You guys are balanced let me just show you actually Morphe brushes with a candle on top Also, shout out Nikita Dragun. Free promo… like she needs it. Hi guys. It’s Tana Mongeau Welcome to me doing things that I shouldn’t be able to do or welcome back to me doing things that I shouldn’t be able to do I’m popping my acne right now because I just did one of these four strips and it did absolutely nothing for me It didn’t remove anything for my pores Madelaine Petsch is on the cover. Madelaine Petsch you’re a liar Me no click fate on today’s episode of things MTV is doing for me that they shouldn’t be doing for me last week they invited me to the MTV Movie Awards and I’m sorry. I’m popping a blackhead if you could just wait and to be honest with you I really wasn’t gonna vlog it because I just have a so much on my plate I’m so busy with so many videos coming but then I got a brand deal that my manager won’t shut the fuck up about me Doing with all of my favorite companies I needed to incorporate it and just some get ready with me ass beauty guru ass for Skin care routine ass get ready with me ass video what better than to film me getting ready for that MTV Movie Awards What should be nothing for me? Like I’m helping everybody right now So today’s Friday and the MTV Movie Awards are tomorrow But whenever I’m going to a bigger award show, I usually start some of the prep the day before when I’m feeling responsible you Yesterday my stylist screamed at me to start preparing today instead of the day of because the last award show I was supposed to go to was the I Heart Radio or Show and I ended up spending so much time and money getting ready for that and I looked fucking incredible insert photo here I was actually a nominee I lost very gracefully and then I ended up missing the red carpet Which is one of the biggest press opportunities for me and my career thus far this year So I’m trying to be responsible inside the day before so that’s what I’m going to be doing today so basically I’m just gonna show you guys what it Like getting ready start to finish from here for like a really big red carpet of that because I’m like an a-list celebrity now Let’s hop right in. Okay guys all the lights in my bathroom are out right now. So if it’s a little dark, I’m sorry You’re really just gonna have to deal with it. Step one to every major get ready process is a hard an Exfoliating moment. I like to think that I need that because I’m gross and I don’t like shower enough So like dead scared probably builds up. I also have a really dry skin. You don’t care You didn’t ask today’s video is actually sponsored by Duval bigshot I know I’ve never done any videos husband might be well before anything Duval is actually my favorite sponsorship to have because I use this spin brush every single day Did you hear how authentic and genuine my voice sounded because I literally wasn’t lying to you I actually use this every single day and not on some fake beauty guru. I use this everyday shit So I put the little face brush onto the Duval Street brush Look at me turning off the water and saving the planet I feel like my face doesn’t ever really feel clean until I use a spin brush I’m gonna focus it on areas where I have really dry skin So the foundation I use is like super super drying and then I have really dry skin So it gets super crusty aerobic mad about you ship Did you guys watch that Kylie skin video where she has like all of her friends try her skincare products without her Stassi was like I only wipe my face in an upward motion and now every single time I get a towel on my face I have to do in an upward motion because I’m not as hot as her and like maybe that will make me as hot as Her wow. Look how much paler that made me cuz it took off like a whole last layer of my face I’m gonna switch the face brush to a body brush. I actually do this in the shower Basically before I’m gonna self-tan don’t mind me. I’m taking out my pants right now I like to really heavily exfoliate my body because I’m really fucking bad at self-tanning So removing all the like dead skin makes it look a little less shitty And when I want to heavily exfoliate, I like to use the Duval body brush more than I like to use like a scrub No, you’re fine. I’m just talking to the window It’s about to not be dark anymore with okay guys I really never thought my first take a shower with me video would look like this But we ain’t taking a risk I’m definitely not gonna wash my hair before the award shows were like we got us we got to protect the leaves But now I’m going to be getting in my shower with a hoodie on Bitch I’m wearing underwear to that. I’m like soaking wet right now I’m gonna take a real shower after this probably show so Fonuts for the hand-painted hoodie that I am now Showering in Oh My God my underwear are soaking wet this is the warfare. So now what I like to do is just Part of the brand new sleeve it only wanted me use the face breath Out of my knees you all might have the hoodie came outside and that’s getting something went on this is so gross Look out fucking gross and brows that spin rotating now. I’m just gonna shave my legs Because I love this right there’s so much that I need to tell you about it. It’s like I really don’t know What’s all this the Venus raises but sun-like stars? I’ve shaved off on the top and bottom because I’m a lazy ass bitch like it makes things so much easier But at the same time if any razor company or a Dollar Shave Club or anything like that wants to sponsor me I