11 Things Men Don’t Know About Their Clothes

– [Voiceover] Here are some things men may not know about their clothes. The Boat Shoe was invented by Paul Sperry. The sole of the shoe was
modeled after his dogs paw; the dog has no memory of this. Men who wear Bow Ties are
seen as older, smarter, brainier, and Republicaner. This button was inspired by
polo players who’d put buttons on their collars to keep them
from flying up while playing. While we’re on the subject of polo, Polo Shirts were created
for tennis, not polo. But, back to buttons on collars. Shirts with button-down collars are called button-down shirts, but shirts that button in the front and don’t have button-down collars are called button-front
shirts, not button-downs. The triangle on the front
of some sweatshirts, was originally put there as
extra fabric to absorb sweat. The YKK that is on all of your zippers stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha. And women shirts button on
the opposite side as men’s, because women used to
be dressed by servants, and this way the button would
be in the servants right hand, as it is for men dressing themselves. One in eight men surveyed
confessed to wearing their underwear two to three
times between washes, and three of three people we just surveyed said, “Eww,” after hearing that. (lively drums)

100 thoughts on “11 Things Men Don’t Know About Their Clothes

  1. I don't pay attention to the zipper that said ykk I never ever knew zippers had that maybe brand name but not ykk so cool

  2. Don't click Read more.

  3. Is it weird that I miss Andrew's voice on the newer BuzzFeed videos? Andrew, where are you!?!? Don't tell me he left BuzzFeed too. 🙁

  4. im a girl and i see nothing wrong with wearing underwear more then once before washing.

  5. The longest I have worn my underwear without taking it off was probably something like a week.

  6. Why this trousers I bought have zipper at the back,

    is it design for gay people??

  7. The button thing helps when you have a brother who goes to the same school as you and since my school had uniforms it got mixed up. So the button made it easier for us to find our shirts

  8. I am a male, (no homo) but I wear my underwear once, then I wash it… Or them…. Or whatever… Those were just some disgusting men.

  9. People who wear bowties can also be seen as christianer.
    I wear underwear and other clothes many times before washing them.

  10. I love the fact that brainy smart and Republican are all under the same category of person. Accurate

  11. I'm a girl and i wear underwear for a week or two just to avoid laundry lol

  12. I see a guy wearing a bow tie and think Dr. Who. I know I'm a geek.

  13. tbh bow ties round here are a sign of a fuckboy on a night out especially if its with suspenders and a white shirt

  14. Guys,It's okay to wear your undies for 2-3 days. I wear my bra for 2-3 weeks!

  15. but people who wear bow ties can also be recognised as a attractive time traveller

  16. we wore underwear more than once coz we usually forgets to wash it… what's won't with that..

  17. I bought women's shorts for myself and the button was like mens and sized like them too 😮

  18. I like how men and women's shirts button on opposite sides. I'm glad to know all of my flannel are women's shirts.

  19. I don't change my under ever till 4 5 months or till its completely covered by sperms.

  20. OK, the bow tie think was a real slam. Anyone can wear a tow tie. the young kids are obsessed with them. I happen to think bow ties were always cool! Go Trump! 🙂

  21. The ykk is on all of my pants and im a girl
    (I dont shop in the mens department)

  22. the button down on the opposite side isn't confirmed to be the reason. it's more likely bc of cross drawing of sword that the overlap for men is the way it is and for women it may have been for servants or just how it came to be

  23. my phone screen is small so it cut off the clothes part. I read "11 things men do not know about their…"

  24. I wasn't surprised by the servant buttons. We are in a European society after all. I guess karma kicked in tho. Europeans were so used to servants they've physically fallen behind, sports is proof.

  25. Anyone else looked at the nearest zipper they had and didn't find any YKK?

  26. Well, men where dressed by servants as well. But most people wasn't dressed by anyone else than themselves. I heard that the reason mens clothes have the buttons on the right side is that the sword wouldn't get caught in the "flap"(the piece with the button holes) of the jacket.

  27. Have never even noticed that YKK on my zippers until this video


  29. I love how he says, "Men who wear bowties are seen as mor republican" and the guy immediately unties the bowtie ^-^

  30. When I come here to see comments there is a buzz feed comment what surprised you most the video is three years old that surprised me alot

  31. I would never EVER re-wear underwear… unless it were the apocalypse or some sort of kidnapping scenario

  32. I wear button down shirts with left buttons as a girl because they look better than the girls' ones lel

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