25 Cents Thrift Store Haul | Thrift Store Clothing Haul

buddy welcome welcome welcome welcome
welcome to Vanessa my life my journey I am here today with a new my favorite
type of video y’all shopping haul through store haul videos on my favorite
type of videos I love thrift store haul I mean I love regular shopping but I
really really really like I’m addicted to thrift store hauling especially when
everything is 25 cents each y’all so why I got this head on my head no hat on my
head yeah so anyway everything that I got today was 25 cents each so the story
that I go to it’s a like through store clearance center and every day the
prices start at $2 and then they go down all the way up until Wednesday when
Wednesday everything is 25 cents I haven’t been there in a very long time
so yeah I got two bags stuff so let me start with what I got on the table
already first of all this shirt that I have on is one of the shirts that I did
purchase I having the wrong bra with this but this was 25 cents you guys and
these are great videos great shirts for me to wear in my videos I was looking
for shirts and dresses that was up my alley and as you know when you shopping
for stuff and you find clearance you find clearance items you might find
something that is out of season that is still a very good value for when it
comes back around into season so I did pick up a couple of things that were out
of season that I thought was nice this is a shirt by Old Navy and sometimes I
do get items that are larger or too big for me because I want a bag you fit and
I thought it was a good price so this is an extra large or actually this is a 2x
this might be a little too big for me I might have to pass that on to somebody
else I don’t know but I like it and this is a shirt that is by it’s like
a sweater material and still like has the new thing on it it’s by AE s OS and
it was kind of like one sleeve is different than the other sleeve and this
sleeve over here got something going on on it and this sleeve over here is kind
of the torn rag Li look which is kind of like in style nowadays and I actually
like it so and y’all know I like a lot of black
I like black and I like bright vivid colors and this is a science 2x as well
I got some 2x stuff yeah I’m sorry it’s 25 cents it was too cute to me so this
is a turtleneck shirt and it looks like it’s gonna be another 2x maybe it’s an
extra-large but I got this for the turtleneck because I’m gonna be cutting
them and doing a DIY turtleneck thing where I can wear a turtleneck shirt up
on the something that is cut off if I want to so when a couple of things like
I see it I got things that were a little large but for 25 cents I compared
somebody this is a large this is by apt 9 y’all tell me how did you wear these
kind of crossover shirts that are gonna be kind of low-cut like what do you wear
probably a tee under there okay I got it thank you – Thank You girlfriend for the
answer and like I say everything that you see here the cost of need 25 cents
each so this one is a size large and this was just a nice summary shirt this
looks bigger than a large but it’s a large we don’t roll with that and this
next item I like vivid color in my videos you guys so yeah this right
here was a size large sunbae and I really didn’t get it for the design on
the bottom I really got it for the design at the top in my videos and then
it has a little button sleeve so moving right along I’m trying to get this haul
video out that’s what she this is another black shirt it’s like a
turtleneck I’m probably gonna be cutting this as well and using some of the oh
and this is not the one I’m I could this is like a little crisscross front design
this is by west bound and I’m just telling you guys the name so you’ll know
some of the name brands that you can get from the store for 25 cents and then at
the last minute I found this which like it’s I said it’s a winner ring but it
was loud and vivid and purple and it’s a medium it’s by Jones of New York but I
love that vivid color sorry about it okay and I know we’re not going to be in
life you guys I’m gonna be getting rid of a lot of clothes that I have already
so I’m really trying to find more shirts and dresses that have a turtleneck style
or that is something that I feel comfortable wearing and this is another
to make sure and it kind of has the real – turtleneck design like this which I
like and I’m probably not gonna cut this cuz I kind of like it
so if it looks good on me then I’m probably not gonna cut it
and here’s another turtleneck which I’m probably gonna end up cutting this one
and I’ll do it DUI are on it to show you guys what I’m talking about when I go on
Amazon and I look for just the turtlenecks that are cut out like this
that you could wear up under a shirt of this or jacket
they’re like anywhere from four ninety nine five nine nine ten dollars in it so
this is just a plain oh looks like to me a t-shirt dress I could sleep in this or
I could wear this out with something underneath it leggings and this was a
like purplish vibrant color field purple yeah
privileged vibrant color field that you can wear with some leggings and I kind
of dig that for 25 cents mmm I bet you do you do and this one a lot of vibrant
colors will look really really really good on camera I’ve had like kind of
sorta a little stain that you can see right there but not really and I know
that’s gonna be down at the bottom when I’m recording and I really don’t care so
I got it so next up like I said I was looking for
a lot of shirts which I have a lot of shirts but anyway this is another shirt
it says still kicking still kicking I ran into an old friend recently that
hadn’t seen me in like two or three years and they knew it was unusual for
me not to come around but they didn’t know that I didn’t have a car any longer
so they were like we were wondering had she died so when I seen this shirt
it just reminded me that I’m still kicking
so these are some pants even though I didn’t need any pants
these are biopharma in they’re a size six and I was curious to know if I could
fit them because it looked like I could fit them for 25 cents then these are
caught sort of like some Carter on leggings and thereby a Hugh hu e and
their size medium and yeah they just looked so comfortable like I just
couldn’t pass these by cuz they look they’re so comfortable and even though I
didn’t need any pants y’all I got a few because like I know that a lot of my
pants or my size is not my size anymore so these are size 10 Bo Bass kind of
like some Capri style pants and this is another tournament that I will be
disassembling and cutting in using the scraps for something else so in the end
I got a white turtleneck same thing same thing in all the tronex pretty much it
gonna be cut and disassembled so that is it for my 25 cents
haul video you guys let me know what you think about my haul video I will be
coming to you with more if you want me to do a try on haul video if you want me
to try these items on let me know and leave it in the comments bar below and I
will try to try them on I’m so tired y’all is in the middle of the night
thanks for watching don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up leave lots of
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button turn on a notification bill and be sure to come back for the video y’all
see I’m smelling this pineapple y’all mmm my
cousin gave me these pineapples from Trader Joe’s doh
tropical gold super sweet mmm and they smell so good on this table
y’all they callin my name so I’m gonna talk to y’all later thanks
for watching bye now

7 thoughts on “25 Cents Thrift Store Haul | Thrift Store Clothing Haul

  1. You cant beat a deal like that. I love the thrift store ,i go all the time.

  2. I love the Thrift store. I never found anything for $.25. That is a great bargain.

  3. Hello and Vanessa! Nice HAUL! Love it! Don’t forget the DIY on the turtle necks! Yes please do a try on haul! That would be WONDERFUL! TFS!🤗💋

  4. GIRL I WISH I CAN FIND SOMETHING FOR 25 CENT.. I am so lost when I go in there lol

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