10 timeless handbags worth the investment ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. Let’s say you want to invest in a premium,
high-end or luxury handbag. Maybe 🙂 Given the price, of course, you
want to make sure you are getting the “right one”, which means a bag that won’t go
out of trend, that’s good quality and a bag that will retain its value over time. Because in the handbag market, it’s important
to also look at the re-sell value. I have made a selection of 10 handbags that
fulfil ALL these criteria. And for each one, I will tell you why I think
it is a good investment piece. 1. Hermès Kelly
Let’s start with the crème de la crème des handbags: every designer, including myself,
dreams of creating a bag that successful and that aspirational. It’s the Kelly by Hermès. It’s also a very smart re-branding story…
because it actually wasn’t called Kelly when it launched. It was created in 1930 by Robert Dumas and
only became famous in 1956, when actress Grace Kelly, freshly engaged to the Prince of Monaco
but already pregnant, hid her baby bump behind her handbag… and paparazzi got the photo. Then Hermès re-named the bag after her – which
was an extremely smart move. The bag itself is hand-made by one single
person, who needs up to 25 hours: it includes 36 leather pieces + all the studs and the
padlock. It is sewn backwards and then turned upside
down. The result is a very clean bag on the outside. When looking at it, I couldn’t say when
the bag was designed – which typically means that the design is timeless. But there is a catch: the bag is not available
for sale – unless you know someone who gets you onto
the waiting list. But even celebrities who know someone must
pay the full price. You CAN buy it second-hand: the price varies
depending on the size, leather and style, but it is safe to say that a Kelly starts
at a price over 10,000$, up from around 8,000-9,000$ 3 years ago. Yes, the Kelly gains value over time. So if you manage to get one, take great care
of it, keep it 20 years & you’ll actually make money doing so. 2. Hermès Birkin
The Birkin was created in 1984 for Jane Birkin: she stumbled upon Jean-Louis Dumas (who was
the new creative director at Hermès) in a plane and complained that she couldn’t find
a purse in which her baby’s bottles would fit. He must have said something like “hold my
champagne” and created a new bag, which can fit a lot: it was deeper, more supple
than any bag on the market at that time & you could expend the sides. The bag was named after Jane Birkin, she receives
royalties for it, which go to charity. And Hermès got the perfect story for their
bag. The bag is not advertised. No one knows how many they produce per year. It’s all about exclusivity. How to get a Birkin? You can’t, unless you have already purchased
one in the past. It’s like the story of the chicken and the
egg: which one was here first? On the second-hand market, the Birkin even
beats the Kelly, and its worth grows even faster each year. Victoria Beckham reportedly owns over 100
Hermès bags, for a total value of over $2 Mio. and counting. It is much smarter than to invest in stocks,
actually. The pink Birkin on that photo, alone, cost
$150,000. 3. Chanel 2.55
When this one came out, designed by Gabrielle Chanel, in February 1955 (2nd month of 1955,
hence the name), it was quite a sensation. Until then all purses, at least for chic ladies,
had to be carried. Now this is a bag that you could wear on your
shoulder: how practical! The quilted surface, now a Chanel symbol,
was inspired by horse-riding apparel. But the Double-C logo that appears on this
bag today wasn’t there in the initial version: it was added by Karl Lagerfeld in the 80’s. The strap was in metal only. Now it is made of metal and leather. And it has 2 flaps: when you open the top
flap, there is a second one underneath, to prevent things from falling out. Let’s talk about inflation for a minute,
shall we? In 1955, the bag retailed for $220. Now it costs between $4000 and $6500. So I hope that your mother or your grand-mother
got one in the 50’s… But if not: the worth of this bag keeps rising
so it is still a good investment piece, even if you buy it new. 4. Louis Vuitton Speedy
Vuitton used to make only travel bags and suitcases. For a long time, they didn’t make handbags. In 1956, Audrey Hepburn asked for a smaller
version of the KeepAll travel bag. Being a major actress has it perks and so
she got her handbag – made “for everyday use”. The bag is made in coated canvas, waterproof. Normally coated fabrics were extremely stiff,
not good for purses. But Vuitton found a way to make a more supple
coating. The original Speedy was 30cm long. Now it also exists in 25, 35 and 40cm. It had a checkerboard pattern, but the bag
was copied so much that Vuitton introduced a monogram pattern, harder to copy – for
a while – because it is more detailed. Now counterfeiters caught up and they can
reproduce the monogram as well… The Speedy has been declined in multiple colors
and Vuitton initiated the current collaborative way of working: when a house partners with
another designer who re-designs an iconic piece in his own aesthetics. The simple Speedy 25 without strap starts
at exactly 1000$, and second-hand you can find one for around 600$. It is more affordable than other famous handbags
because it is mostly canvas with just a bit of leather. 5. Céline luggage tote
