3. Great video!! I’m excited to look into a few of these further… I am a nurse and currently work 9-5 Mon-Fri and my side hustle is a per diem job at another local hospital on some weekends. My financial goal is to have 6 months worth of bills/spending money saved, then once that is done (halfway there!) use the extra money from my side hustle to make extra mortgage payments! I have loved watching your channel and have impressed those around me with how knowledgeable I have become. Thanks!

  4. Hi Canna! I loved this video so much! I My main side hustles are tutoring English and help people declutter and organizing their spaces (I was so surprised & happy when you mentioned it!). I'm also getting freelance photography and makeup projects as I used to work in those areas years ago. I sell online second hand items, take online surveys & shop through cashbacks. I think that they key to attracting those opportunities was that I told everyone I know (including my colleagues at my full time job) that I was looking for opportunities to make money and everyone was happy to help me and spread the word.
    When I began the $1000 (€) project on January my goal was to help my mom pay off her mortgage but once I finished my first 1000€ parcel she was so inspired that she began doing the $1000 project herself and now she's able to get there without my help. Since then, I'm focusing on my financial freedom, as I want to be able to finance myself the type of life I want (and I actually believe I can, thanks to you).

  5. Thank you for more great ideas, Canna! You have inspired me to start my own $1000 project, and I have been flipping furniture. So far, I have sold five pieces, but have loved the experience of starting a (very) small business, and understanding how to market my pieces. Along with saving some extra earnings, tax return, and selling things from around the home, I have manifested $8,000. My goal is to manifest $10,000 per year to pay out my mortgage and be debt-free by age 50, and hopefully put together an investment portfolio to provide passive income. Thank you, Canna!!

  6. My side hustle is hosting children’s parties. Parents are always looking for people to run the games! I put a notice on my community Facebook page. My husband and I are hustling to pay off a 5k debt so we can start saving for our young boys future education costs.

  7. Greetings, new subscriber here. I´m currently at the end of a Costume Design course and left my part-time job as a cheesemonger to focus on my studies but as I prepare to dive into the professional job I´m considering applying for writing jobs as I´m fluent in both English and Spanish and reviewing products. So far my favourite side hustle was to write love letters for my classmates, those were good times. My financial goal is to establish a side income that is both regular and sufficient since the industry I´m applying to is a project based one an far from a 9-5 job. Thank you for all your work, it makes a difference.

  8. Thank you for the video and the stream of ideas 🌼💛 My side-hustle is teaching group fitness!! Oh yes, getting paid to work out with my participants is totally amazing. I would have been in the gym, even if I had not been teaching, so what a better thing to do, to be paid to be and keep being fit, and also have a positive impact on people's wellbeing 🌞 I am currently working on saving to getting out of some small debt and also to buy a flat of my own.

  9. Canna – I have been watching your videos for quite a while now and I never thought that you can succesfully save and invest money as a student. Your channel enriched my life so much, since I have been watching your channel I managed to take care of my finances and even inspired other family members. My goal is to be financially independent at a young age and one day being able to support my parents

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  11. So many ideas, some really interesting ones in there that I wouldn’t even think of.
    My side hustle is selling things I don’t use anymore, and a catering job I have on the side where I pick up a couple shifts every month, on top of my other part time job.
    I’m trying to pay off some credit card debt I racked up on an overseas holiday last year. I feel like it’s taking me longer then I thought it would 😞

  12. Thanks for the chance. My financial hack is to sell books to second hand book shops.

  13. Hi Canna thanks for sharing the 25 hacks. I have watched your other videos on the same topic but the list seems endless and some of them are so creative!
    My side hustle is occasionally picking up extra hours or weekend work. This works great for me because I work in health profession so it is a bit hard for me to have a 2nd job. If I work on Saturday, I usually try to finish by 3pm so I still have the evening to myself. I have also created some extra cash by selling items/electronic appliances on my apartment community page. It is so easy to sell items because they live so close to you and they can come and inspect whenever it suits you. Especially if you are renting and have to move frequently and don’t want to take some items with you, it is great. I have sold my dog stuff, chair and microwave in just one day. Another side hustle idea that I have learnt from my colleagues is if you have a child that goes to school, there are a lot of working mums who need someone give their child a lift to school and pick them up from school. It generates about $10-$15 a day.
    My financial goal is this year I have been putting away at least $3000 a month to grow my share portfolio and I also started buying some gold online instead of keeping my money as cash. I also plan to make $25000 voluntary Super contribution as I am a sole trader and I have not been making any Super contribution nearly 2 years.
    My financial goal in the next 5 years is I would like to buy a house in Sydney. I saved enough deposit to buy an apartment at the moment but Sydney seems to have an oversupply of new apartments so I plan to possibly save more and buy a house.
    My long term financial goal is I would like to have financial freedom and be able to work 6 months and spend 6 months overseas traveling and to do that, I need to have a good flow of passive income so that’s why I am starting to invest in shares from an early age. Thank you!

