hey what’s up I’m Morgan and welcome to
my channel thank you so much for joining me today we are talking about how you
can 10x your fashion brand with my three simple steps on how to automate content
batching it sounds like a lot but I promise you it’s not because it’s
working smarter and not harder you’re probably thinking what the hell is the
10x and what does it have to do with you and your fashion brand if you’ve never
heard of the 10x rule basically the 10x rule is creating a
massive action around whatever it is that you are trying to succeed in. In our
case we are talking about a fashion talking about owning a fashion label
starting a fashion brand a clothing line or whatever it is you want to call it or
label it as you want to create a massive action around your brand so that you are
out working everybody in your field or out working your competitors at least. so
we’re gonna jump right in and I’m going to talk about step number one which is
examination. you need to examine the niche that you’re in, this is fashion,
there’s so many different niches it’s out of control you need to focus on the
niche that you want to jump into meaning if you are lingerie designer you might
want to scope out the lingerie field if you’re a swimwear designer you might
want to focus on your swimwear competitors if you are in more of the
high-fashion realm focus on the high-fashion market if you’re doing fast
fashion focus on fast fashion you need to scope out your competitors because
you need to understand how your competitors work and how they build
their audience and how they’re talking to their audience and creating that
engagement in order for you to even become one of those competitors. the
first thing you want to do while you’re scoping out your competitor is look at
their marketing strategies. when you can see this competitors marketing game
you’re already ahead of the curve because that means you can work faster
than them and you can build off of that momentum, meaning their marketing
strategy is how they post, when they post, how often do they post sales, how often
do you see an ad from these companies, do they even have sales, how are they
posting the ads, and when they post the ads is it directed toward a specific
type of person or is it just open an free-for-all so focus on the
marketing look at what they’re posting meaning look in detail about the type of
pictures that are creating engagement around your niche if you can see
and really understand how that customer got to that picture and how that
customer commented on that picture you will be more inclined to represent your
brand at full capacity because you already know how to target your audience
which is that audience of your competitor so now that you figured out
how to look for the marketing strategies now that you know how they target their
audience we’re gonna move into step two which is planning every thing and I mean
plan everything do not skip this step if you skip this step chances are you gonna
fall behind with the 10x in your brand so the first thing you want to do when
you are planning your your brand’s layout you need to know your brand story
you cannot plan ahead if you don’t know the story behind your brand if you’re an
indie designer or whether you’re working with a team you still need to plan out
your brand story creating an emotion behind your brand you will be more
inclined to keep a customer and have a continuous customer like a very loyal
customer rather than a one-time purchaser that will never return
and usually brands that have the most engagement in brands that have the most
sales there’s usually a story to tell behind that brand a lot of brands forget
to have a brand story which is why they don’t connect well to their audience
meaning the reason why you’re friends with somebody is because there’s an
emotion behind it it’s like oh my god that’s my best friend she’s holding me
down to the end ride-or-die that’s emotion that’s emotion that’s a
real real connection attached to that friendship and you want to do the same
thing with your brand you want to have a brand story and you want to be able to
tell that story do an image not without talking I should know what a brand is
trying to tell me or what they’re trying to project onto me as far as a vibe okay
now once you have your brand story you need
to make sure big step this is a big part you need to make sure that your website
goes hand-in-hand with your social media accounts people have a huge disconnect
when it comes to that I swear make sure that your social media and your website
will line up there should not be one looking better than the other when
you’re scrolling through someone’s Instagram account and then you click off
on their um their bio that link that’s in their bio and then you go to the
website and the website looks like trash chances are you won’t buy from them
because it’s a different feeling the feeling is not there I want to be an
engaged shopper and I want to feel like I’m shopping from the image that I just
clicked off of so that you know you’re creating that engagement I was literally
just on a website the other day I clicked off it on Instagram I thought I
was going to go onto the website and see some beautiful shoes because the girl
was advertising custom shoes I get on the website and not only does she have
shoes but it wasn’t even the direct page that I went to but she was
focusing on fanny packs accessories hair accessories there was even nails and
eyelashes on there it was just like one of those convenient type shops but it
had nothing to do with her Instagram there was a big disconnect there was no
story I felt weird it was kind of like maybe it’scat- fishing me I don’t know so I
didn’t buy anything because I just didn’t like the way the website made me
feel so having a connection to your brand Instagram Twitter wherever you’re
posting on social media and having a lineup with your website creates a very
trustworthy brand okay now that you have your brand story now that your website
and your your social medias are aligned you want to create a brand hashtag the
new thing new hot thing is having a brand hashtag if your brand does not