I’m a fan of Phoebe Philo, who was the creative director of Céline but unfortunately, not
anymore. She designed several handbags that are absolutely
timeless, timeless was almost her aesthetics, she was brilliant at it: one of them is the
luggage bag from 2010. You see cotton totes everywhere, supermarkets
gift you totes to put your groceries. The Céline bag elevates the tote to a luxury
item. It has a masculine, business touch but with
a twinkle in the eye because it looks like a face where the zipper is the mouth. It is spacious, your laptop fits in, it’s
perfect for a city lifestyle. New it currently costs between 2700 and 4000$,
depending on the size you choose. You can get one on the second-hand market
for under 1000$. Note that Céline switched designers: the
new one isn’t as celebrated as Phoebe Philo… so when the switch happened, everything she
designed for Céline rose in worth overnight. It’s a common phenomenon so if you are looking
for an investment piece, be on the look-out for brands that are changing designers soon. 6. Longchamp Le Pliage
This bag is a total best-seller, designed in 1993 by Philippe Cassegrain. The secret here is the marketing: they advertise
a lot in the press, they collaborate with celebrities like Kate Moss and Alexa Chung
to create special editions of this bag… it has already been declined in over 150 colors
or prints. It is cheaper than other famous bags because
it is made mostly in nylon. The point of it is that you can fold it like
an envelope, to turn it into a mini-handbag for the evening – so it’s 2 handbags in
one and it’s perfect for a young woman who wants to get a famous handbag but can’t
yet afford Vuitton and Co. It starts at 145$ for a new bag. Longchamp has a leather version too, special
editions and many more-expensive bags but this one is really their entry level products…
that still feels premium. 7. Dior Lady Dior
In 1995, princess Diana came to France on a state visit and the wife of President Chirac
wanted to gift Diana a special handbag for the occasion. The bag “Lady Dior” was created and named
after “Lady Di”, as we call her in French. Afterwards, Diana was seen with several different
variations of the bag, which means she really loved it, and the bag became closely associated
to her image. The bag exists in multiple “basic colors”,
which hold their value over time. And then there are all the special editions
which, if you pick wisely, even gain a lot of value over time. On average, the Lady Dior has increased in
value by 14% between 2014 and 2016. I believe the trend is the same up to 2019. And the house Dior keeps increasing the price
of the new bags, like Chanel. So get a Lady Dior… and just wait. 8. Prada Backpack
Designed by Miuccia Prada in 1984, inspired by military backpacks, I think it is quite
easy to notice when looking at it. This backpack represents everything Prada
stands for: utility, practically, nomadism, elegance. The closures have been declined in endless
colors and textures but the shape has remained the same over time. This bag retails for 1100€. For me, that’s a timeless design. It works with an 80’s wardrobe, with grunge,
with normcore, with a minimalistic wardrobe, etc. Since the bag came out, all backpack brands
have been copying it. Over and over again. Look at the hipsters in Berlin, right now,
and you’ll see many backpacks that look pretty similar to this one. 9. Stella McCartney Falabella
This is one of my personal favorites: launched by Stella McCartney in 2010. It was the time of the mega shopper bags,
as seen on Paris Hilton at that time. Women would carry a small purse + a big bag
like this, where everything fits. But the brand was smart enough to decline
the bag in several sizes and colors, so that it survived the trend and established itself
as a classic. It’s one of the first high-end designer
bags which is completely vegan. The hardware is a special development and
the bag is sewn to the chain. Great design detail, simple cut, timeless. The bag retails between 700 and 1200$, depending
on the size. Sometimes less if there is a sale and you’re
quick. You can get it second-hand for 500 to 800$
so it holds its value pretty well. 10. Givenchy Antigona
This bag is a bit under the radar. Though it is a classic and a perfect business
bag. It’s a mix of masculine and feminine aesthetics,
it comes in 3 sizes, it has the name and the quality of the house Givenchy behind it, which
is a good guarantee when talking about investment pieces. It retails between 1300 to 2500$ new. And even the smallest one still costs over
1000$ if you get it second-hand. That’s one of these high-quality bags that
hasn’t been trending or made famous by someone famous – but it is being produced since
2011 and it holds its value. I think it’s a great investment piece. The prices I mentioned for all the bags will
vary over time – mostly upwards. I have linked everything in the description
below, for you to see the current prices, new AND second-hand. Basically, the more you wait, the more you
pay. So it makes sense to try to spot a future
best-seller right when it launches, before its price starts to increase and before the
designer changes. I hope you enjoyed this video? Thumbs up if you did, thank you! In the comments, today, I’d like to ask
you this: how does your ideal handbag look like? What should should it do? What should it bear? – Thanks you! I will see you soon in a new video! Take care!