  14. Hi Canna, A side hustle that I have also implemented recently is to register with work agencies for extra work. For example, I'm a Registered Nurse (specialising in operating theatres) and I was talking with my boss about earning some extra money utilising skills that I wasn't utilising in my current role. She agreed with me and recommended me for a casual role in a Laser Surgery Theatre. I scored the job and I also negotiated my pay rate of almost $50 p/hr. I've decided that this money will go straight into my mortgage deposit account and won't be touched. So, for those people who have specialist skills, promote your self and your skills in a positive light and don't be afraid to have a go and negotiate you rates. Through your words I have rediscovered the joy of saving and seeing my numbers add up.

  15. Hey Canna, my side hustle is buying things off Gumtree/Ebay, fixing them up and re-selling them! My husband used to be an ex-painter and he often will paint for $$. Our financial goal is to be mortgage free by 2026!

  16. Hi Canna, I’m so excited to start reading your book. It arrived yesterday from book depository. Thanks for being an inspiration. My side hustles are selling items on Tradesy as well as making homemade body scrub and Shea butter just in time for Spring in the USA for gorgeous glowy skin. My financial goal is to pay off car note and one high interest credit card, so I can invest with a robo advisor.

  17. After watching your channel for a couple of years now, i've created quite a few side hustles! I sell handmade jewellery on etsy, resell high quality clothing on eBay and I now also lead a Choir! It's tiring on top of family, work and University but its helped get us out of debt. 
    Ive recently signed up to cash rewards after your recommendation in a previous video and bought our new bed, couch, clothing and groceries though the website, resulting in a great return!
    We are about to move into the house we've spent years building and as a family of 4 with a new mortgage to pay, a Skype consultation would have immense priceless value to us!

  18. My side hustle currently has been surveys and strategic shopping for Flybuys and WW rewards. Not a lot but all goes towards groceries (survey's mainly pay in gift cards so I choose WW or Coles). I have just completed my first task on FieldAgent, which is more task related than surveys. My current main financial goal is to be completely free of all government assistance (I have further goals but this is priority 1). After working full time for nearly 30 years (and never claiming any help even when eligible), I had an unexpected series of events and eventually had to get some help. I want my independence back! I have some ideas, I'm thinking about doing a few, just need to pick one to start!

  19. Hi Cana great video. My financial goal is to save for a swimming pool for my family as we live on a farm in hot dry country Victoria. My current side hustle is providing an accredited WorkSafe training course in our local area a couple of times a year. Thanks for your great work.

  20. My biggest financial goal at the moment is to pay off my credit card, I’ve got $1300 to go and my side hustle is a market stall at my local markets selling little succulents that I grow myself🌱❤️

  21. Trying to make $20K more per year. Although it’s difficult I’m doing it by participating a logging my steps with the company JIFF app that rewards you in GC’s. I’ve collected a few hundred dollars worth so far and I’ll put that in my savings since essentially it would come from my own money to pay for the items I purchase off amazon. Such a household items etc. I also sign up with market research companies as well. I’ve been signing up for research studies since I was in college. It’s how I made extra cash for fuel for my car! I love all the extra ideas you gave me!

  22. Canna, as always, solid advice. Some of these I had no idea existed! 🙌PS I’m and former lawyer who just just started my own Vlog channel at Law for the Lay and I gave you a shout out in my second vid! Your advice helped me get through student poverty, a breakdown in relationship, moving states twice and my keeping sanity with a capsule wardrobe in Syd haha can’t thank you enough!! ❤️PPS my channel is only new but if it ever takes off I’d love you as a guest! Xx

  23. My side hustle is doing over night babysitting! I get paid to sleep and it doesn’t impact my classes or day job! My goal is to take a trip to Australia for the month of June while still being able to afford a move to New York City (from California) in August!

