🌟 Feeling uninspired? same. here’s how I unstuck myself

are you feeling uninspired and/or unmotivated? same welcome to the club ~ hey guys ~ welcome back so if you watched my weekend routine as of late I’ve been waking up pretty late
past noon for the past couple of weeks actually for the past 2-3 months if you’re doing that once every couple of weeks or if you’re doing that once in a blue moon I think it’s totally fine because sometimes we just need to rest our bodies.. our minds are exhausted we just need to sleep in we need to honor our body and do what it needs us to do
every once in a while but the fact that I’ve been
consecutively sleeping in past noon.. for that long.. for someone who doesn’t.. like I know I don’t need to sleep that much I know I can get by with like good 7 hours of sleep I don’t need to sleep for like 10-12 hours so for me to do that.. I realized I’m running away from something I’m avoiding something there’s something that I need to face
that I just don’t want to face there’s like resistance and I’ve thought about thinking about it but I’ve never actually got around to
like unpacking the thought of.. why I’m sleeping in so late and why I’m.. like what it is that I’m avoiding and of course during the weekday
I’m waking up at 6am or 7am because I need to go to work and I need to be a functional human being so that’s the week so if you guys are asking me if
I’m still waking up at 4am.. I’m not but I’m trying to get back to it because today is daylight saving and I like using any little excuse as a way to like.. recharge or revamp my routine New Years, Chinese New Year, daylight savings like yes! ~ I’m gonna try doing that
but I’ll get to that in a bit I woke up yesterday Saturday past noon again I… the fact that I woke up late I set an alarm for 7am and I snoozed until.. past noon or actually I might have
turned off my alarm by accident and that alone already gave me like massive anxiety because there’s a reason why
I wanted to wake up at 7am there’s a video I need to film there’s a video I need to upload and there’s just so many things that I need do that already made me like.. *hyperventilates* why is it so late and why did you let yourself sleep in this much and then on top of that.. I like waiting until the day of or
the morning of for me to decide what kind of video I want to make because I feel like being spontaneous
for me keeps things exciting keeps me on my toes and I think it makes my content and it makes what I do like a little more authentic so anyway I woke up super uninspired.. super like.. what’s the point of it all why am I doing everything that I’m doing and of course like I have answers and I know why I’m doing all of that but just sometimes when you’re so in your head you just want to be there and like have little pity party and like wallow and just be in that place and I caught myself.. so I was like you know what.. I know what you’re trying to do and I’m not gonna let you do that well I’m gonna let you do that but while you’re doing that in your head.. I’m gonna make you physically go clean and go do the things that
I know you will feel better doing and it’s so weird that I’m talking about me
like you and I at the same time so anyway.. I vacuumed you guys know how much I love vacuuming I vacuum once every weekend just helps me feel so.. ~ ahhh! ~ you know the floors.. there’s no more dust you see how much dust gets
accumulated in the little vacuum and the fact that my vacuum is like a little gun that it’s kind of like a game you know I made it into a game so that alone was like.. ~ ah okay ~ doing one thing great next thing: clean my whole apartment thankfully my apartments already pretty clean I’ve been doing this thing where I.. like usually when I come home after a long day you just like throw your clothes everywhere piles up here.. right here just piles and piles of clothes after
a week or two of not dealing with it so I made it a point to just put things
back where they belong as I’m using it so I didn’t have much to tidy up just kind of like picked up a few things threw away a few things and you know that was done cleaning and then I did something
I haven’t done in a really long time put on my workout shoes.. went downstairs and I worked out for the first time
in about like 6, 7, 8 months the last time I worked out was in this video it was a long time ago long long time ago and… after working out.. something interesting happened the night before so like this.. everything that I’m talking about is Saturday night so Friday night I just had this urge to just swim I have a pool downstairs and I haven’t used it for like
the 1.5 years that I’ve been here and I was just like.. I want to swim I want to be in the water I love the water.. I love the ocean so I went out of my way,
went to Target at 11pm got goggles, got a swimsuit so that I could swim the next day and right after working out.. went downstairs and went swimming there’s just something about being in the water I posted this on my Instagram stories of how.. between focusing on my breaths.. and between making sure
I don’t face plant into the wall I experienced a flow that I haven’t
experienced in a very long time when you’re in the water you’re just fully present if you get distracted you’ll just choke on water water will get into something and somewhere and that’s not comfortable that’s the first time I’ve been present like that in a really long time all that is just to say.. the power of intuition the power of knowing yourself
and honoring your intuition and honoring your wildest dreams I don’t know like wanting to swim
isn’t even a wildest dream, right? but had I not done that.. I wouldn’t have been able to
experience and remind myself of like okay, the importance of being present.. what does it mean? how does it feel? while I was working out I was listening to
The Bullet Journal Method which is the book that I’m reading
right now on the Kindle I downloaded Audible so that