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  2. I don't really care for handbags but this was very interesting. I love knowing the history behind designs. Only now I'm actually looking into buying a handbag but not at that pricepoint 😀 I want something simple and elegant that will also fit my everyday stuff and has a clean shape to it. We'll see if I can find that.

  3. I look for a bag that uses recyclable material or second hand. I love bag that are comfortable throw over the neck and shoulders.

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  5. Not too big, not too small, pretty for daytime and simple enough to take into the evening.

  6. I need a bag that is medium size – not over 9" hi, 12" wide and 4 1/2 – 5" deep and opens wide at the top so I can easily find what I'm looking for. It should have a lighter color lining so I can see what's in there and have a zipper or a 2-3" fold over top to avoid spilling. The bag should be of light weight leather or a coated fabric to minimize weight. I like a wider shoulder strap to reduce shoulder fatigue and so my hands are free as I usually have my precious Maltese mix, Julien, with me. Is that specific enough?! If you ever find this one please let me know!

  7. Hermes Birkin,you can't buy?😳 Well come to Norway here in Steen&Strøm are exclusive stores like LV ,Gucci, Prada,
    Everyone here can buy exclusive stuff
    BTW I have a Birkin 30 dark red with silver hardware from 2007 for 12k €uros if someone is interested 😊

  8. Great video. I look for quality, timelessness and functionality as well as responsible practices. I also look for discrete branding, I don't want a logo all over what I'm carrying.

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    After some BRONTIBAYPARIS bags now I use only “la bagagery” waterproof vinyl monogrammed series, that are made in China but under licensed “Japanese” company doing quality control💮. The series has many detachable nylon straps that it can go 3 ways, which is great to adjust and divide the heaviness, you even can have it like back pack in front, having two hand free when it started to rain if you happened to use cane. I get admiring sighs from highest department’s stuffs for the subtleness of colors.AND I am very happy🌹. Bye bye my high end bags…

  13. my purse/bag requirements: durable, versatile & comfortable. and it has to come in black 😉

  14. I commute by bicycle, so I prefer crossbody bags if I'm only carrying my wallet and phone, Though backpacks have my preference. I live in a city, so the contents need to be stored away enough to discourage pickpockets, but not so much that I bother everyone in line at the grocery store while I try to get my wallet out. I don't like deep pockets (too dark, too much searching) I like having multiple pockets so I can organise the contents of the bag. And it needs to be waterproof as it rains a lot here. Also durable and lightweight. And while we're at it, some hammerspace would be great..

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    The Longchamp bag is seriously ugly… hard to imagine that it is even called fashion. Personally I find Vuitton tacky.
    The Dior and the Givenchy are my favourite… but I would not pay that much for a bag.

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  24. Nice story about Grace Kelly and the Kelly bag. However, Grace Kelly married in April 1956 and Caroline was born in January 1957, nearly exactly nine months after the wedding.

  25. What I seek in bag is that it is light, practical, all with a note of urban style and elegance if that is possible. ^^ That's why I am big fan of backpacks…from a tiny black leather one to a big canvas khaki green 'hipster one'. 🙂 I guess if I were to invest in a luxury one, it would be Prada!

