【SUB】【杨仕泽 张令仪】E01: My Lonely Planet 地球脸红了| iQIYI

Comet WTF666 is finishing its journey. Time to say goodbye. Miao Yu. Thank you. Wish you happiness. You’re able to find me wherever I am, aren’t you? But how can I find you? Hello. Hello. I had an appointment for operation. Doctor. Doctor. What happened? My bad. When I walked it, I had it scraped by an electric bicycle. What a lovely dog! So poor! Doctor, let him be the next. Don’t bother. I’m okay with that. I called to make an appointment. If you don’t have one, I’m already the next. Don’t be scared. It’s a pet. It won’t bite you. Name. -Coffee. – Lady Meow. I mean your names. – Wang Chen. – Miao Yu. Friends? – No. – No. Mr. Miao’s male dog for leg injury. Miss Wang’s female cat for sterilization. Reads awkwardly. All right. Mr. Miao. The doctor is waiting at Room No. 3. Thank you. Coffee. Miss Wang. Let’s take the temperature. Okay. It has a fever! But it doesn’t look uncomfortable. Do you know Comet WTF666? In the news. It’s coming today. Maybe animals are more sensitive and it feels the change of magnetic field. Comet WTF666? Why don’t you have it sterilized after it gets fine? Give it an injection to bring down the fever. Okay. Thanks. You’re welcome. Lady Meow. Today is Sept. 4th, 2019. Comet WTF666 that travelled to earth 1,111 years ago, will meet the earth again. Today, we have Dr. Bi Guan with us, the expert in astrophysics. Next, Dr. Bi Guan will specifically tell us something about Comet WTF666. As recorded in ancient books, Comet WTF666 has formidable energy, that will make some people change dramatically. We’re not sure how great influence it has on human beings. Because to humans, 1,111 years is a very long period. Change dramatically? If only it can change my social phobia! It can’t! He can hear me? Is he talking to me? Should I reply? But he doesn’t look at me. Comet is a celestial body travels around the sun. After it comes into the solar system, its luminance and shape change as the solar distance changes. It consists of ammonia, methane, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen cyanide. It smells like the mixture of rotten egg, almond and horse urine. Something like a horse urine stone. What does he really mean? Should l applaud for him? So, how would a horse urine stone has influence on the earth? What do you think? I don’t really understand. But that’s what the expert says. I’m telling you the last time. Whether the comet comes tonight has nothing to do with you. If new products fail to be online tomorrow, go to the solar system with the comet. Oh, he was on the phone. Gosh! So embarrassing! But he’s weird. His dog is taking an operation. But he still works. He looks handsome! And has a great figure. But he has a bad taste on clothes. The black turtleneck is old-fashioned. And the trouser legs. Is he going for rice transplanting? Black shoes with white socks. Even my father doesn’t wear those. What a bad taste! Loose thread! Loose thread! I want to cut it! Should I remind him? But it’s abrupt to start a conversation. You have something to tell me? No. In case he thinks I’m accosting, I can walk over quietly and then… It feels so good! The operation is done. It’s a success. Coffee. Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! Lady Meow! Coffee. Finally, the light is on! Sir, the operation is a success. Coffee can walk. But can’t bounce smoothly. When you’re free, take it for a walk often. It helps with the wound healing. I will! Thank you! Miss. The fever is almost gone. Don’t come for the sterilization until it gets recovered. Okay. Thank you. You’re welcome. Thank you. Come. All right. Wish you a speedy recovery. Bye-bye. Bye-bye. Coffee. You’re able to find me wherever I am, aren’t you? Here. Good boy! Go. Lady Meow, don’t eat this! Three hundred for water and electricity? It must be a nightmare. I must wake up. Did you see the pink glow of WTF666 last night? Yes! So romantic! Having a great time, aren’t you? Would you like some snacks for the chat? Sorry. Sorry. Go! Go! Go! Mr. Miao. The sales report for the first two quarters. Keep it secret in case of panic. I see. Where is the marketing guy? How is it going with the cooperation with Coli? She has the highest conversion rate among fashion bloggers. Follow up the project. The marketing department had too much work last week. So… Which startup doesn’t have too much work? Which e-commerce company isn’t busy before Double 11? The marketing guy has a proposal to brew. Where is the proposal? Where’s he? There he is! Guodong. You’re 27 minutes late. Sorry, Mr. Miao. My mother fell this morning. It took me some time to send her to hospital. I remember it’s not your first time to be late this month. A lot shall be deducted from your pay. Mr. Miao, I really had something urgent. If my salary is deducted, how can I handle the house payment this month? My mother is still in hospital. Mr. Miao, for the sake that I worked extra hours for 14 days last month, could you make an exception? You’re rewarded for extra hours. And you’ll be punished for being late. If