I could listen to it as I work out and then in between working out.. because what he was saying resonated so deeply with me I started highlighting I ended up downloading Kindle on my phone and I would switch between audio and like highlighting the passages that
really spoke out to me and let me just read one thing
that was like a.. ~ aha ~ moment okay “Our lives are lived in seasons of more, seasons of less,
seasons of triumph, seasons of loss.” “Each season sees our needs change.” “We live, learn, and adapt.” “So, too, must our definition of meaning.” “Things that grow in one season rot in another.” “If we blindly hold on to the past..” “..we’ll be forced to sustain ourselves with
the expiring beliefs from seasons gone by.” “No wonder we’re often left feeling
unsatisfied, empty, starving for substance.” “In order to live fulfilling lives, we have to embrace
the shifting nature of our experience..” “..by making our search for a meaning and ongoing practice.” and this was exactly what was happening to me my life seasons are changing and change in any shape or form is uncomfortable and instead of embracing it.. like I knew it’s coming I know it’s coming I see it.. I see it in the distance like.. the season is starting to change and I feel it you know there’s like micro seasonal changes and there’s like big life season changes and I think a big life season change is coming and I’ve known that for the past few months but for whatever reason.. I’ve been resistant to it because.. I don’t know where I’m at right now is comfortable a year ago where I’m at now is like.. ~ whoa… how are you here~ but now that I’ve been existing in this space for a few months now for half a year now it grew to become my comfort zone I like to think of comfort zone as like.. you know a circle.. you’re in the middle when you first expand it’s like.. ~ whoa.. this is new.. this is so weird.. ~
~ this is so strange ~ but then the more you exist in here.. you get comfortable with it and this becomes your comfort zone and then you expand again and then that initial expansion is like.. ~ omg.. this is new.. what’s going on.. ~ and then you expand again and expand again and I think I’m on like a.. like a.. *BIG* expansion that’s why it’s like.. *attempts to animate BIG lol* I don’t know.. there’s resistance I talk about this all the time when you’re going through something when you feel uninspired when you don’t feel like doing anything at all just do one thing start from doing one very little thing and I think an act of doing one thing
and accomplishing one task.. will help you continue to want to do more things so for me it was actually making my bed I woke up late but I made my bed started vacuuming.. started cleaning after I cleaned I like you know..
I was getting my blood flowin` I was moving, I was active,
and I was like ~ let’s work out! ~ so I went downstairs and worked out and as I was working out.. I was listening to this book
that I’ve been reading either way this book is
so much more than bullet journaling it’s so much more than bullet journaling if you’re into self-development if you’re into self-care.. if you’re into productivity this is an amazing book highly highly recommend thank you guys so much for
recommending this book to me for those of you who recommended to me thank you 🙏 and… yeah so.. one little thing led to.. like it became a snowball effect
and led to a much much bigger thing although I didn’t film yesterday.. although I didn’t do a lot of things that
I had planned to do or that I wanted to do.. I actually gained so much more mental clarity because I allowed myself to take a step back and to just breathe and do what I want to do for a day instead of what I “felt like I needed to do” which is work and I realized work is always gonna be there it’s not leaving.. it’s not going anymore still gonna be there tomorrow it’s gonna still be there in a month still gonna be there in a year.. two years.. three years so why not just do what you want to do
sometimes and not be so hard on yourself so that’s something that I’m still working on but I think yesterday was a very good example for me.. of how it’s important to embrace change it’s important to embrace the seasons of life
and the seasonality that is life because when we experience discomfort.. when we experience things that make us resistant it usually means because we’re growing or expanding changes are coming and change is a great thing and.. I think.. yeah *gibberish* like if I want to give you guys more context.. it’s just gonna be like sit down..
just you know chit-chatting catching up with you guys I feel like with my channel.. I’ve been doing it long enough to kind of know what type of content you guys like I know what type of content the YouTube algorithm likes I know what keywords to use I know.. you know from like a business perspective
because I come from a business background I like building things I like taking things from zero to one and I think I took my channel from zero to one there’s one.. it could go you know one to a hundred I think that’s where I’m at now..
of like how far do I want to take it same thing with Beauty Within when I first started hosting on Beauty Within
the channel wasn’t doing too well we had a million subscribers and at that time the videos were
averaging 10-20k views per video and for a channel with a million subscribers,
the engagement rate is pretty low how can we take it from zero to one so ‘zero’ meaning we weren’t.. the engagement rate wasn’t that high how can we create content what type of content can we make that will appeal to our existing subscribers as well as new subscribers I think over the past 6 months after a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of.. some tears,
no blood, put a lot of sweat a lot of *cries* hard work we did it! ~ you know like.. for my channel, it’s doing well for Beauty Within, it’s doing well I’ve successfully built two little mountains you know it could be two little mounds and now I’m at a place where it’s like..