will literally forget I ever use this razor. This is disgusting I’ll be back. I’m fresh out of the shower the lens might fog up a little because I just took a steamy shower So the first thing I do every single time I get out of the shower is put on a Tenma just scandal this song It’s put on It’s put on at an emotional scandalous song this one’s in black We have black with white riding and black with foil writing really recommend it I actually think it gets me laid 30% more often. Just kidding Just putting it on, you know putting it inside of me. You guys want those Lincoln by all kinds show this song? Is that like that’s not bad if I show that right? Look how fucking cute it is like, sorry Can check out my pussy here on YouTube But I only have a few more things to do before it’s gonna jump cut to tomorrow but one that is very important is self-tanning so before Where I saucepan, I I put on a body lotion which I already did and the face today I’m going to come in such a beauty guru today I’m going to media that mix easy face cream just because it’s like super light I’ve been using this one a lot actually cuz it’s been kind of getting rid of my darkest circles Which is a little crazy cuz a bitch never fucking sleeps Mike. Damn I could look a whole lot more tired for how tired I am You want to moisturize your whole body before self-tanning so that the self-tanner doesn’t cling to any dry spots. Wow I know things I’m a fucking beauty guru Oh and you can use go tan of five actually to save money on all makes easy products I mean if I didn’t mention earlier, you can use Cote Anna to save 70% off of all Duval products. I don’t know Why do vol gives me a 70% off code and I just like they should stop that’s such a big savings people tweet me everyday Saving like $80 on duval shit, and I’m like, why do they do that? And now it’s time to self tan. But before I self tan I need to remove all of my drip Yeah, a trustee was just commenting on the fact that I shower with all my like ice on which I guess is weird But I’ve always done it. Is that really that fucking weird? I don’t think it’s weird like sorry I’m icy wifey. Even in the fucking shower one second. I’m just removing my Cartier I’m gonna come back to you guys significantly more poor drip-free ready to self tanner. Okay. Bye This looks like something from Trish your penises patreon. I don’t really know how to film this without being naked Especially my scandalous spots though. Hi, I’m about to self tan my whole body I think you guys are always seeing me use loving tan to our Express and it’s usually because I’m self-tanning like two hours before I have to be somewhere But actually my favorite self scanner is isle of paradise self-tanning water First of all, I know this is not Randell. They would never sponsor me They’re literally sold in fucking Sephora and make way too much money But I’m still sick of giving loving tamper on wall because they also won’t sponsor me They send everyone else in my house PR packages except for me and my life is dark But this is absolutely my favorite self tanner of all time It just takes like 12 hours to get to the color that I like. So usually I don’t have time to do this But what I’m feeling like treat myself really look really good This is like the one that I go for it But it’s so much easier to apply than most self tanners because you literally just go like this That’s it that’s all you have to do So I just spray my whole body like this and then it gives me the nicest color in the world You know loving tan doesn’t sponsor me. I love paradise doesn’t sponsor me I’m basically just promoting all of these fucking self tanners for free and it’s so hard They link to my GoFundMe is actually oh, I’m gonna tan my whole body and I’ll be back. Okay guys I just applied my tan, and I still look like a pale ass bitch. I will probably see you tomorrow I feel like there’s nothing else. I really am today if there is I’ll vlog it But yeah, I’ll see you when I look like I went on a tropical vacation. Bye. Bye my scandalous songs I’d show you my pussy, but you already saw it. Mmm. See you tomorrow. Mmm TV. Am I right? Good morning, guys. I’ll see you when I look like I went on a tropical vacation. I am so Voraciously the right word Voraciously hungover I Do this thing where every single time I Have something important to do I black out the night before and it is so so so so so So shitty, I don’t know that’s seven Hands, hey, Tyler Two of morning Morning. Good MTV morning. That’s facts. It is an MTV morning today So we’re not having any boob moments I’ve had a lot of nip slip. Oh Dude, Laura and Tyler two of probably the craziest people I’ve met Yeah in LA the them in the same room is so fucking funny to me engine It’s too early for this shit So yeah, I’m holding back a moment. You know that’s step three in this process. Is anything you guys is? Blackout drunk and just be ferociously hungover. Like what color just came off my face You know, oh my god Guys I actually haven’t talked to you at all about what I’m wearing I’m just not gonna actually wear just I’m just gonna you’re just gonna see do you were thinking like respectable dainty girlie Not gonna happen. We’re gonna do some 40 inch long hair today. Really? Yeah. We’re giving her in children day You’re giving me inches inches. Hey Tyler before I start. Okay, we need to talk about she does not want her hair up right now Okay, okay We could find Nobody gets that like the thing is that she doesn’t want her to your showing so we could