there is always an exception, what’s the meaning of making rules? Mr. Miao, I quit! Okay! Hand over your work with HR Department. Ken, you’ll contact Coli. You must do it today. Luo Li, come to my office. Mr. Miao. Why did you transfer 10,000 yuan to me? Withdraw the cash. And give it to Guodong. Why? Didn’t you hear him? His mother is in hospital. It takes time to find another job. Mr. Miao, are you having sympathy for him? The PPT you gave me has eight pages. You used three kinds of head fonts. Different body fonts. And the subheads are out of alignment. You still can’t tell YoY from QoQ. I don’t want to tell you again and again how to do such small things. I run a company, not a training school. Deduction from your pay if you do it again. Okay. Mr. Miao. I’ll get it modified. Good morning, Lady Meow. Half past nine! Would you like it? Lady Meow, pick something for Mummy’s lunch. Which one? This one? It’s too expensive! Oh, there’s a discount. Fine. We’re having it today. Hello. I want a beef & vegetable salad with vinaigrette. Please send it to No. 66, Guangxi Lane, Baiyulan Road. A new address. Has she moved to a new place? Wish it could be a wonderful day! Mm! Chen, finally there you are! The landlord just came up, urging for the rent. He was rude! I was freaked out! I have an available financial product. I’ll transfer the money to him. And charge for water and electricity last month. Okay, I see. Chen, as the manager and sales director of our shop, I want to say, we can’t hold on in this way. Look, old ladies live around us. They don’t appreciate your design. Shall we give a discount? Or hang a banner? So that they will come in. It doesn’t matter. Good wine needs no bush. Don’t worry. Speed up. Drawings must be submitted at Monday’s meeting. Okay. Mr. Miao. Mr. Miao. I contacted with Coli. Awesome. But she hung up the phone. I texted her, saying Walnut asks for cooperation. But she replied, too ugly to accept. What does that mean? Literally, I guess. Give me her number. Okay. Babes, time to work. Chen, did you pay the rent? I… I did! Use it as the background. Get light filling over there. Gosh! It’s Coli. You know them? Chen, don’t you know Coli? The most popular fashion blogger, known as Miss C. Let’s get it started. Everything she recommends will be soon sold out. An absolute queen of fashion. Does she come to recommend us? Am I dreaming? That awesome? Will they charge? No. Go. Go and say hello. Hello, Coli. I’m the shop manager, Zhou Xixi. I’m the shop manager, Zhou Xixi. Hello. Welcome. I’m Wang Chen. Hi, you two. Sunray? It represents your name? Yes. A girlfriend of mine recommended me your shop. But… it’s hard to get here. Sorry. We can’t afford other places. Frank girl. I like you. I only visit one shop a month. It’s a rare chance. Get relaxed and just be yourself. What does that mean? Great! Elsa. Bella. Hurry. Give her a make-up. Yes, Boss. Miss Wang. Xixi. This way, please. I… Coli, I’m going to help. We’ve finished the new arrivals. Do you like them? Now comes your favorite part. Black Finger Fashion Award. Let’s welcome our fashion instructor, Wang Chen. Come on! You can do it! Well. Wang Chen, pick the one you think is the ugliest. Me? No. I can’t do that. I know it’s hard to make a decision. They’re all ugly, anyway. Come on. Give an answer bravely. Chen, say it! You can do it! Come on! It’s okay. Hurry. I’ll just pick whatever one. Congratulations, Walnut wins the award. I’m curious. How do new designers like you think of such e-commerce brands? This one sells super well! I don’t want to comment on other brands. That’s a kind of attitude, too. Come on. Go on. Go on, Chen! They use good fabrics. Other brands would use common cotton fabrics. But Walnut uses long-staple cotton. But the design isn’t very good. Honey, that was too tactful. Two of a trade never agree, huh? What’s your relationship with the brand owner? Why are you so polite? No way. We won’t leave without a good story. Just tell the audience what not very good means. Chen! For the future of our shop, say it. Chen! It means, it’s a failure! It’s totally a disaster. The design is ugly. And the cutting sucks. It uses tassels, sequins and rivets. Obviously, an unsuccessful copy of famous brand. Total copycats. Even a model looks ugly in it. I think the designer for this dress is far from the real designing industry. He managed to make such an ugly dress that had no equal in this world. That was really hard! In a word, Walnut’s dress feels okay. But it’s ugly. Ugly! Ugly! Ugly! Super ugly! Would you like to be our regular guest? Come in. Mr. Miao, we managed to contact Coli. Good. I don’t think so. In this way. I think the designer for this dress is far from the real designing industry. It’s her. You know Lady Ugly? She’s a new designer. You have something to tell me? No. He managed to make such an ugly dress that had no equal in this world. Ignore her. She’s just blackmailing. But the comments… Walnut’s dress feels okay. But it’s ugly. Ugly! Ugly! Ugly! Super ugly! This dress is so ugly! Is Walnut’s boss blind? Super