have a hashtag you are not only disconnecting from your customer and
you’re not being able to build that real life social engagement through just a
click but you’re just not going to connect and be able to prove your your
your ability to pull through basically so what you want to do is have a brand
hashtag and you’re basically creating a whole nother Instagram page with just
the hashtag you can click on like if you click on fashion on Instagram you’ll see
a bunch of fashion post but if you click specifically on a brand’s hashtag you’re
gonna see the customers that have purchased from them you’re gonna see the
press that they’re getting you’re gonna see from your own page the things that
you post and you’re gonna make sure that your customers seeing a visual
representation of who you are and who you represent and what it is that you
are trying to sell so create a brand hashtag okay so I know that was a lot it
sounds like a lot but these are the steps you need to take in order to move
on to step number three step number three is the most tedious it is where
you put in all the work in order for you to 10x your fashion brand this is where
you really get down to business I cannot stress this enough we’re gonna go onto
my computer because I want to show you the apps that I’m about to talk about
but this is where you maximize your brand and increase the sales increase
engagement this is the one part of all of 10x in your fashion brand that you
really need to focus the hardest on because this is where you put it and
like I said the most amount of work the first thing you want to do while you’re
getting into step number three is pick an automation system pick what program
or platform whatever you want to call it it’s going to automate your content
there are three in particular that I know everyone used and it’s plano;y,
there’s later the later app and there’s unum I believe I said that correctly I
think it’s pronounced unum… but you want to pick one of those or find
another one that works for you I just know these three are the most
talked about. I personally have tried all of them I still to this day use later
app and I use the unum app interchangeably it depends I use on them
mostly when I’m on my phone just like on my phone just using it randomly
posting to my personal account but I use later for my business account because
later has the ability to also also work on desktop meaning I have a big screen
I can actually sit down and type content and type out my captions and
things like that and if you upgrade your plan on the later app you have the
ability to do a lot more with that app there’s so many options with that app
it’s really good it’s highly recommend it but again choose what works best for
you the thing that you want out of the app that you choose is automation you
want to do something to where you do not have to wake up like you want to take a
nap at five o’clock and you know you’re gonna be sleep past six you want to have
something that’s going to post at six o’clock p.m. if you’re sleeping without
you having to get up and physically be like what do I need to write I need to I
need a caption no if you plan ahead your caption is already written and all your
app is going to do is post it for you so let’s jump into my computer and let’s
see what’s up okay so now that we’re inside of my laptop before I show you
how to schedule your post and make your post all on autopilot with the later app
I’m going to show you guys how to input your calendar content because it’s
easier if you have a calendar and you write down everything and write down the
times because if you have everything laid out in front of you as a calendar
all you have to do is go into the later app with all of your actual content
meaning all the pictures and videos and things like that and just put the time
you already have everything in your calendar so you just put the time and
the caption so on here this is my calendar for August as you can see I’ve
already scheduled in everything and you can see like on Sundays I do my mayhem
swim inventory that’s every single Sunday I go and I really products and
things like that for themselves from things that aren’t selling during the
week I just read it and I figure out how to actually update my website
accordingly also the first Sunday of every month I tend to do my full content
of pictures so as you can see right here I schedule an a6
from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. I scheduled in photo shoot swim content my notes for
that says get photos for one month Instagram content Instagram content and
update those product photos accordingly when I put update accordingly
I basically mean throughout the week if I see my customers engaging more on one
type of photo or imageries especially if it’s a product of mine and not just like
a quote or something I can also take that picture and update my website with
that picture because if you go my website the same type of people are
going to engage with that photo in there more clients to
buy something so that’s what scheduled so every Sunday have my inventory if
you’re a brand you need to schedule in inventory days you need to schedule in
sales day shipping days I tend to do this on Sunday so the next day on Monday
I schedule in I bet two content my YouTube products products my youtube
channel so on Mondays and on Wednesdays I tend to post on YouTube that’s a
schedule that I want to keep and I’m pretty sure I’m going to throw in a
Friday or Saturday I’m just not sure yet so twice a week and I schedule it in for
every single Monday and everyone’s every single Wednesday usually at 6:45 right
now at 7:49 I’m still recording problems but that’s what I was gonna do in now
when it comes to your social media content meaning on Instagram or Twitter
or wherever Pinterest so ever it is that you’re creating the most engagement
schedule in every single thing every single thing down to the minute okay so
for mine you can see on Mondays I have a lot of interactions on Monday it’s using
27 30 a.m. 12:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. as well on Monday so every single Monday I
schedule in this exact same time 7:30 12:30 and 7:30 p.m.