  24. Hi Canna,my financial goal is to pay my mortgage and my side hustle is delivering catalogs.

  25. Now that i.m home with burn-out and depression, I declutter and sell it. I also take babyplants from the motherplant and Let them grow and sell it in the summer. Much love from cindy de neve from belgium. Xxx

  26. I like your channel:) my side hustle is answering online surveys and selling my unwanted items in Gumtree and Facebook. No much but helps me de clutter while caring for my baby. My goals are saving and investing 25k per annum for the next 30 years!

  27. My goal this year is finishing my emergency account . Cindy de neve from belgium Love xxx

  28. Hi, Suga Mumma. I’ve been watching your videos for a while now, and I find them so inspiring. However, as a student it’s always been difficult. My goal is to save $5000 for the 1000 project this year! I’d loveee to be able to have a chat with you- fingers crossed! X

  29. hi canna, great video! my financial goals are an overseas holiday and a house deposit (we’re currently at 91%). i have sold a lot of my possessions and have dabbled in reselling as a side hustle.

  30. Canna love your videos – quality content! I work full time and my side hustle is completing sessional residential work with a youth group. My goal is to become financially independent but my primary aim is to support my mother to become a home owner. I am currently studying a course outside of work to develop my second side hustle (and diversify my areas of work!) so fingers crossed 🤞😊

  31. Hello Canna! My side hustle is purchasing clothes and shoes at a discount and reselling them on ebay. I also sell items that I no longer love or use. My goal to to save towards my first investment property

  32. I have just started the $1000 project and am loving all that I have learnt in such a small time! I enjoy pottery and have started up an Etsy to sell my items (it's therapeutic for me and bonus is I could grow this into something profitable). I also use money charts and my bank has a round up option (rounds up my purchases to the nearest $5 and that is deposited directly into my account dedicated to the $1000 project). I have only started in the last week, and I my goals are to be financially free by reducing my credit card debt and saving for a home loan!
    Absolutely love your advice and it has given me the motivation to put my ideas into actions. Thank you!

  33. Hey there Canna!!! Thanks for offering this giveaway. My income hack is having a side job along with my main job. It’s a lot of work but so far I’ve paid off $6,000 of debt since September and I have $9,000 to go! One of my jobs will give me $4,000 to help with my Federal student loans so that’s what I’m doing! 🙂

  34. I'm a nurse at a children's hospital and on Friday's we get to wear fun bright coloured scrub tops so I sew scrub tops for nurses around the hospital as my side hustle.
    My financial goal is to not ever have to worry about money.

  35. Currently my side hustle is market research projects. They are fun and easy way to make quick cash. My financial goal right now is to go on a beautiful vacation to Greece for 10-15 days and not worry about not working during that time.

  36. I buy fleece from local farmers and hand spin it into beautiful wool which I then sell at craft fairs. It supports local farmers and recycles a product that is often thrown away. I am trying to invest for my daughters future – she is only 11 weeks old

  37. I work full time as a speech pathologist in a school. I also see First Step clients in the evenings. I earn extra money driving for Door Dash and teaching online English classes through QKids mornings and weekends. My goal is to pay off my student loans as quickly as possible!

  38. I love your channel.. I have several people at my office saving $1000 in a year.. thank you 😊

  39. Canna I am loving your channel. It continues to inspire me to keep on track with my goals.
    I’m testing out a few side hussles such as BlackBox, babysitting & market research. And I’m going to try to crate my own ebook.

    Black Box sends out items for free that they want tried & reared. We take photos of ourselves cooking, cleaning or what ever it might be & put it on Instagram. The more likes we get, the more boxes we receive.

    I have just signed a contract to purchase my first home and need to save another $15K in 10 weeks to have enough to pay stamp duty (which is $25K).

  40. The only side hustle I've been excited about is dog/house sitting.
    Thanks for such a great video with all the ideas I needed to hear! Love hearing all your ideas!