ugly! The ugliest dress in the universe! I think I’ll be punched if I wear this. Shame on the dress! Support! She’s right. I won’t buy it even if it’s free. Yes. I won’t buy it. God, I wanna call the police. Super ugly. It’s not only ugly in the design. The brand is seeking for doom. What the hell! Does the designer majors in rubbish classification? And not professional. I won’t buy it. I won’t buy it. I won’t buy it. Super ugly! Mr. Miao. Mr. Miao! No wonder she badgered me yesterday. She had a plan! The sales keep declining, Mr. Miao. Shall we do crisis PR? Give me her address. I’ll go meet her. Mr. Miao. Do you need to go personally? No. No? Extraordinary! We’re in Coli’s show. We’re going to be popular. Extraordinary? Is it? So many of them came! They trampled my floor. Chen. To get in Coli’s show, other brands will pay however much. She made a free ad for you. Don’t you feel happy? Happy? I’m not! I’m very unhappy! Why did they force me to say with the cameras? I don’t like that. I really don’t like that! Wait, Chen. You’re far too excited! Am I? Am I excited? No. I’ll go throw the trash. I… Doesn’t she want to make money? There you are. You know I would come? I don’t know. Yeah. Why did I say that? You are… You took your dog to hospital yesterday and you had loose thread on you? Why did I speak out again? Yes. It was me. I’m Miao Yu, CEO of Walnut. The brand you cursed roundly. What do you come for? To accept your apology. Apology? I’ll apologize to you? Give an announcement or make a video. Post it on your personal Weibo and WeChat. I don’t have a Weibo or WeChat account. Besides, why must I do that? If I figure out you were bribed by our opponents, I can sue you. This is malignant competition. Why would I do that? Then why did you say the dress was ugly? Because it’s ugly! Why can’t I complain? How dare you sell such ugly dresses! Bad taste! You can insult my dignity. Are you nuts? Why did you bite me? But you can’t insult my taste. You talked nonsense in front of the camera. I don’t think you have dignity! Ridiculous! Stay away! You’re killing me! You! What are you doing? Chen, are you alright? She crashed my feet. And you asked her? Who is he? An arrogant, narcissistic and disgusting man! All right. I’ll stop arguing. Wait for the lawyer’s letter. Calm down. Chen, you look weird. Just like a dog whose bone was snatched. Do I look like a dog? Do I? I’m so pissed off! I don’t want to see him again! I… Chen, someone asked to see you. A deliveryman. I see. Hi. He’s still so cool. Why did I say it? Sorry. I don’t mean that. But you’re so cool. Sorry. I came to this region for the first time. I was lost and wasted some time. It’s on me. No. No. I can’t take advantage of you. Anyway, I was too busy to have time for lunch. You’re just in time. It doesn’t matter that you’re late. Work harder next time. Thank you. I will. You’re more talkative today. Am I? I find myself weird, too. Lovely. Oh, I always wanted to ask you. People often order meals in apps. Few of them text to order meals. I’m not used to apps. They’re convenient, but… You think that’s mechanized, and too cold to communicate? Yes. Yes. Is your coat a Yohji Yamamoto? You always have a good taste of clothes. You mean, too good for a deliveryman? No. No. I don’t mean that. So, it’s your shop? And you designed them? Yeah. This is the new style for this season. It’s simple and neat. Classic feelings. Unfortunately, you only sell women’s wear. Thank you. Why is your shop named Sunray? It’s the translation. It refers to the sunshine. And the sun shines beautifully. Sunray is also a word in the apparel industry. Sunray. Sunray? Honey, let’s get in for shopping. It looks good. Let’s go have a look. Remember to have the meal on time. See you. What does he mean? Was he flirting with me? He’s protecting me! You worked extra hours again? You must be tired. Not really. Your dinner is over there. Your favorite ball game starts at eight. You can have dinner and watch it. Oh, I make you your favorite sweet and sour pork ribs. I’ll go get them for you. Mm. Okay. Why is the sofa so ugly? Don’t you remember? You bought it on Double 11 last year. It took you quite a long time to pick it. Come and enjoy your dinner. Did you cook fish? But you don’t like fish. I just want some. No? Sorry. I didn’t know. But if I buy some fish and cook it, it’ll be late and you’ll be starving. Shall I make it tomorrow? Today, I’ll compensate you with this. Zhizhi. It’s so nice to have you. Just enjoy your dinner. Mm. Lady Meow, isn’t he a special guy? Seems like he appreciates my design. Baby, you rose to fame! He managed to make such an ugly dress that had no equal in this world. That was really hard! In a word, Walnut’s dress feels okay. But it’s ugly. Ugly! Ugly! Ugly! Super ugly! How I wish I could see him!

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  7. Exclusive Preview of E01-E04 on iQIYI Channel~For more episodes, please download iQIYI APP and watch the drama for FREE with different subtitles!

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