i schedule in for an Instagram post as you can see by 7:30 it says Instagram
morning so usually I post something similar to my brand that has to do with
like a vibe get your morning started with something cool and then midday I
post something motivational and then at 7:30 at night it will pretty much
breathe be a brand type content post something that has to do with the
product of mine so I’ll do that what you don’t want to do is bombard people and
make them feel like you’re forcing something on them so make sure you
schedule it according to your brand’s aesthetic and then the next day on
Tuesday you can see instant story engage it’s supposed to engagement so I click
on in the story engagement just like this and I do this every say go Tuesday
is the schedule I’m trying to keep but just start using instant story but as
you can see this is another form of engagement it’s not just the Instagram
post of course you’re gonna post on Tuesday or your Instagram page and
you’re gonna schedule it in time but I schedule in to make sure I actually get
on – on Tuesday under my under my insta story
engagement basically what I’ll be doing is doing like lives or poles or q and
A’s or something like that something that creates people to talk back to you
so that you’re not only building up your brand but you’re also building building
up their trust with you as the brand owner so you want to schedule in some
time to go live so I chose Tuesday to go live on Instagram and I chose Thursday
to go live either on Facebook or Twitter so that’s switching interchangeably
between platforms and again Wednesday’s I post three times a day 7:30 a.m. 1:30
p.m. and 9:30 p.m. because people tend to get to my post earlier on Wednesdays
and that’s just something I noticed and again same thing on Fridays I post twice
a day I post usually midday and in the evening because that’s when most of the
people that I do content for are engaged on my social media platforms and I
scheduling workouts which has nothing to do with this but this is how you batch
your content scheduling the times and the dates but when you want to post and
engage on your social media and then you go into this app right here which is the
later app and as you can see I already have two things in here because I input
them in here for example purposes I literally deleted this whole thing when
I could have just used the next month to show you guys an example but I’m showing
you right now how to do this you can import your photos from the desktop or
on your phone all you do is drag and drop just like you would do any other
type of program so as you can see I have two posts scheduled for today one at
9:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. they’re not going to post I use these
for example purposes like I said and they’re on autopilot I don’t have to be
notified if I don’t want to they’re just gonna post automatically to my account
without me having to do anything because I’ve already imported all of the content
that I need so I’m going to show you an example really quickly how to do this
and you can again you can do this with Pinterest Facebook Twitter as you can
see up here you can do the week the week view or month view you can upgrade this
plan and have way more features and again you can batch your all your
content like I said on my calendar how I showed you I have stuff for Twitter all
I do is click on Twitter and I will input that content that I want to post
to Twitter I’ll put all the times and it’ll be out on autopilot for me so on
Instagram I’ll show you just right now and then it’s the same formula for every
single social media platform so I’m gonna put this picture right here that I
import it from my desktop this is a picture of me and my cousin’s and we’re
in swimwear you know and on vacation we were in Cancun and I’m gonna click
create post now when you create posts you have the option to tag people in
this case I would obviously tag my cousins and then there’s option to do
save captions if you want to save your captions and you don’t have to keep
rewriting things over and over again especially the parts where you’re doing
your hashtags you can just do that now the hashtag suggestions is an upgrade
feature so if you don’t have the upgrade then you won’t have that feature but
again you don’t really need to do that so right here you write your caption
let’s just say girls just want to have whoops girl just want to have fun that
would be my caption let’s just say this was a full caption full of hashtags and
everything that would be it it will be scheduled now you want to do is go down
here to where the timeslot is you click on the timeslot in the calendar and
let’s say I want to post this for Wednesday the 14th I’m gonna post this
