💛 ROOM TOUR 2018 💛

Hi everyone and welcome back to my Youtube channel for today’s video I’m finally doing a room tour I’m actually showing you two rooms First of all I’ll show you my bedroom I live with my boyfriend Victor so this is also his bedroom And then I’ll show you the room I use as a dressing room where I have all my clothes, make up, etc so yeah I hope you like this video let’s go! This is the view when you first walk into my room here’s my bathroom nothing special here here’s Victor and here’s my sister back to my room I have this little sign but I can’t remember the store’s name I’ll leave the link in the description box and here I have some polaroids from our trip to New York there I have my dreamcatcher I believe it’s from a store called Muy Mucho so this is our bedroom I think I’m gonna plug these lights my tapestry is from Amazon the original one is from Urban Outfitters and I firstly wanted to buy that because I think the quality is way better but it was sold out so I finally got this from Amazon the string lights are from Primark duvet cover is from h&m and those two pillows are from Casa that pink pillow is from Ikea and this one is from Society6 this blanket is also from Ikea this is my laptop my stickers are from Etsy I can’t remember from which seller but if you search for “tumblr stickers” you’ll find like million options and here I also have my ebook beside that we have our nightstands I made them following a diy from Pinterest a lot of people have these they’re made with wooden boxes I just sanded, cleaned and painted them this little basket is from Ikea this Harry Potter candle is from Primark and the thunder lamp is also from Primark and underneath just some books then here I have my mirror that it’s also from Ikea the little sign is from Primark and it was actually a light sign but it broke like the following day so I cut the cord a plant that I don’t know its name but I hope it last longer than the previous one and my lamp salt I saw they’re sold at Natura but this one is from Victor and I don’t know where he got it both rugs are also from Ikea here’s where I have my record player with the Arctic Monkeys record I think we should turn it on above my record player I have more polaroids this is my side of the bed and I have this dreamcatcher or whatever it is also from Muy Much and I believe it cost me like 1€ this store is really cheap here in my nigh stand I have this diffuser from Amazon with this lavender essential oil this buddha is from Maisons du Monde this tiny cactus is from Ikea and underneath I have a little basket and some books so sorry I never returned it lol and here we have this wall art that it’s from a really creepy vintage store in New York I’ll leave the name down below in case I remember I think they had like a reality show in Discovery Max channel And this is my dressing room / whatever when you first walk in there’s my clothing rack here I have the clothes I’ve been wearing lately my two kanken backpacks my black boots above that I have this Nirvana poster some more polaroids I’m like obsessed with polaroids at this side I have my fanny packs this one is from Bershka and I’m loving it here in this wooden box I have some bags and my dr martens on this side I have this record I received in like a Christmas gif box from a brand but I didn’t like it so I put it here this is from my trip to Berlin here I have all my necklaces this hanger is from Primark and I got it a few years ago it was originally pink but I painted it these string lights are also from Primark here is where I have my underwear workout clothes and pajamas etc here I have some watches my rings are in this kind of grave box or whatever i believe it’s from Killstar the camera my dad gave me for my birthday this is an old vhs I found in my home a super cool fragance I can’t remember where I got it but it has my name and date on it some flowers from Ikea and a candle from Rituals a vintage Polaroid from a store called Retro Camera Shop some cds here i have some notebooks etc most of them are from Killstar this plant is from Ikea and it is called Cafe Arabica or something like that beside that I have my Buddha from Maisons du Monde here I have all these glasses they’re actually regular glasses I mean they are not prescription glasses I received them as a gift from a few brands this lamp is from Ikea and this clock I can’t remember where I got it this Joy Division poster as well as the Nirvana one are both from Allposters.com here I have a little basket from Ikea with random stuff like my Instax camera some candles, camera film sunglasses, phone cases, my totoro case here i have two hats from Killstar this sign is from the same store i told you before I believe it’s Brandy signs or something like that underneath I have another wooden box both are from Ikea and they cost me like 10€ each one other plant also from Ikea, and more books and notebooks here I have all my sneakers at this side I have my mirror that a lot of you asked me where I got it it’s from Jysk and beside that I have a bunch of polaroids above my mirror I have a hanger with my sunglasses that i think everyone in the internet has beside my mirror I have this vanity that it’s actually a desk from Ikea here I have this camera that it’s also from Retro Camera Shop here I keep moreeeeee polaroids a little flower from Ikea this candle is from Tiger I got it last Halloween this box is from Primark this is from Victorias Secret and the clock is from Ikea my makeup brushes here i have this mirror also from Ikea where I have my earrings on it and a scrunchie here i have the makeup I use like on a day to day basis chair and rug are both from Ikea and then at this side I have a basket ALSO from Ikea with some books and a cactus on it a tiny candle from Primark and a cactus lamp from Casa and finally this is my wardrobe I’m currently organizing it from summer clothes to winter clothes so it’s super super messy right now but if you want me to film like a closet tour or something just go like this video and I think I can have it ready in a couple weeks I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I’m sorry for the shitty subtitles see you next week LOVE U!

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