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-two white robes, okay. *GASP* there are robes! -there are robes ! okay -pretty rad, righttt no no… *nervous laughter* no. what do you have in your mouth? aww -such a friendly welcome! starting to snow! please do. I’ll eat my pickle while you try. he’s gonna go do a blue run by himself, basically we thought that this lift was for greens, so we went up there, and… it was a blue so I… totally fell really hard, and hit my head, so I’m gonna rest for a little bit, while he can go at full speed. and hopefully have more fun, so -this is so high! he’s back! which one did you go onto? -I went on the blue trail down. -cus the black trails went to the other side of the mountain. you okay? -yeah, it’s like so cold with the wind. -one, two, -watch your eyebrows! -you just slapped me in the face with your hair. today is the first day of snow here, which is great, and I’m staying in and having a cozy night, by getting all of our house chores done I’m nearing the end of finals, and this year is not as busy just because of the type of assignments I had, I had 3 presentations and three essays, now, all I need to do is prepare my final presentation for all of my art studio critiques. one more art project to do, but it’s really not that scary, cus it’s a small piece this time. and, as of today since it’s like a snowy day, and I just want to clean up the house, there’s a lot of chores that we have been procrastinating on, because we are preoccupied with other things, so I’m gonna take this time to kinda relax, and do the house chores- it’s kinda fun, like I’ve been enjoying doing these chores, because, it’s better than doing homework. what do you think you’ll be? perhaps, cus it bruises so easily. I’d be dragonfruit… or durian *laughs* *kira, singing distance* I ran all the way here to the bus stop, and there’s no one else here, I’m really hoping it didn’t get canceled or something. I don’t know where it is. this bitch finally makes it to new york ! oh my gosh, this is so cute! hi! We’re at the bubzbeauty event at barnes and noble in new york and then, I bumped into Annabelle! –oooh! it’s so exciting. it’s really nice meeting you anna, thank you so much for saying hello – I love you, thank you, please continue making videos -I love you!! -I love you too!! -thank you so much for having me guys. -I LOVE YOU -I LOVE YOU MORE! -I’m just gonna read a little bit from one of the chapters, and it’s called ‘being unstoppable’ -oh I just lost myself hold on *laughter* -okay -oftentimes, people think isaac is the most well behaved boy, -he’s a really sweet little boy, he really is, -but you know, all kids- *laughter* -he gets more love than I do! *laughter* -so you know, the answer to your question, -I basically show you guys -it’s kind of like the highlight reel, -so please don’t compare it to your behind the scenes, -but you know, with that being said, -I just absolutely enjoy it, it’s kind of like a diary for me. *everyone begins singing HBD to bubz!* -thank you!! -thank you so much guys, -best birthday ever! *laughter* -can you do one as well isaac? -do you have one? he doesn’t have one -hello!
-hi! -and what is your name sweetheart? -annabelle -hi everyone!
-ooh I so blushing -remember to subscribe!! -packa- UGH -package time! I got a pack of single bulbs, because on my chain of fairy lights, a few of them have gone out over time, so these singles just allow me to replace them. my ski helmet came in. a lot of rental places charge extra for helmets, so I decided just to get one, and this was 30 something dollars, and with this giftcard, I paid $10 it matches my jacket hopefully… it’s… a decent quality. hoohoho not too shabby.. well obviously the goal is not to fall and hit my head at all, but last time I did hit my head, and I… spent $18 afterwards for a helmet for the rest of the day… last thing, is… a clothing rack! I suck at… ugh you know, I might just… have tyler assemble this for me when I see him later so for the rest of the week, I am going skiing for two days, packing, and, finishing anything I need, like in terms of editing, so it’s super relaxing, it’s crazy, like finals week, is more relaxing than the rest of the year for me. everything was very fast paced, and busy, in the beginning, in the first two and a half months, and it was all about, intense readings, back to back homework assignments, and things like that, and now for finals week all I had to do were like 3 presentations, 3 essays, 1 exam, um, and… one final critique, that I put together, and that’s it! so I feel weirdly weirdly relaxed. finally can take a breath. um.. hehe stop standing like that!!! guys and their humor. I’m rolling my eyes. thank you babe! -you’re welcome sweetie -why did you throw that at me as thanks -that was so cute -the rack is slightly tilting aww aww stop him! you guys are so mischievous, just making trouble under the tree. they keep chewing it, happens every year. and then when we look they don’t do it, and then they do – I wasn’t nervous until you got nervous and now I am I just don’t like the sound -WHAT SOUND ?? *friends reference* -ooh he’s so cute -he wants to eat ham -look at him *gasp* I’ve always wanted this! -the toaster color, it’s like a vintage color -oh. -oh my *laughter* -are you trying to tell me something? -mhmmm *laughter* -why is he like this ??? it’s the day after christmas, and I’m heading down to tina’s again, to get my hair done. this time I’m going with my best friend amanda, so we could have our appointment together which is exciting I’m waiting on her to bring our very healthy breakfast, which is just donuts… because we don’t have much time to stop, we’re gonna drive right down- it takes like, an hour… over an hour to get there. so it’s quite early right now is it heavy? on your head? -kind of. -like I didn’t realize how much hair I have until now are you serious? I’ve been telling you for years your hair is SO thick -yeah you’ve been telling me for years, but it’s so different seeing it like this *laughter* -i was so like, OKAYYY -I have my eyes closed under this too very very different, from 6 hours ago! -it’s something I have to get used to, I’m like oh yeah -oh, I’m looking in the mirror and it’s just this part, -and I’m like, oh who is that? -ITS ME -what? -what?? we both kind of look like we’re wearing wigs -yeah, cus your hair is SO bright! it looks so good. I kind of understand what she means by I look like a superhero, if I put on a mask and it’s like I’m wearing a wig -YEAH or like lavagirl from- oh wait- -lavaboy… and sharkg- -NOOO -SHARK BOY AND LAVA GIRL, -I was like, lavaboy and sharkgirl? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! -happy new year! *humming that tune***