  41. I'm an ironing lady! It's not something I absolutely love doing but it's easier than selling things on ebay and the money I earn goes towards the $1000 challenge. It's also rewarding because I can do it around my kids schedule.

  42. My income/hack is selling my Sweet treats to people via facebook groups around easter and Christmas. I also talk requests for birthday's and other occasions too. I make quite a bit because I buy all the ingredients on sale and present it for a very small cost. My goal is to pay my dreaded HECS debt off. Whilst, it was a great investment in myself I am still left with a debt!

  43. I quit my job and put university on hold to deal with my depression. Therefore there are some people that i owe money for rent etc. While i dealt with depression i figured out that i enjoy plants a lot. To persue that hobby on a budget i found lots and lots of people who give their plants for free (bc they have to move or do no longer have time to deal with plants). My money making tip is: find those free plants, fix them up if they are sad, or even make 2 out of 1 when they're big enough and sell the plants in pots that are as well giftes on places like gumtree, craigslist etc. #growingthings provides inner peace for me.

  44. Hi Canna, I've only recently discovered your channel in the last 2 weeks and I wish I'd found it so long ago! I'm am actually ashamed to say that before your video I didn't have a single side hack that I followed (except I guess cash rewards which I signed up to just last week after I watched another of your videos!) Having watched this latest video I've just signed up to a couple of survey/market research sites as well. My financial goal is the crazy FIRE goal (also recently discovered). I don't want the retire altogether, I just want financial freedom knowing i have a passive income stream coming in so I can pursue whatever I want. I've got some savings and I'm now trying to educate myself to decide the best way to invest to get that passive income. Thanks so much for these videos and all of your advice! You make my goals seem more then possible! Xx

  45. My current side hustle is Voice Over Services. the organisation that i work for asked me to record the phone prompts for the organisation and they turned out really well. So i thought "hmm i think i could turn this into my side hustle" and that's what i've done. My financial goal for this year is to invest $3000 by June 30th.

  46. Love the tips! I am a student who works as a swimming instructor with side hustles including babysitting and hosting kids birthday parties. I just signed up to shutterstock as per recommendation because I love photography. My financial goal is to pay my university fees and have savings on top of that by the time I graduate. I would also love to buy shares in the near future and have more of a grasp on long term financial security.

  47. My financial goal is to make about $150 a day. I felt have the hardest time with my side hustle, thank you for the video of ideas. Where I had success manifesting money is negotiating for services and purchases. For things I've done for side hustle is starting to try to sell and been successful doing electronic repairs such as phones and computers.

  48. My financial goal is saving up $20k to live in Europe for a year and my side hustle is working remotely for clients on Google Adwords. Love your videos 💖

  49. My financial goals are to buy my own home by 23, (I am 21), be prepared for retirement through investment in shares and passive income, and to share all of my financial knowledge and tips with my friends and family! My weird income hack is meal prepping for my mum friends who don't have time to cook during the week!! 🙂

  50. I’ve only recently discovered your page and never really thought there were many side hustles that I would be able to do, this video has definitely changed my mind! My financial goal is to be financially secure with a nice savings buffer for the unknown and be able to be generous towards others with my money and time.

  51. I just discovered your vlog and insta account and am loving all of your great ideas for potential side hustles! I really appreciate your advice, tips, and tricks are so helpful and inspiring! I am trying to pay down debts while working full time, but it’s defiitely not enough and will be implementing at least one of your side hustle ideas ASAP:) thank you again!

  52. My side hustle is selling clothing and shoes on eBay and also making custom bracelets and selling them on Etsy. My financial goal is to pay off my student loan debt and begin investing! I finish nursing school in June and begin working (woo hoo!). Crossing my fingers I win! I need your expertise Canna! Thanks for the super generous and lovely giveaway, cheers! xoxo <3 Heather

  53. I’m 26, from the UK, but used to live in Sydney. Currently using my photography and baking skills to make extra cash through a blog. I’m also starting to write my own photography book! Love your videos and tips!! xx

  54. Hi Canna. Thank you for the great contents! I have been inspired by you a lot since the beginning of this year and I began my own $1000 project too while reading your book. My financial goal is to own 3 properties with one for myself to live and the other two generating passive income. Also, I have been doing mystery shopping job as my side hustle and I have been making good money. I am planning to do skillshare video and run workshops to share my skills with people and make some side money for $1000 project. Very excited!