okay, what’s next? do I continue building upon these
current mountains that I’ve already built or is there mountains in
the horizons that I need to climb or is there a mountain that’s there.. but I’m not seeing right now
that I need to think about that I need to really look inward
and soul search to figure out what it is I’ve always had a pretty strong intuition and when I feel like something’s coming,
like something’s for sure coming and so the fact that I don’t know
what it is it’s kind of scary and it’s very.. I don’t know I just.. I’m.. I’m.. I’m a control freak I like knowing what happens I like knowing what’s happening
when it’s happening how it’s happening
and why it’s happening and I think because I don’t know and I’ve.. I’ve kind of taught myself to just embrace not knowing embrace the unknown I’m a little better at it,
but it’s still freaking me out so I guess with all of this.. it’s just to.. *sighs* this video.. I don’t know I was gonna make it a vlog but I was like no,
I’ve been doing so many vlogs and sometimes I just want to live my life I don’t want to have to vlog it and like get the angles as I’m living my life so… I posted this on my Instagram stories yesterday and so many of you guys responded saying thank you or like I needed to hear the quote
that I read earlier about changing of seasons and I think with all of that
it just goes back to self-awareness and being still enough so that
you can listen to what you’re telling yourself yeah *laughs* basically just being still enough or just being in tune with
yourself enough that you know.. who you are and why you’re feeling
the things you’re feeling change is good, seasonality is good life is.. you know there’s ebbs and flows, it comes and goes and you know.. the more we accept this and you know, I think we know so many things like that’s the.. that’s the frustrating part is that
we intuitively know a lot of things but to embrace it and to put
these concepts into practice and when these things pop up in our life how to deal with it, our reactions to it.. that’s a different story so. I guess this is just a reminder for myself and for any of you guys who are feeling this way that life happens, change happens,
and that’s totally fine embrace it, appreciate it
because these changes in your life.. it’s showing you and it’s showing us that.. we are human and that we’re growing and that we’re alive and that we’re breathing and that we have the privilege to live another day and to take another breath and to ask ourselves these hard questions to get us closer and closer
to where we ultimately want to be and where we ultimately want to go and I think that’s like such a beautiful
thing that we forget all the time “you can’t be grateful for everything,
but you can be grateful in every moment.” and I think that’s such a powerful thing that I forget all the time because I’m human with everything that I’ve been going through.. I know to take myself to the next level.. to level up.. to move beyond this comfort zone that I’m currently in to expand.. I need to start implementing things in my life
that I’ve been meaning to implement and for me, I just I know..
I need to start waking up earlier like 4:00 a.m. early I know I need to take
my spiritual practice a lot more seriously I mean I’ve been taking it seriously, but it’s like.. with faith, you can say you have faith but the depth of your faith, right? or you can meditate, like you can physically sit there.. but the depth and how deeply concentrated you are or how present you are
as you’re doing these things.. that’s like the diligence that I’m talking about yes, I want to start waking up early again at 4:00 a.m. so that I can meditate and do qi gong
exercises for 2 hours in the morning every morning before work and go from there I think once I start doing that
consistently as I did two years ago yeah that’s crazy to say it’s almost two years ago I think.. I will just be consistently at a much better place.. because it’s like.. I don’t like sleeping in I don’t like waking up so late I don’t like feeling feelings all the time I mean it’s cool sometimes like it’s nice to know what you’re feeling and it’s nice to feel.. but I don’t want that to be my constant thankfully it hasn’t, but just even
when I get small doses of it these days I’m just like.. *sigh/laugh of relief* I’m so glad I’m not here consistently anymore but because I’ve been there, I know what it’s like and I know that a lot of us are there so with all of that this is to just tell you guys that
I’m gonna start waking up early again again it’s daylight savings great time to start a new goal to pick up on those goals
you’ve been meaning to pick up on and I will hopefully make
a video in maybe a few weeks.. if I consistent with what I’m doing I’ll do an updated How To Wake Up Early or like do some sort of a vlog to share with you guys because I need to keep myself accountable and also because I’ve been reading
The Bullet Journal Method.. I wanted to read the book before
I actually started my bullet journal so I know what I’m doing I’m halfway through the book and I think I’m gonna start I’m just gonna start I can’t keep waiting I need to like get my thoughts out on paper and with that, thank you guys
so much for joining me and there’ll be a lot.. a lot is coming I think past couple of.. the past two months have been pretty crazy I’ve been shifting more of my focus onto Beauty Within but bullet journaling starting.. gonna start waking up early again.. so much content can be made out of that.. and um.. yeah maybe I’ll share with you guys some
developments in the coming weeks look out for that.. thank you guys for joining and I’ll see you guys next time *waves goodbye* ~ hug hug! ~

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