11 Simple Back to School Girl Fashion Hacks and More DIY Clothes Ideas

Sarah’s overall shorts are revealing
her bottom a bit more than it should. And pulling them down every five minutes can
get irritating. Lay down the overalls. We’ll need a strip of lace. Drop some fabric
glue on one of the sides and use a paintbrush to spread it out. Stick the
strip to the inside of the leg hole and continue to add more glue until it goes
all the way around. Take your time, as long as you’re neat you should be fine. Tidy up and repeat the process on the
other side. Voilà! Sarah won’t need to worry about
exposing too much from now on! Wow, Emily, that was a clumsy move. But then again, sometimes clumsy moves
can actually sparkle brilliant ideas! Start by slicing a potato in half. Use a precision knife to create a pineapple texture… …by cutting out about a dozen narrow lines. Let’s grab the other half
of the potato and draw the pineapple leaves. Once again, use a knife to cut out
the shape! Just be careful – that thing is sharp. Awesome! I think you know the next step… Paint the whole pineapple potato yellow and stamp it all over the shirts! A handful of them should do the trick. Just don’t forget to add the green stems
to the top. You use this method to create other
shapes as well, like a watermelon for example. It might just need an additional touch
with a brush for some detail. Voilà! Emily came up with a gorgeous and
playful design to jazz up her pale white t-shirt. Juicy! Emily just came back from
a hiking trip. Her backpack is full of mountain climbing equipment. Hmm, it looks like her shorts got a horrible stain… Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to do
the trick. Let’s lay down some baking paper and use a marker to outline the
pockets. Use some material from an old skirt and cut out pocket shapes using our baking paper outline. Squeeze on some fabric
glue – be generous – and use a brush to space it out. Simply stick the fabric
pieces on top of your stain pockets and you’re done. Emily can now continue going
on hikes with her newly redesigned shorts. Oh, let me guess,
Emily got another nasty stain again. Yep, this time it’s an ink one. Lucky you! This is where our colored glue sticks come in handy. Use a utility knife to cut out
several button size coins. Place it over the stain along with some
additional buttons for a cool pixelated dot image. Hold a hot iron over the blue buttons for several minutes to melt them onto the shirt. Voilà, it’s done! Emily, what a genius idea! The glue buttons give a
lovely reflective effect. Feel free to create your own
collaborative t-shirt designs! Your imagination is the limit! Emily is chilling outside in the park and is focusing on her art class masterpiece. And now we have that classy “I accidentally pressed a whole yellow palm on the backpack ” type of situation. Oh no, she didn’t! Oh yes, she did! No worries! Cover the hand
stain by painting a circle over it. Be generous with the paint – it takes a lot to
cover dark black color. We’re about to create an artsy looking emoji. We’ll use the whole color palette to design some rainbow puke! Make sure to re-clean your brush before dipping into a different color. Use some
white for the fluffy clouds. The black will be used to give a stroke
outline for our piece. And don’t forget the eyes! *blargh* Amazing! Emily just redesigned her
art bag with a pack of rainbow creativity! Off you go, sister! Emily is
about to be hit on by Matthew. And she doesn’t seem to be
interested in him at the moment. Nevertheless, Matthew is determined
to conquer her heart. Flowers are not going to help you out, buddy. Some guys just can’t seem to get the
message. Although gifts are nice, you can’t buy love. He’ll need a proper “NO”
to realize that this is a lost cause. In order to achieve this cool effect, We’ll use a soda can tab to lock our shoelace in at the beginning. Alright, this is the part where I zip up my mouth
and let the video do the talking. Now, did you miss me? No? Well, Matthew knows there’s
a lot of other fish in the sea. Smooth criminal! Let’s print out our dabbing unicorn
or any other avatar you like! Oh wow! That’s a serious dab! Okay, first off, let’s cut out the image. Grab a sheet of plastic and place the
print in between. Once again, cut around and remove the
remaining part. Place our piece over the t-shirt. Just make sure there’s no
wrinkles. Lay down baking paper and use the iron
to melt the plastic to the shirt. Take it slow. Remove the sheet and you’re done! Good job, Emily!
It looks amazing! You can do the same thing with any other
custom image or even family photo! Let’s grab a small piece of felt. Lay out a paper cutout of your desired
shape and use a marker to draw the outline. Cut it out using scissors. I like to bend it for the middle part. Bye bye, middle part! Add some hot glue close to the center
and attach a bottle cap on top. It will work as our holder. Now slightly dip your piece of felt in a bowl of bleach. No need to soak all of it. Gently press a shape on top of your
desired piece of clothing. The results should only take a couple minutes. You can do the same with other shapes like pineapples or stars. You can also use
paper tape for stripes. Just paint some bleach between the gaps. Remove the safety tape and paint a dash of red instead. Jeans bleach straight to white
giving us a cool American flag feel. Wow, Emily, you’re rocking those shorts! Best part of it is it can work on any kind of clothing. Why not revive your old t-shirt
with a new look? The girls are hanging in the park and the customized shirts do bring them together! Classic… Emily… Lay down the shirt, put a cardboard cover inside. We’d rather keep the other side
white. Drop all of your pens out of the case. Yes, we’ll need all of them. Add a couple more dots around your pen mark. and a drop of rubbing alcohol. Wow! Do you
see what just happened?! Continue to unleash fidget spinner
fireworks all over the shirt. Keep them coming! The more, the better! It’s just so satisfying to watch! Skip the shoulders – it will look better. Remove the safety cover and
get the shirt some fresh air. That’s one eye catching t-shirt design there, Emily! Wow! Who knew a simple stain
could turn into a masterpiece? Hey, Stylish Pandas! I hope you enjoyed
these fashion hacks! Let us know which of them you’re going
to use next in the comments down below! If you want to learn more feel free to
check out our older videos! Hit the subscribe button
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