  55. You are a true inspiration Canna!
    My financial goal is to create enough passive income to over living expenses and travel. My hacks are buying, renovate and selling websites, building websites, affiliates, kindle book publishing and investing.

  56. My financial goal is to build my savings so I can take 12 months maternity leave in August as I am currently pregnant with my first baby. My side hustle at the moment is selling unwanted items in the house but looking to find something more substantial to work on over the coming months xx

  57. My side hustle is babysitting at the moment. I’m a qualified early years practitioner so it fits nicely around my day job. My financial goal is to clear my debt and build savings to start an investment portfolio 😊

  58. Love this!! I’ve been following you since the early days years ago and always get excited to see a notification for a new video!
    I’m a full time high school teacher – I teach students with special needs and I absolutely love it! My side hustle is being a wedding photographer! My goal for this year is to earn $35 000 (after all of my business expenses) from photography in 2019. I LOVE photographing weddings and I love being able to build my business without the pressure of relying on that income to live. It’s all extra money that goes towards my family’s financial goals (my husband and I have a 2 and a half year old daughter and 6 month old son).
    Good luck to everyone in the contest! 🙌🙌

  59. Thanks for the ideas! I struggle with mental and emotional burn out a lot as I'm a solo mum of 5; two on the autism spectrum, and also work part time. I have lived on minimal income my whole life but have become a budgeting whizz. Financially I'm working on saving and investing $10,000 by the end of the year, which is challenging on part-time minimum wage and government grants, and around the demands of a big family. I currently breed pet rats as there is a demand for them in my area and a gap in the market. I used to be a really good pianist and years ago taught a few youngsters, but haven't been able to see how I can do that with kids at home. This video has inspired me to offer lessons for beginners in THEIR homes – something I haven't heard of being offered. That will solve the issue of my kids being around and help me bring in some more income. I could also offer basic budgeting advice to solo mums – again, an area I am good at. Hmm. More ideas flowing now – thank you!!

  60. Thanks for a great video 👍 I don't have much of a side hustle yet but sometimes I teach knitting to groups of people. I would love to make teaching videos but I sometimes feel there are too many of them out there. My long term goal is to save up for a home. It's hard when you are renting and have two children

  61. Thank you so much for your book and channel Canna – it's had an amazing impact on my own financial mindset, and I love the supportive community of women you've built on social media. 🙂
    My financial goal is to invest enough to have $50K in passive income by the time I'm 45.
    My side hustle is casual assessment work at my old university – it's a good way to stay connected to my alma mater, support students as they learn and pays a few thousand dollars every trimester. I also collect $10 notes (in one of those currency-note-wrapped cans!) and sell items via eBay and Gumtree.

  62. Such a great video and just signed up for home tester club! After having to move twice post divorce I was fed up with constantly shuffling ‘stuff’. I was a minimalist in mind but not practice (if that’s a thing ha) so I decided to take each room one week at a time. I went through and collected the items that did not add value to me but could for someone else and allow me to earn extra money. I gave myself 7 days per batch of items and at the end of the 7 days, whatever didn’t sell I would list on my local buy nothing community group and give it away for free. In the end I have gone through most rooms and made some nice side money for both saving as well as a splurge (small 😉
    My financial goal it to become fully financially free this year with no debt from our old life and build my own wealth to change the financial family tree for my daughter and have her learn from my mistakes in a positive way.
    Thanks for all the tips, feeling motivated! Time to tackle the kitchen and photograph cookbooks to list them this weekend on eBay.

  63. I have been selling off things around the house, sewing and selling items, selling mu Mum's stuff online and getting a commission from her and answering surveys. My aim is to save enough for a deposit to get my boys into their own flat. They are both poor students and at the whim of the rental market. Keep up the good work, you are inspiring XXX

  64. 1. Subscribed!
    2. My side hustle is working at the Elections (for Aussie citizens) – great way to hustle cash just by trading off one day of your time, Ive been doing it since I was in uni and you end up with about $50/hr for your time ! There’s also usually one a year between the Local, State & Federal levels
    3. My financial goal is to save for my first trip to Europe which will be solo in 2020 to see my tennis hero, Rafael Nadal, win the French Open!

