【Japanese Lesson】Clothes – 服

ミヤ先生だよ〜! HANJO Japanese Lessonのお時間でーす! 本日もリクエストから選びましたよ。 ありがと〜♡ 今日、勉強するのは・・・ 「服」です! ミヤはいっつも同じ格好してるから そろそろ新しいの欲しいな〜。 誰かが買ってくれますよーにっ! ミヤの衣装のことはおいといて、さっそくいくよー! 今日はこれを使ってやっていくよ。 なにか着ないとね!下着のまんまじゃん! シャツ着せてあげようね〜 スカートが似合うかな? かわいいね。 ズボンも試してみよう! シャツと同じで・・・ 短い場合は・・・ 他にも、半ズボンは・・・ うん、半ズボンの方がいいかな…? くつ下履かせて〜 寒くなってきたら上着も必要だよね! このコーデなら帽子も似合うかな。 お出かけの準備できたんじゃない? よし、完璧! ミヤのコーディネートどうだった? キミの服もコーディネートしてみたいかも! 楽しそう! 今回はここまで! コメント残してね〜 またね!

66 thoughts on “【Japanese Lesson】Clothes – 服

  1. It's always fun when it comes to Japanese lessons with you! This would improve myself with this Japanese lesson! I'm so glad your the greatest channel :^) I would LOVE to see you in a new outfit!

  2. This is really helpful (maybe need to watch this again to get it in my head but still) and what about animals next (sorry this is the first video I've watched on your channel! but I like it!)

  3. Wow I love Japan and Japanese words but to me I think socks is the hardest word

  4. What's the Japanese word for shoes? I think you missed that…
    (Sorry if that sounds impolite.)

  5. This videos are really helpful, oh, for the next video i'd like a mythology lesson, Onegai-shimas!!

  6. Love it can you do a video about Urban Legends for Helloween?

    Edit: if you haven't

  7. You Are Adorable Unique Creative and Fabulous 💗💗💗💖💖💖💋🌠

  8. How about a Halloween special episode? Try Halloween topics translated.

  9. My request is how to say mother father brother and sister etc etc of family member please

  10. Miya is so beautiful and hot she is the best of the lessons of Japanese words

  11. Going out she probably wants some shoes to protect her feet. I do love your work, thank you.🙂

  12. This is a great lesson. I'd love to go shopping with Miya, or her irl counterpart so we can see shoes, jewelry, and other articles of clothing/accessories.

  13. I appreciate this, it's far more immersive and clear than other teachers of the Japanese language. Thank you, the world needed a channel like this

  14. well by the way you are dressed, i would call you a "Maneki-Miko"! ;P

  15. Make a video about Japanese mythology maybe?

    (Edit: a Japanese garden episode would be cool as well)

  16. Will they ever invent a technology to learn a second language within a least a month like you will learn one extra language for free of your choosing?

  17. I would buy clothes but I don't know anything about money TwT maybe I'll learn from one of your lessons UwU

  18. Can you make a video about introduction? Either i missed it, or you haven't made a video about it yet. Anyway, Have a nice week!

  19. She’s ready for the cold. Too bad she can’t go outside without shoes.

  20. Miya-sensei, I understand this might be a weird or difficult request but how about basic compliments?

  21. Oh god I thought this wouldn't help me but OMG I learned so much I've been trying to learn Japanese but so far your the best! Keep it up I wanna watch more 🙂

  22. Another virtual youtuber. I am really questioning these. Without much info though I cant say one way or another. I just hope your better then kizuna ai

  23. I think ふく should be spelled "huku," not fuku. Fuku reminds me of Fuk u. Is it just me?

  24. I can't express my happiness when Miya teach Japanese…. How about expressions and feelings next???

  25. when I turn 18 I will be A missionary and I hope I get sent to Japan. do you think it would be easy to talk to people? or would I accidentally offend people. I need a little insight, PS, you sound pretty and your so fluent with English and Japanese. I'm looking up to you right now 🙂

  26. Fun little lesson, will help with any potential shopping, could we get a lesson on how to ask for directions and how to understand the answer ?

  27. Whats the name for your fancy sparking stars headband? <3

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