let’s say around since this is a girls just want to have fun post I’m gonna say
this is gonna happen around like 1:00 p.m. so I’m gonna post this on Wednesday
at 1:00 p.m. you can see it’s already on auto if you click on how don’t you see
it says send notification they have an option if you want to be notified you
know on your phone they can send you a notification I don’t click that because
again all of this will already be input you don’t need to have a notification so
I would do that down here it also says the picture is too tall but that’s okay
I’m just gonna show this for example you can crop it so you go to edit right here
and you have the crop option you often pick Instagram portrait it size it to
its dimensions and click update and then you just click Save now that you click
Save you can see that on Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. I have an automatic post it’s
not American gonna post for me I don’t have to do anything I don’t need to be
notified I argue about the captures the hashtags and everything all I have to do
is engage and I’m gonna talk to you guys about that right now so let’s get out of
my screen okay guys so now that we have learned how to look for our target
audience how to maneuver through our competition by outworking them how to
plan and go according to our brand story and go according to this statics of our
brand by connecting our website and our social media platforms and they’re
working like this and not like this now that we know how to do that and plan a
full month of content which we are now on autopilot mode we are now just living
our best life and not having to think as much throughout the month okay that is a
goal so now that we know how to do all it all of that stuff I’m gonna show you
guys how I’m gonna tell you guys how to 10x your engagement with my bonus tips
okay these are not tips and tricks these are real life tips and they work use the
features that are available to you if you’re on social media one of the
biggest tips that I have for you to increase and boost that engagement and
to drive people more to your website is to go live use the live feature on
Instagram use the pole feature and let people ask you questions because there’s
nothing more special than real-time engagement so people are more inclined
to buy into you as a brand owner before they are to buy into your product so if
you’re creating this intimate environment for your customers to
actually talk to you and get to know you they’re more inclined to buy your
products at any price point because now they believe in you and they love you so
go live and use those features on all of the platforms or whichever platform you
use the most my next tip for all of you in this
beautiful field of fashion you should have a website I hope you have a website
I’m gonna just talk to you people that don’t have websites if you have a
website where ever you sell your products I need you to create an extra
tab that says blog okay now I know it seems like it’s an outdated thing like
people don’t like read blogs anymore that’s a lie I love blogs is it just me
I don’t know but use a blog all of the websites that I go on to the most
popular the most like ones that I engage with the most I tend to go to their blog
because on their blogs in the fashion field you can create look books your
look books literally stored there and I suggest you
create a lookbook for every single drop that you have with your fashion line
with your fashion business because it’s creating a vibe it’s setting the tone
for what we’re gonna see during this drop it’s creating all that
and that’s where you can host your lookbook so go there
also on this blog you can post upcoming things you can talk about behind the
scenes events you can talk about pop ups you can talk about what’s next for your
brand you can do like call-to-action sending people to your email list and if
you haven’t checked out this video right here yeah check out that video because
I’m talking to you about how to grow your email list in the fashion field
it’s really hard to find this information online so go to that video
watch that video and also boost engagement so I hope you guys like this
video I hope I gave you guys very informative tips I hope I gave you guys
enough content trust me if I didn’t please let me know in the comment
section below what you think I’ve missed out on what you think I should add let
me know what you’re doing if it’s working for you because this is how we
grow as a community by letting others know a little bit of our insight and you
know let’s all 10x our fashion brands and put our life on autopilot by content
batching if you guys like this video make sure you guys like it by giving it
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