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    I always thought her wedding dress had such an odd shape…..
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  29. My very first Lux purse was a find by accident. A 2003, Dior Silk canvas with a swarovski studded clip at one end…talk about bling when the sun hits it. I was in England in a second hand shop in Oxford when I chanced upon it. I thought it was a fake but the price was right for me, $100.00 pounds, and I didn't care, so like a good tourist keeping the English economy going, I snatched it up. In near perfect condition, I did ask the clerk if there was an extra charge for the dust. She glared at me but didn't say anything. Later, back home in Canada, when carrying it in a Mall a lady asked where I got the original from. And I said nope, it is a fake, and she said, nope, it is a original. Then proceeded to point out why. Wondering I did send pictures of it into a internet website that does tell you by close up pics whether it is original or not. And yup it is. Who knew……Thank you Oxford.

  30. OMG!!! My whole life, I have been on the search for the perfect handbag. Back when I was just starting out, post-graduate school, I carried a gardening bag I found in Paris as my purse. It's bucket shaped with two sizes of pockets on the outside and is big enough to hold my computer. I lusted after the LV Bucket Bag and when that was no longer made, the Noe (which I have and love). OK, I'd carry that gardening bag and would pretend it was LV. What I like about that old gardening bag is that it's sturdy, stands upright, allows me to organize my stuff by using the outside pockets, and it's not so big that I can't easily put my hands on things in the main compartment. Plus, the strap is long enough but not too long and because it's textile, doesn't slide down. Thank you for your lovely fashion history lesson. One bag you didn't mention is Hevre Chapelier–I still like their colorful sacs and use the smaller as handbags, particularly in summer. But the last time I was in Paris they had started making some of their bags in China instead of France, how disappointing. Oh, thoughts on Moynat?

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  32. For me, a bag must have a long strap to wear across the body and keep my arms free. I got used to my college messenger bag, so it should also be on the bigger side. Also, since I use public transport, the bag must close with a zipper, not a magnetic clasp. My current favorites are the Coach Legacy duffel and the Pebble.

  33. I love a structured bag, not too heavy, preferably with a flap, as zips are a pain. However day to day a soft flat cross body bag, is perfect as my job involves pushing a wheelchair.

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  35. The Chanel 2.55 price goes up yet it stays the same or quality is actually less! They no longer gold plate the hardware so in this case buying second hand is actually better!!

  36. I can't afford any of those (I have to say I really I love the SMC one though). I shop my handbags in flea markets/thrift shops mainly. I'm looking for 40/50/60s pieces, in leather, with timeless, simple but classy designs and then got them to the handbag doctor for repair/fix if needed. I have a pretty nice collection by now.

  37. I really enjoyed this. Thank you.
    I can’t afford most of the bags you spoke of but appreciate them greatly. I have mostly Coach bags & Birch. But now I know I can possibly own a Chloe 🙂
    I use my Tote the most for size and practicality. I also find the size comforting as I have some social anxiety I can hug my bag for comfort.
    My other bags are cross body.
    I am not keen on holding a bag on my wrist or forearm. I find that a bit posey.

  38. I love the thin briefcase look that leaves the illusion of carrying nothing but has everything in it.
    Large enough to fit A4 papers and carries on the shoulder.
    Vintage black or brown leather look. Male/universal colors with female curves and impeccable stitching. Small pockets inside make my day!
    Turning it over is even better (looking like an A4 page).

  39. Why should anyone spend so much on a leather bag? Strange cultural obsession, and it's certainly a status symbol, which we need to do away with. All you need is a cloth bag. It's much better for the environment, you don't have to worry about not scratching or losing it, you can wash it, and replace when necessary. No need to kill animals or use the environment-destroying chemicals necessary for treating the leather. In fact, the whole practice of using animal products is awful for the environment and completely unsustainable.

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  42. I love a Louis Vuitton, but recently have been into unlined shoppers made of beautiful thick saddle leather. I kind of love the brandless look and they smell gorgeous. Plus upkeep is simple since there is no fabric lining to stain or wear out. You can oil the bag to keep it beautiful, and the natural aging of heavy weight leather is the epitome of effortless beauty. To keep my things safe and organized, use a series of leather cases & pouches that match my bag. Maybe I will go back to Louis one day, but I am loving my foray into leather goods for the moment.