  65. Hi Canna I've learnt alot since discovering your channel. My side hustle is selling things around the house we don't need anymore including clothes and household items. My financial goal is paying more into my mortgage annually since this is a big debt at the moment. I'm pretty happy to be on track with this at the moment.

  66. My goal is to save my house deposit! I use ShopBack and sell things on Facebook and eBay! Love your videos! ❤️

  67. Love these ideas! My side hustle is selling clothes, I also love using shopback and raiz! My financial goal is to save for a big trip to the UK – I'm currently trying to learn about investing so my money can help look after itself and build me up savings for a house deposit in the long run🙏

  68. Hi Canna
    Since coming across your channel
    I have been focused on controlling my spending and reducing my debt…my goal besides paying my debt is planning fory retirement which is less than 20 years!!
    I have tried a few side hussels such as working more hours and selling on eBay
    But it's not always so profitable.
    However I greet each day with gratitude and appreciation… And although I'm still struggling financially I am now in the driver's seat of my financial journey /

  69. My income hack is I've moved back home with my parents to save more money and am working on some digital products and courses to start selling to bring in extra income. My short term goal is to save enough to move back overseas for another 12 month working holiday and my long term goal is to create a passive income that I can live off to continue to travel the world.

  70. My financial goal is to save money for my wedding and buy a car, my side hustle at the moment is baby sitting 🙂

  71. I have a vegan cupcake and cake business (@royalblossomsweets) and my financial goal is to save 3 months income for my life emergency fund.

  72. Hey 👋🏻 I’ve also been a big fan since you did your first collab video with Chloe Morello! I am currently saving for a house deposit and my side hustle has been working for 2 Mystery Shopper companies who pay me per shop experience and subsequent report that I submit ☺️ Much love X

  73. Hey 👋🏻 I’ve also been a big fan since you did your first collab video with Chloe Morello! I am currently saving for a house deposit and my side hustle has been working for 2 Mystery Shopper companies who pay me per shop experience and subsequent report that I submit ☺️ Much love X

  74. I currently am working 2 casual jobs on my gap year and my short term goal for this year is to save 10k and my long goal is to be able to put down a house deposit by the time I finish University.
    Love your videos!

  75. Amazing side hustles, I'm considering tutoring online too. Proud of your $94000 Canna.
    Greetings from South Africa

  76. Hi Canna,
    My economic goals for 2019 are save, manifest and gain 2000 € to pay off part of my home mortgage and another 1000 € to start my portfolio. To achieve these goals, as I know hoy since Lavendaire interview you on her youtube channels, firts of all I'm watching all your videos from the very beginning of your youtube channel. Besides I recently started to do online surveys to get some extra money and also I'm trying to buy more consciously.

  77. Hi Canna,
    My goal is to save $40,000 for a home deposit (half way there) and $10,000 (half way there) to go on maternity leave.

    My hacks are:
    – building and launching an online course in my area of expertise.
    -salary sacrifice our rent and meals when we eat out (I work in the health field and this is available to me).
    – selling things I no long want or need that are in good working order.
    – mindful spending.
    – planning and cooking my meals.

    Love your channel! Please pick me!

  78. Hi Canna Thanks for this great video! I have learnt some great new ways to increase my savings via your 25 hacks and can't wait to try them out! My current income hacks are going to market research focus groups & selling my writing for profit. My financial goal is to save enough money to buy a house outright without needing a mortgage. 🙂 🙂

  79. Hi Canna! My side hustle at the m okment is slowly cleaning out my house and my partners house and selling or donating everything we dont need or want. Financial goal this year is to finish paying of my credit card, but more importantly, create a decent emergency fund – it scares me not having much of one yet!

  80. Hey! Current side hustle food delivery ! Looking into changing that to a side hustle from home. Saving for a home deposit with my partner so we can move out together.

  81. My husband has been Uber driving of an evening for our major side hustle.
    I’ve been selling things around the home on FB and gumtree. I also have been taking the odd star now job, but they’re few and far but if you land the roll they’re great!
    Our goal is $10000 💗

  82. I've been following your channel for years. <3 As an income hack I like to buy things that I use a lot in bulk (plus using discounts and cashback) – anything that we don't switch up often: feminine products, tp, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc. My goal is to buy my first second hand car cash by the end of this year. 😀

  83. my side hustle is currently selling clothes i no longer want and also selling sunglasses 🙂 my financial goal is to save pre-paid rent and 10k to go travelling!