do Like flick back and then just all behind the earrings are so big they’re gonna cover her ears. Okay So if we put all the how do you feel with that? I? Mean, I really wanted Yeah, don’t you think that Delilah picture like Emily, but I’m not Delilah Belle I’m gonna look like a fucking elf you realize that right? I Mean it would be really cool to put them in and try the half down half up like Delilah just for her to see it Yeah, my tracks are gonna show too like we’d have fun and I need these for like legs. Okay, I can take them now That’s because they’re really going out Tana doesn’t make time for me. I know her it’s just like MTV we’re like going all out. That’s my only half down half is like a Negotiation I’m giving her half down Hello, you know, we’re okay Wow, I might throw up stay tuned Being in here just just like a sidekick like I know Exactly what you did last night cousin the steam from the Flatiron I can say what you ate. What you drink? Oh, yeah Vodka, maybe a little bit of a Taco Bell that Shalhoub back away More it’s coming. Hold on. There’s a royal house lost money While we wait scandalous buy my scandalous bones, no, dude what’s on my croissant Yeah, actually sorry Laura what for coming to you with sex hair? Oh, I smell everything Yes, I do don’t you yeah Laura’s like Oh, no, she had so much dark Roux done. Thanks for the diamonds what have I just like scooped up hummus with this Hey, I can’t hold the nail person We got some really close to mount white options Tyler I’m sorry, he has a vision he has a goddamn vision look bitchy gum-chewing while saying it’s the full picture These toes are my shoes close toed chela, it’s June It’s from the tannin dirt, are you stepping your tail? No, it just gets there it like graduates to there you go to the bathroom use your hand honey, okay Oh my god, I can wipe my feet with my blade. They’re gonna put makeup on my back Hi, Meg My face This is like with my old YouTube heroines like I Was just telling Meg’s that I always leave her eyeliner and brows on for like three days, I’ll have this brown three days I’m gonna get fucked in this brow three times by three different people Are you know this hurts that’s right bitch it hurts Tammy Look Tyler. What do you think if I just kept my nails just like this I like good Merlin I go. What do you think about chip black nails? And he goes awful It brings you more Oh nails Look hi guys. I spent a lot of hours. She’s bronzy Oh my god the hair, oh, fuck I’m gonna kill somebody. Did you shave your armpits? Yeah, love sorry. Yeah Natalie should we shave her pits again. I just won’t break my arms Tyler Lee Jordan text me. Yes. Fandango’s Kenneth. Be more smart. You’ve lost six figures and copyright claims so they’re putting lip summer – really have she What’s what Erica ten Erica Jerrica who literally where my mind was going not only stretching mention each other book Three hours later While this transformation has pieces like I was so ugly yesterday, this is crazy Okay guys servers having some lunch This is all about focus. Yes. I’m rich. This is my appetizer and I was gonna have this For the entree looks super good super healthy Do you know wait what mm? Oh my god. I’m stressed out. This is so ready good guys I’m pressing on my own nails, right? You know how The guys swear to God you could give me as much money on earth and I would still just be a ratchet ass bitch So yeah to everybody that says I’m not hello. I’m pressing on my own nails right now Do you want a tutorial on this nail? Let me know You fucking bitch you look like a bitch whoa It’s almost a musky new necklace Tyler bangs. I react the same – I’m like all eventi Starbucks Thanks, almost you know necklace. Thanks the higher the hair the closer to cheese this I’m scared. I’m gonna lose a nail. Well, should I give out my nails on that? It’s like tokens to be like I see someone hot on my carrots What do I guess had black chip now, is she look how crooked their mind it’s funny it is quickly like you Right now I have to lay in the car like this, um, because I have the dress you guys still haven’t seen the dress it’s so funny because someone watching this video up until this point like probably thinks I’m gonna be putting on just like a ah, Excuse me. I’m doing my nails. Thank you. They’re like over my cuticles But like from all the way over here, they’re fine Tyler putting like diamonds on my fingers as I have like target nails I Literally feel like that, baby Alright guys that’s in front of a casual day in the life be G natural get ready I’m headed to the MTV Movie Awards. I might walk but my mobility of my arms is also very limited So I’m not gonna promise anything Alexa Flame money buy cardi B This red carpet, I think sorry I’m trying to vlog but uh just held up a little bit I think this is the biggest red carpet I’ve ever walked and I haven’t even walked it yet, and I’m freaking the fuck out Oh, my god, red carpets are never nerve-racking use with a minute before where you’re like, whoa I could shoot myself right now a track good show I could break a toe I could bust your ho Sanna Sanna Sanna yo only bitch to ever walk the MTV Movie Awards car better as a $2 bill To try to fit my entire dress into a scene like that three hours later Yeah in case you guys were wondering Award show popcorn does hit differently. This is what I’m doing. The dress looks like the back of the car Can I get an order of nachos rise, please? And a large baja blast fries?

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