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  1. Your videos are so relaxing Annabelle! Even more than finals week!! haha
    PS. both urs and ur friends hair look really pretty, i thought the blonde complemented her eyes and skin very well x

  2. i know im late to the video but i got excited cause i have the SAME PLATES AT HOME

  3. I have never clicked on a video faster!! I love your blog videos, especially when you paint in them, because they're always really calming!!

  4. Annabelle, i LOVE your art. Ive been watching your videos since a few years ago, when you just started college i think. I was in high school that time, and ive always loved art. Not that im any good of an artist though, but i have a great passion for architecture. Watching your videos back then really motivated me to work hard to get into the uni that i want. It was NOT easy though, during my stuggle i hit the lowest point of my life, but i promised myself that im gonna have a breakthrough at the end. And hey, guess what! I made it, and now im an architecture student. The architecture program in my uni has basic design studios for freshmen students, so really it was a lot like studying pure art, which is something i dont complain about, and i really loved it. But during that first semester and doing so many art projects reminded me of you so much, and how much that was exactly what i wanted. So thank you, for keeping me motivated. If life is a maze, i know that now im going on the right way, studying just exactly what i love and always wanted. Your videos are amazing, and i hope youll never stop making them 🙂 xx happy belated new year!

  5. I fell in love with your videos, especially your vlog, it clamed me everytime I watch it, it's give me a peacefull feeling in my heart. I'm wondering if you don't mind, can I know what program or application you use in your vlog? I just loved it very much. Thank you before and thank you for existing, your video and ofcourse yourself are really inspire my brain and heart xoxo

  6. I love when you paint… and for some reason, your vlogs inspire me to clean up my life (literally I mean)

  7. wow, i just spotted a high school classmate singing in the back at 6:19, what a pleasant surprise (i'm almost done with college!)