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    What do you think of designer backpacks or cross body bags? I travel and need to be hands free. "I do like a tote by goyard."

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    Finally the straps never drop on my shoulders

  54. Oddly, I recently purchased what is now my favourite bag. Fake leather, and at a discount shoe store…. it's about 9" wide by about 10" high and maybe 2 or 3 wide. The big thing is the 3 zippered pockets on one side, with the pockets being inside the bag so you just see the zippers. The other side is flat. There is a zipper on top, and an adjustable strap so it can be carried in the hand, over the shoulder or crossbody. It looks so polished due to the clean lines even though it's cheap. I may have a cobbler make one or two for me. 🙂

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  57. When I purchase a handbag, I am looking for several things: color, size and design. It has to wear with my clothing and hold what I normally take with me. I do not buy for investment at all. When I am through with a purse I donate it to a charity. it doesn’t ever come down to cost. I purchase what suits me and if it is very expensive I will pass it by. I would love to be able to purchase an expensive bag, but I would not spend my money on a huge purchase of a handbag ever. There are too many other things more important to me than carrying around a 20 thousand pound handbag to show the world how rich I am. Love all of your videos. You are one of my favorite you tubers.

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  60. Princess Grace was not pregnant before her engagement however she did use the Hermes Kelly to hide her bump… Natural for women those days esp celebs coz there was no such thing as flaunting the baby bump back then

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    I have neve understood the appeal of Louis Vuitton bags. I find the pattern hideous.

  64. The handbag style I look for is that the bag must be “grab and go” with se. If the bag have buttons, zippers and flaps that make it cumbersome to pack in a hurry, I am better off with a brown bag.

  65. Wonderful video Justine! I loved the history behind the bags and adore the Dior Lady Di bag! Sadly I will never own one, but I enjoy looking and dreaming 🙂 (Loved "hold my champagne"!)

  66. Actually, Grace Kelly was NOT pregnant before she was married (I saw that article, too). If you check the date of birth for her first child and compare the date this photo was taken (of her supposedly hiding a baby bump), you will see they do not match up. Just an ''FYI."

  67. I would never spend this kind of money on what we call a "purse" in the U.S… I wouldn't probably spend 1/10 of what these cost on a purse. I would be embarrassed when there are so many needy people and so many more worthwhile things to spend money on. I think decadence is declasse. Imagine if what's her name with 150K in handbags donated used that money to house the homeless, feed the poor and carry her makeup and credit cards in a nice leather made bag for 100 dollars.. that worked just as welll. That said, I love listening to you talk, Justine!

  68. J’ai regardé ta vidéos beaucoup. Il sont marvelous et ta représentation est magnifique. Je habit en France 6 moins et 6 mois en Finland après le départ de travail. Je suis étudiante à le école de Français, mais je à 65 ans. Pardon ma langue. Je voudrais habite en France complètement, no ma famille habite en Finlande.
    Les sacs sont très chères. Je suis contente avec mon Michal Corses grandes.
    Ta tréma fast fasion: Ta vue c’est super. Je ne achète pas fast fashion. Rien. Mais c’est difficile trouvé les vêtements que sont fabriques en France ou Finland. Avant le période du travail et les enfants je faisais mes vêtements à la maison. On était très interessant et difficile. Mais peut-être…… qu’est-ce tu réfléchis ? Quand je à étais petit, tout les vêtements ma mère were tailer made. And she was very careful not to gain bight. Oh dear, French language is hard to learn. But I want and I will learn new things as long as I live. I want to live, learn, be querios.

  69. I like soft leather with pockets. I don’t like paying a lot. I buy mostly real leather bags but not name brands. I have a Coach bag and a Fossil bag but all real leather.

  70. I love Stella McCartney so much! It’s my dream brand to collect but I can’t just yet so I’m content with my falabella bag and wallet for now. 😍😍😍 The first time I ever saw one in person I fangirl-ed so hard while at the store my mom and sister wanted to disown me.

  71. Ooh! The bag should be ethically made, environmental friendly or eco conscious, suitable for vegans or vegetarians, innovative design and materials, made with quality but not to the point where the price is ridiculous 🙄, comfortable but still has some weight.

  72. Kelly is a con, a demonstration of how stupid people are, it is sad. Same as van clef and arpels seashell con necklaces.

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