  84. Current only just starting this process so side hustle at moment is selling all my unnecessary things and completing surveys. My goal is financial stability for myself and 5year old daughter after recent divorce

  85. I have just started following you this week. So am very very new to this challenge. My baby boy is just 6 weeks old so I am on maternity leave at the moment. With the decrease in our incomes I am making it my mission to save $1000 solely on side hustles. So far I have removed 72 items from my wardrobe and posted most of these online for sale. After sorting out my clothes I realised I had a fair few nice dresses that I can’t part with yet and am going to offer them up for hire for a small fee so that my girlfriends and their friends can wear a brand new nice dress for a fraction of the price. My financial goal is be completely debt free!!

  86. We are currently saving towards our next family holiday to the USA & Canada! To achieve our budget goal for this, we cut down on grocery cost by buying in bulk at the supermarket if a product is on a great special, have a herb and veggie garden, and freeze any leftovers. I also complete online surveys and market research at home, and collect empty cans and bottles for our state's container refund scheme.

  87. My side hustle is my Pure Romance business and my craft business that I have with my mum and my sister. I also sell my unwanted items to make some more cash around the place. My biggest financial goal is to pay off my house that I bought last year. I'm a long way off it right now but I hope to shave off at least 10 if not 15 years off my 30 year loan

  88. My side hustle is offering hairdressing services out side of my regular job.
    My financial goal is to pay off a property and have enough money invested into shares to earn a passive income to support our lifestyle when retired.

  89. I have multiple side hustles I work casually every weekend , I do swag bucks survey, red bubble , I am also working on blogging website sqlbazaar.com and doing my own ecourse on udemy.

  90. Hi Canna, I’m a Mum of three beautiful children, I work part time 4 days a week and my side hustle is dog walking! Not only do I fit my exercise in, I get paid to do it and also get to cuddle fur babies all before breakfast and school drop off!! My financial goal is to be able to provide for my children as a single parent.

  91. Hai kakak. Saya dari indonesia ingin mengikuti give away . Chanel kakak begitu banyak manfaat bagi masyarakat. Dan saya selalu menyukai video video kakak. I like . Dan saya juga senang liat kakak begitu cantik thanks kak semoga saya jadi pemenangnya

  92. My current side hustle is minimizing my belongings by selling them. I have been babysitting as well and doing make up for friends. I have also sold the puppies that our dog had. Or buying good quality + brand clothing/ accessories from the flea market/ outlet stores and reselling them on online platforms. My story is very similar to Sofia Rose Bernardi's. My father had a gambling addiction which led us to lose everything and move to a different country 7 years ago. Your youtube channel and book have helped me a lot to gain confidence again and make healthy money decisions. My financial goal is to make my first investment and start trusting again in the flow of money. Thank you, Canna! You are such an inspiration! xx

  93. Hi Hanna,

    Please post the link for those market research companies you have registered with. Your December post only show one company

  94. Hi Canna,
    My Financial goals is to save for a deposit for my first home. As a single mother it can be hard, but your videos have always inspired me so much. I’ve been watching your videos since I first had my daughter and she’s now turning 4 this year!
    Thank you for being such an inspiration and providing so much motivation. I’ve learned so much from you 🙏❤️

  95. I have a 9-5, an online store and I use the app 'Bubble' which is a babysitting app here in the UK where local parents in the area will request for a babysitter you get paid straight to your bank account. You set your own hourly rate and the app calculates this automatically, I can make approx £300.00 extra a month just from using the app. The night sits are great as the kids are usually asleep and you get paid to pretty much watch Netflix until the parents get home haha.

    My main financial goal is to create financial freedom and escape the 9-5. My parents are property investors and I am working towards taking this route in the near future, especially since I have the knowledge from my current 9-5 which is working as a project manager for a large property developer. I would like to create as many passive income sources as possible in order to have a much more fulfilled financial future for when I one day have a family of my own.

  96. I can't find the list of market research companies on your Facebook page, can you please let me know the names of the companies?

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