  8. the nye moment and the description box made me teary :') it seemed like you were thinking deeply about something, but i hope you're okay ❤ thank you for everything you've shared on your channel; your quiet strength is beautiful and i hope this year is kind to you ❤

  9. Hey there,
    is there a specific link to the music used in the videos, I searched on epidemic sound, but I couldn't find anything.
    I'm grateful for any help 🙂 The music is very nice so I'd love to listen to it while studying, I've had enough of my normal piano studying music 🙂

    Thank you for making those videos, always looking forward to them <3

  10. I've been like binge watching your videos, and I find myself really enjoying your music. Maybe you could do a video where you sit down and show us your playlists? Fav music? 💖💖

  11. Hi can you make a video where you make a few simple meals for highschool/college students?
    Love your channel💜💜

  12. Annabelle, i really love your videos. I don’t know why but it’s very pleasing to watch. Feels like you spread good vibes tru your videos. Please keep creating. Love from Indonesia 💕

  13. @CatCreature what kind of external hardrive do you use? I'm looking into investing in one of them. I know in one of your old videos, you were having trouble with your hardrives so you purchased another one and said it's much better. I can't find that video lol If you can help me, thanks.

  14. You listed things from this video in the description but I don't think you mentioned where those fries were from?? They looked so good! What kind were they and from where?

  15. Hi, I’m new to your channel and I’ve watched many of your videos and every time I finish one I feel inspired . Your videos are so beautiful and easy to watch, they make me feel included and not alone. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your amazing work. keep it up, your awesome:)

  16. The bubz part made me cry I don't know why. I've just watched her for soo long and to see how far she's gone made me really happy and emotional T_T love your vlogs! They're the best.

  17. Thank you for everything from your experiences in life and in art, letting us in on your view of the world, thank you again <3 You are my genuinely favourite creator

  18. I'm normally a silent viewer of yours, but I wanted to let you know that I enjoy your videos so much! It's calming, creative and full of happieness! Thanks for taking us with you!!! Lots of love <3

  19. thank you so much for these beautiful vlogs. they don’t even feel like vlogs, they feel like wonderful little films. you put so much heart into your art, including these videos, and it really shows. thank you for all of this ❤️💫

  20. omg i found your channel yesterday and I've been following Bubz's channel since 2009 LMAO SMALL WORLD

  21. I'm crying after reading your info box. This was such a lovely video. Praying for peace and comfort from God for you and your family. Much love. 💖

  22. I’m about to move to college and have heard so many horror stories about loneliness… is it really that lonely? I am introverted, but some friends are nice

  23. What is the best way for you to not get too sad when not seeing your boyfriend over such long breaks such as winter and summer?

  24. You artwork is so amazing! By the way bubz is legit the best she makes me feel so inspired and I’m so glad you got to see her!

  25. why am i so emotional watching your vlogs. i feel so much ! i cant really explain it. anyway I love you

  26. I’m currently a digital media student (gonna major in art afterwards tho cuz it’s my first passion) and I agree with you when u say finals week Is you most relaxing time cuz with digital media there really are no test just projects this is my final week and only have like 1 final the we’re just projects that I already turned in just chilling at this point

  27. I wish you did a video on the more academic side and not so much art.
    I want to see how you study and allocate your time.

  28. 5:20 I see your blue steel Dean Winchester mug. we Stan a supernatural lover

  29. hi annabelle, i just discovered you channel and I am actually obsessed i've been watching your videos all day and night and every second I enjoy. keep up the amazing work~~annabelle (I have the same name as you)

  30. I can’t get enough of your videos!!! you are so humble and so talented and you truly have a gift ✨

  31. you definitely would be a peach as you are exactly the same color as a peach in clothing, hair, skin tone and even soul i would say! absolutely adorable, sweet, beautiful and gentle! love you!

  32. my favorite videos ever. Thank you for all you do! it means more than you could imagine

  33. you've inspired me to pursue a career in art, although i still battle this passion of mine, you make it a bit easier choosing the one i love most. ♡

  34. In the middle of rewatching your vlogs marathon and suddenly feeling grateful for your hardwork you put on all the videos😌 you have no idea how your vlogs have helped me (and I'm sure others too) go through the days

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